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JustHost VS NameCheap - Comparison on Web Hosting Service

updated on Jan 25, 2017
JustHost VS NameCheap - Comparison on Web Hosting Service This JustHost vs NameCheap comparison is made for bloggers looking for a budget-friendly, reliable and fast blog hosting solution coming with a high level of customer satisfaction and responsive technical support. As both of these two web hosts are trust-worthy hosting providers that have been used by a large number of bloggers, we have figured out all the hosting aspects to pick up the better option, including price, features, support, speed and uptime.

JustHost is a cost-effective blog hosting provider that sets the cheap hosting charges without sacrificing the hosting quality. With the quality data centers and solid web servers, its reliability and performance can be guaranteed perfectly.

NameCheap is famous for its domain registration service and the hosting solutions. As all the webmasters must want their websites to be fast-loading and always accessible, this web host tries the best to help the hosted websites flourish.

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Where JustHost Is Better Than NameCheap

Cost-effective hosting plans with the best values

For the majority of common bloggers, the basic plans of NameCheap Value and JustHost Basic may not be powerful enough to meet their hosting needs. Therefore, we mainly compare their most valued packages of NameCheap Professional and JustHost Plus in terms of the cost-effectiveness, and JustHost is undoubtedly the better one, containing rich features at an affordable price.
  • Price - Both are budget-friendly that can be afforded easily without any heavy burden. The NameCheap one can be purchased at the price of $1.66/mo and the JustHost one can be got at the price of $3.49/mo via this exclusive promotional link.
  • Features - JustHost does not set any limitation of the server resources, domain hosting and email accounts if you do not over consume for some improper practices. Besides, it allows a free domain name, $200 marketing offers, SpamExperts and many other hosting features. As for NameCheap, this web host restricts the allocation of disk space to 50 GB only for the Professional plan, allows only 10 hosted domains, 100 sub-domains and 100 email accounts on one account.
Besides, JustHost allows an anytime money back guarantee while NameCheap only allows 14 days as the refunding period.

More support channels

Both of these two web hosts know the importance of technical support, so they all set up a professional support team that is self-owned. Once customers need any assistance, they can ask for help by sending the email, starting the live chat and opening a ticket.

However, for some webmasters who are in emergent troubles and are looking for the instant resolutions, the phone support is the most effective support channel. In this case, JustHost offers a hotline that is available 24/7, but NameCheap just lacks this offering.

Slightly better uptime track record

As for the uptime, both of them claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites. This is because they all adopt the robust Apache servers with DELL branded components, as well as the multiple advanced data centers that come with automatic cooling system, UPS, security measurements and constant facility monitoring.

Even, both of them are partnered with CloudFlare CDN service, which increases the level of hosting reliability greatly. With it, your website contents and data are copied by multiple servers at different data centers. Therefore, if one of them fails to response the requests, others still work.

To compare which one is better in terms of the uptime, we have personally started an uptime testing with two identical blog sites. After getting them hosted with these two web hosts for four months and monitoring the online accessibility, we have found that JustHost achieves a 99.99% uptime and NameCheap achieves a 99.93% uptime.

JustHost Uptime

NameCheap Uptime

Faster page loading speed

While testing the uptime, we also have tested their server responding efficiency in the same time. According to the result, JustHost only needs around 366 ms for server responding, 63% faster than that of NameCheap - 595 ms on average.

Where NameCheap Is Better Than JustHost

Extremely cheap basic plan

If you are going to set up a small blog site for personal utilization, the Value plan of NameCheap is really budget-friendly. This plan only charges you $9.88 each year, namely $0.82/mo only.

As for the hosting charges of JustHost, you need to purchase at the price of $3.49/mo for its Basic package with the large discount offered for the newcomers. Such a discount is exclusive to the promotional link below.

JustHost Promotional Link

Freedom to choose data center

The physical distance between your readers and your current server is a critical element for the boosting of page loading speed. The shorter the distance is, the faster your hosting can be. Due to this, NameCheap allows you to choose the data centers between the US one and the UK one based on the locations of your target readers.

As for JustHost, it also has multiple data centers as the server spaces, but does not allow you to choose freely.

Utilization of solid state drives

The solid state drives guarantee the better hosting performance, stability, reliability and security than the common hard drives. Therefore, NameCheap simply pre-configures the servers with SSD to promise a better hosting experience for customers. JustHost, however, fails to adopt the special drives.

NameCheap vs JustHost - Which is Better

As considering the price values, page loading, technical support and uptime, JustHost is undoubtedly the better option. Even, among hundreds of real customers we have surveyed, there is not complaint at all.