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JustHost WordPress Hosting Review

updated on Sep 14, 2014
JustHost WordPress Hosting Review In this article, we will make a comprehensive JustHost WordPress hosting review from several aspects including WordPress hosting compatibility, speed, ease of use, customer support and pricing. In below, we are going to review these aspects one by one in detail to show that JustHost WordPress hosting services are trust-worthy.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Compatibility

WordPress users always take compatibility as an essential factor in choosing a web host. In fact, it is not a problem with JustHost. JustHost is 100% compatible with WordPress with the following features.
  • the latest version of MySQL database and multiple PHP versions (PHP 5.2.x, 5.3.x and 5.4.x).
  • PHP memory_limit is set at 256 MB, which is sufficient for plenty of applications and large images.
  • PHP can run as suPHP to increase the security of WordPress sites.
  • almost Apache/PHP extensions including mod_rewrite module for URL rewrite.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Speed

JustHost has a world-class dedicated data center located in Chicago, Illinois, equipped with a UPS power backup generator which makes it more reliable. What's more, customers' WordPress sites are all hosted on high performance dual quad processor servers.

To guarantee fastest speed possible, JustHost experienced engineers are monitoring the network 24x7, in order to work out any issues immediately after it occurs. Besides, JustHost also utilizes multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections to make sure that customers' data is always transferred at a high rate. As we tested, the server response time of WordPress on JustHost averages less than 400ms, much faster than most of its competitors.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Usability

Installing and configuring WordPress could be frustrated for newbies, but this is never a problem for JustHost customers, because they have access to the helpful auto installer SimpleScripts. Using this tool, customers can get WordPress installed and configured perfectly in just a few seconds. Getting a WordPress site is easy and time-saving.

As to the management of WordPress, even a newbie will find it convenient. JustHost provides the most popular cPanel control panel with which customers can easily manage their email accounts, MySQL databases, files, domains and configure cron jobs or PHP to make the hosting environment more suitable for their WordPress sites. No matter what functionality they want, they can find it in cPanel.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Support

Customers have 3 options to contact JustHost excellent support staff: live chat, phone and email support ticket. According to our real experience of calling them, chatting with them online and sending them emails, they always give informative and immediate answers in a courteous manner no matter in the day or night. That is great because only a few leading web hosting providers have done such a good job in support.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Customer Support

In addition, there are multiple support resources in JustHost Help Center, including an extensive knowledgebase, various video tutorials and a getting started wizard which helps new users learn to use their hosting accounts step by step. JustHost is among the few considerate web hosts we have reviewed.

JustHost WordPress Hosting Price

JustHost has only one plan called Just Plan. Coming with unlimited features including unlimited disk storage, bandwidth and hosted domains, this plan is starting at $2.5/mo now for readers activating JustHost discount by clicking the following promotional link, more than 69% off the regular $7.99/mo. Just Plan should be one of the most cost-effective WordPress hosting plans in the market.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

In addition to the standard WordPress hosting features, Just Plan is also packed with extras as listed below.
  • 1 free domain name registration, saving another $14.99/year for any new customers.
  • Free site builder & free instant set-up, helping build a WordPress with the new account immediately.
  • Free $175 ads credits, including $100 Google ads credits, $25 Yahoo search credits and $50 Facebook ads credits.
  • ANYTIME money back guarantee. Once a customer cancels the account at anytime, JustHost will refund him/her for the remainder of the term.

Conclusion: JustHost WordPress Hosting is Trust-Worthy

Given the aspects we have discussed above, JustHost WordPress hosting is cheap but reliable and fast, which means it should be the ideal option for individuals and small business owners. JustHost has already had everything prepared, readers who want to start a WordPress site need only to pay $2.95/mo and then get the site online. The easiest WordPress hosting can be experienced here.

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