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Linode VS BlueHost – Whose VPS Hosting Is More Suitable for Hosting Business

updated on Sep 14, 2014
Linode VS BlueHost – Whose VPS Hosting Is More Suitable for Hosting Business Linode has been an expert in VPS hosting, and on the other hand, BlueHot is a reputable provider of virtual private servers that receives a large number of praises from online business owners for the excellence in keeping websites running in an optimized environment. In this case, we have made a comparison between the 2 companies to make clear of what they offer as well as the similarities and differences.

Based on the criteria on determining whether a VPS is good, we have compared the 2 companies' services from a variety of aspects which basically include price, server resource, usability, technology, uptime, speed and technical support. Based on the results and customer reviews, there comes a table of ratings that show briefly their edges over each other.

Plan in ComparisonLinode 2 GBStandard
Loading Speed
Customer Reviews01086
Customer RatingN/A

Package & Pricing

Linode has released a total of 8 cloud VPS hosting packages named Linode 2 GB to Linode 96 GB. With different amount of RAM, CPU cores and monthly data transfer included, the packages are available at a price ranging from $20/mo to $960/mo. As for payment, the company accepts credits cards only (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), with no support for online PayPal payment.

Package & Pricing Linode offers a trial period of 7 days, which means that within the first 7 days of the terms, customers are able to receive a full refund if they are not satisfied with the company's service and give a cancellation to their accounts. No question is asked.

Note that the service from this company is unmanaged, which means that the users take full responsibility to manage the security, software and everything else. For webmasters who do business online and want to focus on it only, they have to choices to get server-side management well covered – hiring a web developer or purchasing Linode Managed at a price of $100/mo per website.

BlueHost has 4 upgradable fully managed VPS hosting packages named Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate which are priced from $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $89.99/mo and $119.99/mo. Now the company offers a limited-time 50% discount for the first month of a term. Taking Standard as an example, going through the promotional link below, webmasters are able to purchase the package at $14.99/mo for 1-month subscription, and $23.34/mo for annual subscription.

BlueHost accepts payments from both credit cards and PayPal. And for the guarantee of a no-risk user experience, the company provides a 30-day full refund guarantee to ensure that its service is worry-free so that webmasters are not risking their money. Besides, each package comes with free domain name and hundreds of USD worth of marketing credits, which is quite helpful for promoting business.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation

Features & Management

Linode supplies a large amount of server resources in its packages. Besides, the company offers a simple control panel named Linode Manager to help customers manage every service purchased from the company, such as the Managed, NodeBalancers, Longview, DNS Manager, account, support and community.

Features & Management Besides, the company offers Lish for console access, Linode API for automating tasks and developing custom apps, StackScripts for customizing templates, and Linode CLI (Command Line Interface) for command-line management of server. Also, there is a rescue mode available which helps recover data from errors and damages.

In terms of the service from BlueHost, the company utilizes KVM supervisor to guarantee that resources are available to the user only, allows adding additional CPU or RAM at any time, and gets a server ready within minutes instead of hours of provisioning. Root access and SSH are offered for full access and control to the server and operating system.

All of the packages come with cPanel control panel which ensures a quick and easy way for managing server resource usage, domain, file, site security, FTP, as well as some other advanced features like .htaccess, cron jobs and php.ini. Besides, customers are allowed to create separate passwords to specific aspects to enhance security, and their data is protected by RAID 60 disk arrays.

For the availability of main resources and features provided by the 2 companies, refer to the following table.

Plan in ComparisonLinode 2 GBStandard
CPU2 Cores2 Cores
Disk Storage48 GB30 GB
Bandwidth3 TB1 TB
Free Domain
Free IP Address1
Money-Back Guarantee7 Days30 Days
Regular Price$20$29.99/mo
Current Price$20/mo$14.99/mo
How to ClaimN/ALink Activation

Uptime & Speed

Both companies guarantee 99.9% uptime to get customers resting assured about the accessibility of their websites. To remain the promise covered, they use multiple data centers, first-rate disk drives, redundant power supply, diesel backup power and some of their own technologies that keep services uninterrupted.

We have been personally monitoring the uptime of Linode and BlueHost for a couple of months. The results in the past 30 days are as following.
  • Linode: Averages 99.94%.
  • BlueHost: Averages 100%.

As for speed, Linode has 6 data centers located in Tokyo, US and London to serve clients worldwide. Therefore, webmasters can have a try on the speed test to see which one among the choices is most suitable that delivers the fastest speed. All the facilities are equipped with fast processors, multiple layers of network redundancy, and SSDs which feature quick page load.

BlueHost data centers are also filled with first-rate hardware and network redundancy. The high performance 16 core AMD processors come with a speed of 2.4GHz. The nationwide fiber network, advanced switches and routers, and 24x7 network monitoring all contribute to a fast speed.

Our monitoring shows that the server response speed of BlueHost is a little bit faster than that of Linode which takes 458ms.

Technical Support

Technical Support Linode offers around-the-clock support which is reachable by sending emails, opening a support ticket, calling on the given support phone number, and having a chat with the community on the web-based IRC channel. Also, there is a forum available for asking for solutions. In the Linode Library, there are a large number of beginner guides and tutorials on the platform.

As the service from BlueHost is fully managed, the company provides more extensive support via phone, direct live chat and email. The support team stays on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give instant assistance on technical problems. For issues submitted with tickets, the response is ensured to be less than 30 minutes and problems resolved within 24 hours. And for those sent via live chat or phone, the responsive time averages less than 30 seconds.

Which Is Better for Hosting Business?

Both companies are reliable providers for VPS hosting service. But due to the big differences lying in the feature and pricing, the service from Linode is good enough for web developers instead of business owners who don't have a large team to manage technical issues. And that from BlueHost, however, is a good option for both businesses and developers who'd like to focus on their career without being distracted by annoying management.

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