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MaxCDN VS Amazon CloudFront – Which Ensures the Better Performance

updated on Sep 14, 2014
MaxCDN VS Amazon CloudFront – Which Ensures the Better Performance MaxCDN and Amazon CloudFront are leading and renowned CDN content delivery network providers among numerous CDN services providers and they both work on offering content to end-users with high performance and high availability. What's more, both of them are acknowledged as the essential factor to speed up a WordPress site.

But what the disparities existing between MaxCDN and Amazon are and which one performs much better on earth. To figure out this puzzlement, we prepare an overall and complete comparison between them as follows. Keep on reading and find out which one is much better.


MaxCDN VS Amazon CloudFront - Cost As an outstanding and powerful content delivery network provider, MaxCDN stresses on reducing latency of delivery for rich content with offering four levels of plans for people hosting standard sites. Moreover, the standard prices differ in terms of the monthly bandwidth which charge for $9, $39, $79 and $299 respectively in obedience to monthly 100GB, 500GB, 1TB and 5TB bandwidth.

Furthermore, the mentioned price is quite reasonable and affordable when it is compared with its competitor. Besides, MaxCDN billing users are able to get a considerable discount and two months free trial by following the promotional like as follows to sign up. In addition, this CDN provider gives 30-day money back guarantee for users having any dissatisfaction for its service.

MaxCDN Promotional Link Activation

In comparison, the price of Amazon CloudFront varies along with differentiated demands for bandwidth, invalidation requests and requests. In terms of its storage service, you are required to pay for $0.093 per month for 1GB. It needs to point out that its price changes with different regions, such as United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.

Generally speaking, taking bandwidth, storage and HTTP requests into consideration, you have to pay for no less than $300 per month for 1TB, which is much higher than that of MaxCDN. Moreover, Amazon CloudFront claims to give AWS (Amazon Web Services) users 50GB data transfer and 2,000,000 HTTPs requests for per one year.

Usability & Features

MaxCDN VS Amazon CloudFront - Usability & Features If you host your site with WordPress, you are able to download and install MaxCDN as a plugin or module within a few minutes. Moreover, this CDN provider offers four products which are named after EdgeCaching, EdgeRules, EdgeSecurity and EdgeSSL, which all devote to accelerating the site's speed. In addition, MaxCDN has one user-friendly control panel with which you are able to manage caching and accounts, access websites and service easily.

In comparison, Amazon CloudFront requests some related professional knowledge to download and install it with a few useful and directive guides available on its official site. What's more, although you are able to make configurations of server content by the control panel and API commands of this CDN provider, it needs to point out that those available commands are quite limited when compared with its competitor. Therefore, it is widely believed that MaxCDN is more user-friendly than Amazon CloudFront.

When it comes to the features, both of the two CDN providers offer bountiful features for users to apply. In details, both of them provide many competitive features and support options including the origin-pull support, persistent connections, HTTPs, set caching headers for pushed files, custom CNAMEs, API, honours for all origin server headers, purge and push. Note that only the former supports for overriding origin server headers, statistics reports and purge-all option. On the other hand, only the latter gives support for the access logs.

Customer Service

MaxCDN VS Amazon CloudFront - Customer Service In terms of the customer service, MaxCDN offers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week technical support for users having any issue or problem on hosting the site. In details, people can get contact with the developers and engineers by submitting email tickets, carrying out one live chat and giving a phone call. Furthermore, webmasters are prepared with in-depth tutorials which are placed in the forum and knowledgebase.

In comparison, Amazon CloudFront also gives effective and helpful technical support for users by presenting quantities of documentations on the official site and all kinds of solutions in the member forum. However, it just supports for email tickets without the contact channel of live chat or phone call, which is regarded as one of the biggest shortcomings of it.


By taking an in-depth and overall comparison between MaxCDN and Amazon CloudFront, we can easily reach the conclusion that the former surpasses the latter by its reasonable price, rich features and high-quality customer service. Thus, we recommend MaxCDN to you for hosting your site.