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Magento VS OpenCart – Which Is More Powerful for e-Commerce?

updated on Feb 15, 2017
Magento VS OpenCart – Which Is More Powerful for e-Commerce? There are dozens of online shopping cart solutions out there, among which Magento and OpenCart are 2 leading options chosen and trusted by thousands of webmasters. Because of their excellence in managing online businesses, some people may get confused which should be adopted to set up their online stores.

So in this article, we have made a comparison between the 2 e-commerce solutions – Magento and OpenCart – to reveal the secrets of them. Based on e-commerce needs and requirements, this comparison mainly analyzes their price, target user, features, customizability, and support.


OpenCart is single open source shopping cart software that requires no license fee, so you can simply download to use and modify it to set up your online presence as soon as you have spent about $7/mo purchasing a web hosting package.

Magento has a wider range of services. There are 3 editions of e-commerce solutions which are named Magento Community Edition, Magento Go and Magento Enterprise Edition. They are designed to meet different business needs, coming with difference price, of course.
  • Magento Community Edition is flexible and open source software that is free to download and use, just like OpenCart.
  • Magento Go is a hosted solution designed for small businesses, priced from $15/mo.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition is suitable for large businesses and enterprises, charged from $15,550/mo for the license fee.

Target User

Magento VS OpenCart on Target User Magento and OpenCart have some similarities as well as differences in this aspect. As a single shopping cart system, OpenCart is targeted at and recommended for all-sized online store owners (depending on the hosting environment that OpenCart resides on), web developers, and designers.

As for Magento, just as mentioned above, it is not only a solution for store owners, developers, but also a choice for large businesses and enterprises. It is a good place to go for small business owners who don't want to spend time and energy in finding a trusted web hosting package.

e-Commerce Features

According to our review and research, Magento is more rich-featured than OpenCart, as the former one has a quite long list of up to 350 features while the latter has approximately 100 features. Both of them support multi-store management, allow unlimited categories, products, and have sales reports. Some of other important features of them are listed in the following table.

Code-Level Access
Multiple Languages
URL Rewrites
Mobile Ready
PCI Compliance
Multi-Tier Pricing
Built-In Payment GatewaysOver 30Over 20
Multiple Tax Rates
Coupon Management
API Integrations


OpenCart has an extensive extension directory on its official site, which contains approximately 9,000 free and paid modules and templates, so you don't need to search over the Internet for a marketplace to purchase a quality template. Instead, it's probable that there is always a solution for your demand in the extensions directory.

Magento also comes with a large number of customization options. It has fewer modules and themes than OpenCart, but there are still thousands of them available on the web which you can feel free to purchase and use to change the look and add the functionality of your online stores. Both of Magento and OpenCart are quite good in satisfying users' additional needs.

Community Support

Magento VS OpenCart on Community Support As open source software always has a community supporting it, Magento and OpenCart have kept a large community consisting of thousands of fans and developers. When a problem happens, you can take advantage of the power of their large communities to get assistance. In addition, they both offer free user guides, tutorials, and video tutorials.

The difference is that Magento also provides an expert consulting group and training courses to help users handle the common and advanced issues in managing Magento websites, including custom module development and performance review.

Which Is More Powerful?

Both of Magento and OpenCart are good options for setting up small online shops, but Magento performs better in hosting medium to large sized business websites.

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