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LiquidWeb VS InMotion Hosting – Select the Better VPS

updated on May 15, 2017
LiquidWeb VS InMotion Hosting – Select the Better VPS LiquidWeb and InMotion provide varied hosting services to cover as many needs as possible. Their products include the entry-level shared hosting, high-performance managed VPS, dedicated servers, and many others.

As LiquidWeb no longer takes shared hosting as one of the main products, this comparison will focus on the managed Linux VPS the two web hosts offer. If you want to get some details about LiquidWeb shared hosting, read this LiquidWeb review.

To carry out a comprehensive comparison, we have personally monitored the two web hosts for a few months, and collected a large number of user reviews. As a result, we have found the reasons why LiquidWeb lost some customers in the past few years while InMotion has been growing quickly.

RatingLiquidWebInMotion Hosting
Ease of Use & Support
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LiquidWeb VS InMotion – The Similarities

Both offering managed VPS with SSDs, the two web hosts are almost a match for each other in the ease of use, managed security, and uptime.

Full management

Fully managed VPS is much easier-to-use than other types of VPS because the provider takes care of the software installation, performance and security. For the VPS plans offered by LiquidWeb and InMotion, you are able to get full access to cPanel which makes the management of your own server quite easy. WHM access is also available for reselling.

Besides, the technical team manages the security of the server. Automatic backups are configured on a daily basis, and each server is protected against DDoS attacks all the time. Other security methods like firewalls are also utilized.

In addition, full management also means more helpful technical support with a larger coverage. Unlike unmanaged VPS with which you have to deal with all kinds of problems by yourself, managed VPS usually comes with expert support for many services except for custom applications, such as security patches, database and web server. However, with InMotion, you should get quicker help through Skype, live chat, support tickets and user community.

Good uptime

The managed VPS from LiquidWeb and InMotion features high availability backed by RAID protected SSD drives and redundant server clusters. When downtime is detected, the standby hardware takes place immediately, so there is virtually no downtime.

Now you can check the uptime of LiquidWeb in the chart below.

InMotion is even better than the competitor in uptime, which is reflected by the following records.

The Edges of InMotion VPS

Though both web hosts can provide you the same ease of use and reliability, InMotion is indeed better if you are serious about the cost, refund guarantee, or speed.

Cheaper price for more server resources

LiquidWeb provides four pre-made plans and a custom plan. The ready-to-use plans are priced from $59/mo to $219/mo, with 1-4 CPU core(s), 40-300 GB disk space, and 5 TB bandwidth. CentOS 6 and 7 are both available for free, but you need to pay additional $10/mo for cPanel. Besides, daily backups are charged extra $0.12/mo per GB. Therefore, the actual payment of the cheapest plan goes up to $69/mo or even more.

InMotion offers three plans. The regular prices are $44.99/mo to $154.99/mo, while up to 51% discounts are available now which bring much lower costs down to $29.99/mo - $74.99/mo if you need the monthly payment. Quarterly and semiannual plans also come with discounts.

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With much lower costs, you can get more server resources from InMotion VPS plans. These resources include the RAM and disk space. Besides, with InMotion, you are able to get a free cPanel license, and free email hosting.

If you want more details, read this table.

FeatureLiquidWebInMotion Hosting
Plan2 GB RAMVPS-1000HA-S
Disk Space40 GB75 GB
Bandwidth5 TB4 TB
CPU Cores1Unlocked
IP Addresses13
Easy Scalability
Snapshots$0.12/mo Per GB
Secure Email
Launch Assist
Root AccessOptional
Lowest Price with cPanel$69/mo$29.99/mo
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90-day full refund

A reliable refund guarantee is important when considering a new VPS. For LiquidWeb, however, there is no clear refund policy, which means you may not get a trial period. If you decide to try LiquidWeb VPS, then we suggest you choose the monthly billing cycle to minimize the risk.

InMotion is leading the trend in this aspect because this web host provides a full refund for anyone who subscribes to a multiple month plan yet feels unsatisfied later. The time to regret is as long as 90 days, which is highly appreciated.

Faster speed

InMotion has been recognized as one of the fastest web hosts while LiquidWeb hasn't. Besides SSDs that are purchased by both companies, InMotion has also made a lot of other efforts to deliver faster speed, for example, making custom configurations and upgrades, purchasing Dell servers, building a high-capacity network, and using Cisco routers. The 24x7 monitoring has also contributed a lot because InMotion can always make quick reactions to problems.

LiquidWeb runs three private data centers, too. Besides, based on Cisco gear, the network is built with redundancy and high performance. However, this web host fails to compete with InMotion in performance. Here is why.

Conclusion – InMotion Is the Better VPS Hosting Provider

If you need to buy a VPS now, we'd suggest you go with InMotion because it offers better performance and more server resources at much lower prices. Besides, the technical support is faster, which helps a lot in the case that you haven't acquired all the server management skills.