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JustHost VS Site5 - Who's Better in Shared Hosting

updated on May 08, 2017
JustHost VS Site5 - Who's Better in Shared Hosting Maybe you are on the road to select a wrong hosting provider without knowledge. If you have decided to make a choice between JustHost and Site5, you are free to check whether your choice is right or wrong under the guidance of this article. With long research and rich experience, we are able to answer which web host is better in the shared hosting.

JustHost is a relatively young hosting provider who was established in 2008 while Site5 has a longer history of more than 15 years. On the basis of our investigation and user reviews, we make the below rating table to display the scores they are worthy of. A conclusion can be drawn from table that the latecomer surpasses the early starter.

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JustHost VS Site5 – Similarities

In the fierce competition, JustHost and Site5 have been working on the improvement of the shared hosting service. There are some similarities they share on the ease of use, money back guarantee, and uptime achievement.

Ease of Use

Due to the ease of use, both JustHost and Site provide cPanel for the better management of an account. There are a great number of popular scripts within the control panel, which enables you to easily set up a website with a single click. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be experienced in coding skills. What's better, Site5 also includes additional features and tools inside the control panel.

Money Back Guarantee

When you cannot put up with any of them, the money back guarantee can free you from the worry of money security. The slight difference is that you can ask for a full refund from JustHost within the first 30 days while Site5 extends that time into 45 days. It means that you need to cancel your account before the deadline.

Both Good Uptime

A reliable hosting environment really means a lot for webmasters who want to gain good using experience. It is natural for you to look for a good hosting provider who can guarantee your online presence. Though many hosting providers have claimed that, you want to confirm their words in order to select a right one. Backed by the advanced facilities, the 99.9% uptime guarantee is not an empty lip service. We are impressed by the JustHost excellent job.

JustHost Edges over Site5

At the beginning, the rating table works as a suggestion that you should go with JustHost. From now on, we will make a further discussion on what edges JustHost has over Site5.

Better Features

In terms of the basic plan, Site5 is generous on the disk space and email accounts while JustHost imposes restrictions on the plan to avoid a waste of server resources. If you run a website with high traffic, however, you can also find a proper plan from JustHost. There are some highlights inside the JustHost plan, such as a free domain name, free website builder, and some more.

Free Domain
Disk Space50 GBUnlimited
Data TransferUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Accounts5Unlimited
Free Website Builder
Ruby on Rails
Cron Jobs
Current Price$3.49/mo$4.95/mo
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Cheaper Hosting Fees

From the above table, you may have learned that JustHost now starts at a lower price with $3.49/mo due to the reasonable server resources. The lowest price - $3.49/mo - is available for clients who purchase the 3-year plan through a lump-sum payment. Given your limited budget, there is also a monthly payment - $7.99/mo - available for you. After the first term, the introductory prices will automatically renew from $9.49/mo.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

In order to get the best value of $4.95/mo from Site5, you should go directly towards the 2-year billing term. What is worthy of mentioning is that you have no access to selecting the monthly hostBasic Plan. In comparison, JustHost provides more budget-friendly plans.

Shorter Server Response Time

When it comes to server response time, you are invited to have a reference to the record about the two web hosts. At your first sight, you will easily identify JustHost is much faster than Site5.JustHost is able to guarantee a fast hosting environment due to Linux operating system, dual quad processor performance servers, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, CDN, and other advanced technologies.

Better Customer Service

For your convenience, JustHost and Site5 provide three methods for you to get a hold of the support team via a phone number, chat box or ticket system. However, the Site5 phone support is not at your service at any time. If you want to ask for phone support from Site5, you need to make a call from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays. Therefore, you are freer to get in touch with JustHost who does not set time limitations for any methods.

According to our test, JustHost is able to not only make quicker responses to our issues but also gives more professional answers to those. We are dissatisfied with Site5 who cannot deal with our emails in an efficient way though we understand that they need time to investigate the complex issues and then give us a reply.

JustHost Is a Better Shared Hosting Provider

Compared with Site5, JustHost is undoubtedly a better shared hosting provider due to the better features, cheaper hosting fees, shorter server response time, and better customer service.