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JustHost VS WebHostingPad

updated on Nov 13, 2017
JustHost VS WebHostingPad JustHost and WebHostingPad are two web hosts both known for affordable web hosting plans. In this article, we have made a comparison between them based on the main aspects important for personal web hosting, such as price, features, reliability, performance, technical support and purchase security. We hope the detailed information about them can help readers make a better choice to fully meet their unique requirements.

JustHost VS WebHostingPad > Price & Features

JustHost has 3 shared hosting plans (Basic, Plus, and Prime). When readers go through this JustHost promotional link, the prices can be discounted to $3.49/mo, over 63% off the regular one. Each plan comes with almost everything needed for various personal websites, including sufficient hosting resources, useful tools and full support to multiple databases and website scripts.

Different from JustHost, WebHostingPad has 2 web hosting plans called Power Plan and Power Plan Plus which are priced at $1.99/mo and $4.99/mo for 4/5-year subscription. Honestly speaking, for the sake of purchase security, we don't recommend readers signing up a plan whose term lasts for over 3 years.

In below, we have listed some key features and the price for the 2 web hosts to show whether JustHost and WebHostingPad are cost-effective indeed. Note that the price given is for 2-years plans.

FeatureJustHost BasicWebHostingPad Power
Free Domain11
Disk Space50 GBUnlimited
Hosted Domains1Unlimited
MySQL DatabaseYesYes
PostgreSQL DatabaseYesYes
SSL CertificateNoNo
Ruby on RailsYesNo
Custom CronjobsYesYes
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 Days
Google AdWords Credits$100No
Go JustHost--

JustHost VS WebHostingPad > Reliability & Performance

Concerning uptime, both JustHost and WebHostingPad promise 99.9%, but in fact, only JustHost has fulfilled the promise. During our test period since January, 2013, we have never experienced serious downtime with JustHost, and its real uptime in the past 4 months is up to 99.94%. We believe that the excellence is largely due to the newest equipment in JustHost data center including the high performance servers and UPS power generator.

In contrast, we have suffered some serious downtime on WebHostingPad in the same period. The most horrible one even lasted for almost one whole day. No wonder WebHostingPad only delivers an average of 99.49% uptime in the months.

As for performance, our monitoring result shows that the response from JustHost happens over 110% quicker than WebHostingPad. Averagely, JustHost takes less than 4 seconds to load a page, while WebHostingPad needs more than 7 seconds to complete the process. In other words, websites hosted by WebHostingPad is too slow to gain a good using experience. As a result, you cannot achieve the desired goal with WebHostingPad.

JustHost VS WebHostingPad > Technical Support

JustHost Help center contains nearly all the information about support. Customer can easily get 24x7 real human being support there via email, phone and live chat. Or they can also solve problems manually by following guides in the knowledgebase or watching the video tutorials. No matter how complicated an issue is, JustHost always has the quickest solution.

WebHostingPad also provides 24x7 support via phone, email and live chat, but the problem is that the live chat doesn't really work in most time. We have tried live chat 5 times before, but for 3 times, the support staff didn't answer our questions directly. Instead, they said that they would help us create a support ticket. The technical support from WebHostingPad is not efficient at all.

JustHost VS WebHostingPad > Purchase Security

As purchase security is a main concern for personal website owners. Both JustHost and WebHostigPad have released a 30-day refund policy. This mean that they will refund for an account you are cancelling which was activated within 30 days. It seems that no difference lies in their money back guarantee. When we take a close look at their policy, however, we come to a conclusion that going with JustHost is safer than going with WebHostingPad.

The money-back guarantee from JustHost does not apply to add-on services like domains. However, the WebHostingPad refunds exclude the domain name registration, cPanel license, Softaculous, site builders, etc.

Anyway, an attention should be paid that do not forget to cancel accounts in the allotted time before the expiration especially if you send the payment through credit cards.

JustHost VS WebHostingPad > Which Is Better for Personal Websites?

According to our real hosting experience and the large number of real customer reviews we have received, JustHost web hosting plan is much more suitable for personal websites. The reliable, fast and affordable web hosting services should be ideal for readers looking for excellent online performance with low costs.

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