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JustHost Dedicated Server Hosting Review, Rating & Analysis

updated on Sep 14, 2014
JustHost Dedicated Server Hosting Review, Rating & Analysis Having been in the industry for a long time, JustHost has been recognized as one of the best hosting providers. However, is the dedicated server hosting from this company worth going? The answer can be found in the following review we worked out on the price, feature, usability, reliability, performance and technical support of this service.

We have hosted several large business websites on the dedicated platform of JustHost for about 6 months, and kept monitoring the sites closely with a 5-minute interval. In addition, we have browsed numerous verified feedbacks to learn how customers think about the service they have got. Based on our hosting experience and the customer reviews, we have made the ratings of some important factors of this service as below.
JustHost Dedicated Hosting Review
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Plans & Price

JustHost Dedicated Server Hosting PriceJustHost has released 3 dedicated server hosting packages to enable customers to choose the most proper one according to their current budget and needs, which are named as Standard, Enhanced and Premium, priced at $149.99/mo, $199.99/mo and $249.99/mo. However, regardless of whether they choose 1/3/6/12-month plan, visitors who subscribe the service through the following promotional link are able to get a 50% discount for the first month, with which the price is low to $74.99/mo, $99.99/mo and $124.99/mo.

In addition to the favorable discount, the company provides anytime prorated money back guarantee, which means customers are able to ask for a prorated refund anytime if they are not 100 satisfied with the service and want to cancel their accounts. In this way, hosting users can put their money in safe. Moreover, this web host supports both credits cards and PayPal. Therefore, the purchase is totally convenient and secure.

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Each of the plans includes cPanel control panel, with which customers are capable of taking a full control of every aspect related to their accounts and websites. What's more, a SimpleScript 1-click script installer is integrated with cPanel, which enables customers to install each of 100+ popular applications with just a few clicks, within 1 minute. More features are listed in the following table.
OSCentOS 6.4CentOS 6.4CentOS 6.4
Cache3 MB8 MB8 MB
RAID 1500 GB1,000 GB1,000 GB
Bandwidth5 TB/mo10 TB/mo15 TB/mo
Free Domain(s)111
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In addition to all the highlights mentioned before, some other outgoing features are:
  • Instant Provisioning: JustHost technology is optimized from the group up, which enables customers to use their accounts in seconds instead of hours or days.
  • Mirrored Storage: Account information and data is automatically protected with RAID 1.
  • Root Access: Server management tools offer complete access and control over customers' CentOS operating system and server.
  • Enhanced Caching: The company offers write-back caching with up to 8 MB of cache RAM, so the page loading speed of the hosted websites can boost significantly.
  • Storage Upgrades: Easily add high performance SAN storage to clients' dedicated server - $45/500 GB per month, $65/1 TB per month and $95/2 TB per month.

Reliability & Performance

JustHost Dedicated Server Hosting ReliabilityJustHost guarantees solid 99.9% uptime for people who are using the company's dedicated hosting service. This web host utilizes multiple peerless data centers, each of which is equipped with hundreds of dual quad processor servers, UPS power backup, and quantities of diesel generators. All the first-class facilities enable the company to provide approximately 99.99% uptime to satisfy customers.

Moreover, technicians and engineers are monitoring the data centers and servers 24x7, aiming to resolve any sudden issue as soon as it arises to protect the hosted websites from any unexpected interruption. Learn the real-time JustHost uptime of the past 30 days in the following chat.

Furthermore, JustHost uses multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections to provide faster hosting speed for customers to run websites smoothly and stably. Besides, technicians and engineers are monitoring the network 24x7, which makes them able to resolve any issues immediately to guarantee a stable network environment. According to our monitoring result, the server response time of JustHost is 366ms on average. Learn the detailed information of the company's uptime of the past 30 days in below.

Technical Support

JustHost Dedicated Server Hosting SupportJustHost offers 24x7 customer service through toll-free phone call, email and live chat with short waiting time. All the support staffs are professional, well trained, knowledgeable, having at least 5 years' hosting-related experience, so that they are able to provide instant assistance for customers to deal with any problem effeciently.

Besides, in the help center, technicians and engineers have developed plenty of tutorials to teach customers how to get started, manage accounts, access email and build websites. Moreover, thousands of helpful articles and videos with a lot of information about hosting are offered to teach customers how to solve common issues independently.

Is JustHost a Good Dedicated Server Hosting Provider?

Considering the compelling discount, easy-to-use control panel, rich features, good reliability and high performance, JustHost is a trustworthy dedicated server hosting provider. In addition, the quality customer service the company provides makes customers can concentrate on the business without any distraction. Therefore, it is deserved to be recommended to the webmasters who are looking for good dedicated hosting service.

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