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Magento VS osCommerce – Which Is the Better Option for eCommerce

updated on Jan 03, 2015
Magento VS osCommerce – Which Is the Better Option for eCommerce Both Magento and osCommerce are 2 of the most reputed eCommerce solutions widely used by a large number of webmasters to set up online business websites. However, which is the better option for eCommerce, although both of them come with numerous highlights allowing online store owners maintain their stores with minimum effort.

To provide a comprehensive answer, we started to use the 2 applications to build our online shops and browse thousands of verified feedbacks from other users. Based on our real experience and the user reviews, we have worked out a comprehensive comparison between the 2 software. Learn details in the following parts.


Compared with osCommerce, Magento is a pretty new software for eCommerce, and its developers go further to enhance their creation with new and important features. Therefore, the program's updates keep coming every 10 to 15 days. However, the updates of the other one is much longer.


Magento VS osCommerce - CostBoth Magento and osCommerce are open source software free to install and use. However, in Magento, you are able to use the community version for free, but if you want some supporting features, they have to purchase executive versions which may cost you a certain amount of money. Therefore, this one is a good option for people who are running a big scale business and can afford it, but not fit in small business with low budget.


Magento is a feature-rich but complex application which needs a lot of storage space and a good hosting plan to support its operation. Thus, we suggest online store owners using it go with reputed VPS hosting companies offering a large amount of disk space. On the other hand, people are allowed host osCommerce websites with shared web hosts providing unlimited disk space.


Magento is a feature-rich application giving users the ability to customize their websites according to their preference, so it is a little complex to manage the system. It is difficult to find and get the complicated services related to your websites over the Internet, so you have to learn it from professional Magento experts expressly. On the contrary, people with little technical knowledge are able to manage their osCommerce sites easily since this software is extremely user-friendly.

Multiple Stores

In this aspect, Magento surpasses the other a little, because with it you are allowed to establish and manage multiple stores in multiple languages with different approaches to different kinds of customers. Nevertheless, with osCommerce, people can build and manage only one store to sell their products.

Payment Gateway & Discounts

Magento VS osCommerce - Payment Gateway & DiscountsMagento allows users to receive payments for their online sale via almost all payment methods, so when it comes to payment gateway, it has huge advantages over osCommerce that gives users only a few options to receive payments. Besides, it is easier to find discounts and special offers with Magento offering coupons, SEO URLs, product summary and additional features that are not provided by another solution.

Which Is the Better Option?

It depends. From the aspects we reviewed above, it can be seen that both of the 2 programs offer all kinds of services to make their users' business run without any hassle, but each has its different features. Separately, Magento is the better option for people who are running a big scale business while osCommerce is more suitable for small business.

No matter which application you choose, you need a reliable and fast web hosting plan to host your website. In these years, we have tried more than 100 web host and found several of the best proving high quality service that are completely suitable for people to host eCommerce websites with the 2 software. Learn main features the companies offer in the following table.