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JustHost VS HostGator - Which is a Better Personal Choice?

updated on Feb 17, 2017
JustHost VS HostGator - Which is a Better Personal Choice? JustHost VS HostGator is prepared for people who are confused about the hosting services offered by the two companies. As reputable and experienced hosting providers, both companies are the first consideration of millions of people when it comes to choosing a host. Both of them offer cost-effective hosting packages with affordable prices, unmatchable performances, convenient technical supports, as well as abundant features.

We introduce the differences between JustHost and HostGator based on the comparison on their pricing, features, reliability, performance and technical support which are mattered most in shared web hosting services. The details below surely make things clear for individual readers to choose a more suitable one that can meet their specific requirements.


JustHost and HostGator are both leaders in web hosting industry, but they do differ much in their policies on pricing. JustHost is known for the low price of which starts at $3.49/mo, while HostGator generally charges much higher fees. HostGator 3 plans are starting at $3.82/mo, a tab bit expensive.

For the 2 web hosts, one thing in common is that they both allow short billing cycles like 1 month or 6 months. But considering that the monthly billing fees for these plans are quite expensive compared to long-term plans, we would like to recommend readers signing up a long-term one to pare down budget.

Plan in ComparisonBasicHatchling
Regular Price$9.49/mo$6.95/mo
Discount58% Off45% Off
Promo Price$3.49/mo$3.82/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation


JustHost and HostGator both offer rich features. Their plans include most of the standard shared hosting features, such as unlimited monthly data transfer, sufficient email accounts, MySQL databases, and a variety of programming languages like PHP 5, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails. But the plans have some differences in some aspects indeed, just as the following table.

Plan in ComparisonBasicHatchling
Free Domain
Free Site Builder
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Shared SSL
Money BackAnytime45 days
Discount58% Off45% Off
Price Now$3.49/mo$3.82/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation

In fact, JustHost wins a little bit for it offers a more complete feature system that contains iContact, eFAx, and PostgreSQL while these technologies are not available in HostGator. As for basic features, both companies offer many other useful features to help subscribers build outstanding websites.

For instance, with either of them, you can get the cPanel control panel for free, with which you can control and manage your website files, security, domains, MySQL database and many more via the icon based and intuitive user interface. If you are looking to install a special script for the creation of your website, you can leverage the 1-click script installer for finishing the installation process within minutes.

In addition, there are a lot of security related features available, such as the automatic backup service, hotlink protection service, IP blocking, firewall, IP Deny Manager, Password Protection and many more. With these advanced technologies, your website can be protected effectively away from some potential dangers.

Even, there are a lot of free extras available, which include the free domain name, free site builder, free advertising credits for Bing, Google and Yahoo, free website themes and many others.


Having realized outstanding uptime means a lot to webmasters, the two companies take this part seriously and promise to keep at least 99.9% uptime. For example, JustHost purchases robust dual quad processor servers and puts them into the stat-of-the-art data center. Besides, JustHost utilizes many advanced technologies in its data center, such as UPS power generator, industry-level cooling system, as well as 24×7 monitoring.


Going with JustHost, the performance of websites are properly guaranteed. JustHost only purchases the best equipments including network infrastructure to ensure that customers can enjoy fast and easy hosting experience here. And besides monitoring the servers, JustHost technicians are monitoring the network 24x7, too. Even if any latency happens, they can fix it immediately.

Based on our monitoring statistics, HostGator also performs well in loading speed. We tested the server response time of both JustHost and HostGator regularly in the whole month of the last month. The result shows that the server response of HostGator and JustHost is nearly the same.

To achieve the great result, they have made a lot of efforts. For instance, all of their server machines are the branded ones, coming with quality components and hard drives to ensure the peak performance of all the hosted websites. In addition, they have established the partnership with two top tier data centers that are well-equipped to ensure the proper working of server machines.

Technical Support

JustHost and HostGator both offers excellent 24x7 real human being customer support via email support ticket, toll-free phone and live chat. Their staff are knowledgeable and friendly and always give detailed answers that really help. We are also impressed by their fast response within 2 minutes in most cases.

In addition, the two companies have knowledgebase with contents involving every aspect of web hosting, user forums and video tutorials with which customers can solve issues following visual guides. It needs to note that JustHost comes with a special getting started wizard which is especially helpful for newbies only having little knowledge about web hosting.

Which is a Better Personal Choice?

Given that JustHost offers the same rich-featured, reliable and fast web hosting services as HostGator but charges lower fees, we strongly recommend JustHost for individuals. Besides, going with JustHost should be more risk-free, because the company allows ANYTIME money back instead of the latter one.

But still, HostGator is a good choice for small businesses and functional websites for fast speed. Feel free to try its services with the 45-day full refund guarantee.