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KnownHost VS HostGator – Who Offers Better Managed VPS

updated on Jun 05, 2017
KnownHost VS HostGator – Who Offers Better Managed VPS KnownHost is a relatively small-sized hosting company known for managed VPS and dedicated servers. HostGator, being a little different, offers a full range of hosting services including fully managed VPS.

After keeping an eye on these two web hosts for some time, we have found that both of them provide easy-to-use VPS with good uptime and helpful technical support. However, HostGator still wins in some aspects like speed, price, and refund guarantee, according to our reviews. It is true that small companies can provide personalized services, but those big names usually have better infrastructure and more experience.

You can see how they perform in the critical aspects in the following table.

Ease of Use
Price & Refund
Learn MoreKnownHost VPS ReviewHostGator VPS Review

The Similarities Between Their Managed VPS

The similarities between the managed VPS offered by KnownHost and HostGator mainly lie in the ease of use, reliability, and technical support.

Easy-to-use and powerful services

Both KnownHost and HostGator offer the latest versions of CentOS to make sure that the newest technologies can be applied properly. With either of them, you can gain complete flexibility in the plan upgrade, as well as the following things.
  • Free server setup. You don't have to wait long for the server to be provisioned.
  • cPanel with script installer. These things make hosting much easier for everyone, but additional fees may be required.
  • Full root access. This enables you to get control over your server, so that you can install custom applications and configure them.
  • Free automated backups which keep all your files secure.
  • Unlimited things – Unlimited domains, email accounts, FTP accounts and databases.
  • Free website migration. It's unclear how many migrations KnownHost provides, but HostGator states clearly that they can handle unlimited cPanel-to-cPanel migrations for free, and for the manual migrations, they offer up to 90 for free depending on the plan you choose.
Besides, HostGator also offers a free website builder with thousands of free templates available.

Great uptime

As reliable VPS hosting providers, KnownHost and HostGator promise 99.9% uptime and have always been trying to get the promise covered in the real world. They are operated based on multiple data centers which are secure, environmentally controlled, and efficiently powered. The technicians know exactly how to keep the servers running without interruptions.

Besides, the two web hosts have added multiple layers of the network security, and cooperated with several bandwidth providers to maximize the network reliability. HostGator also configures RAID 10 disk arrays for data protection.

It is highly appreciated that both KnownHost and HostGator can provide 99.9% uptime on average. What's better, HostGator can keep the figure above 99.95% as is shown below.

Responsive fully managed technical support

As the two web hosts offer managed VPS, they provide quite good technical support to make their servers easier-to-use. The support covers various issues. Besides hardware management and monitoring, the hosting providers are also responsible for the cPanel install, OS optimization, security hardening and operating system troubleshooting. Some support experts may also be kind enough to provide help for some third-party applications.

However, you still need to pay attention to the differences. KnownHost provides live chat, phone and email as the contact channels for sales support, but for technical support, you can only reach the support team by sending emails or opening tickets. When compared with this web host, HostGator is more considerate by allowing customers to ask for support via any of phone, live chat, email or ticket.

HostGator Edges over KnownHost in Managed VPS

Although both are good in the technical support and reliability, HostGator indeed wins the other in the cost-effectiveness and speed.

Lower cost in the long run

KnownHost provides 7 managed VPS plans for users to scale. These plans come with quite affordable prices starting from $25/mo to $120/mo. But pay attention that these prices don't cover the control panel cost because cPanel charges additional $5/mo. Besides, Softaculous installer requires extra $1/mo.

Another important thing to note is that the cheapest plan cannot be used to host cPanel because it fails to meet the resource requirements. So if you want to use cPanel, you have to buy the $35/mo plan at least.

HostGator provides 3 plans which are priced from $79.95/mo without cPanel and $89.95/mo with cPanel. These prices seem much higher than those of the affordable KnownHost plans, but you can get up to 70% discount if you choose a 1/2/3-year term. The discounted prices start at $19.95/mo.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

If you only want to buy a one-month plan from a VPS hosting provider, KnownHost is the better choice, but HostGator indeed helps save more when you plan to stick with a web host for a long term. Besides, HostGator is generous in offering server resources. You can read the following comparison.

PlanVPS-2VPS-5Snappy 2000
CPU CoresUnspecifiedUnspecified2
Disk Space80 GB135 GB120 GB
Bandwidth7000 GB1.3 TB1.5 TB
Dedicated IPs222
Pre-Installed PHP/Perl/PythonUnknownUnknown
Regular Price$35/mo$75/mo$79.95/mo
One-Month Cost (with cPanel & Installer)$41$81$89.95
One-Year Cost$472$927$599.4
Two-Year Cost$944$1854$958.8
Three-Year Cost$1416$2781$1078.2
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Reliable refund guarantee

To allow more new customers to try their services without worries, KnownHost guarantees refunds within the first 30 days, and HostGator guarantees 45 days. Both promises are considerate.

However, there are many complaints against the KnownHost refund guarantee. Some say that this web host doesn't offer refund even if you have only used a VPS for 10 days, which is unreasonable. The detailed evidence can be found easily on the Internet. Faced with such a fact, you should think twice before placing an order, especially for a long-term plan.

Faster speed

In fact, both KnownHost and HostGator are among the fast VPS hosting providers, while the latter is still better. Backed by Supermicro servers with Intel processors, CDN, centralized network monitoring, etc., HostGator has lowered the server response time to about 300ms, and page loads to 3 seconds.

Here is a record of the HostGator server response time.

Conclusion – HostGator Is Better for Most People

The two web hosts are the same excellent in some aspects. But the unreliable refund guarantee makes KnownHost not a worry-free option for VPS hosting. Considering the better support and speed, we'd suggest HostGator as your choice.