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Jimdo VS Weebly – Choose the Better Site Builder

updated on Nov 03, 2014
Jimdo VS Weebly – Choose the Better Site Builder To help webmasters who are in a dilemma when choosing between Jimdo and Weebly, we would like to give a profound and straightforward comparison of the two site builders. To make the comparison practical and unbiased, we have tested the mentioned two website creators by using them to build up multiple blogs and websites in the past several months and analysed thousands of users' voices and feedbacks in the same time.

Furthermore, we find out that both Jimdo and Weebly have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of the price, compatibility and features as well as technical support. Read the following details and choose the better one to build your site.

Jimdo VS Weebly – Price & Packages

First of all, as a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web hosting service, Jimdo offers webmasters one free of charge Jimdo plan and three premium web hosting services which are named as Jimdo Pro and Jimdo Business differently. To be more specific, those mentioned two premium plans respectively charge for $20/mo and $7.5/mo. Note that its Jimdo Business plan involves 30-day free trial.

Jimdo VS Weebly - Price & Packages In comparison, Weebly has provided its users with one free edition and three premium plans which include Starter plan and Pro plan as well as Business plan. In terms of the price, Weebly is far more cost-effective than its competitor with only charging people who are subscribing to six-month premium services for $4.83/mo and $9.83/mo as well as $29/mo differently. Note that for webmasters who are willing to sign up one year or two years' service, Weebly proclaims a further considerable discount for them, which is not available for Jimdo users.

Jimdo VS Weebly – Compatibility & Features

As a powerful and robust eCommerce tool for the online store, Jimdo can successfully run on web-based and iPhone as well as iPad devices. Comparatively, Weebly is also able to operate smoothly on web-based website with giving support for more devices than that of Jimdo, such as Mac and Windows devices.

What's more, launched in 2007, Jimdo has quantities of rich and quality features in store. In below, we have selected some of its outstanding features involved in its premium web hosting plans. More information is available as follows.
  • Jimdo Business Plan – two domain names, twenty email accounts, unlimited storage and email forwarding, search engine optimization, XML sitemap, meta maps, business designs, unlimited store items and password protection, photo galleries and supports for PayPal, check and invoice.
  • Jimdo Pro Plan – one domain name, only one email account, 5GB storage, three aliases email forwarding, 5 sections for password protection, 15 items for store items, pro designs, without meta maps and also supports for PayPal, invoice and check.

Jimdo VS Weebly - Compatibility & Features In comparison, Weebly gives solid and professional support for users to get an impressive way to sell online products and set up a blog or educational websites. In the meantime, this site builder tool devotes itself to offering webmasters an enjoyable shopping experience on mobile, desktop and tablet with its modern store designs and bountiful features. Likewise, we collected some of its useful features as follows.
  • Several domain hosting options and one free subdomain of with detailed guides for your domain import from other domain name registrars.
  • Free Email forwarding, search engine optimized online stores, flexible shipping options including price and weight rates and numerous payment options, such as PayPal, Stripe and

Having compared Jimdo and Weebly from the website hosting features aspect, we find that both of them offer various and helpful features for users and they are both favourable choices for people hosting small business websites. But attention should be paid that the most distinct differences existing between the two website creators is that only Weebly provides webmasters with free website hosting service by using redundant data centers and cloud-based infrastructures.

Jimdo VS Weebly – Technical Support

Jimdo VS Weebly - Technical Support By utilizing Jimdo, people are able to obtain different levels of customer support according to which plan they purchase, in the most expensive Business plan, people are capable of getting the highest priority for technical service. In the same time, this website creator prepares easy-to-understand video tutorials and detailed descriptions for all kinds of issues in its help center.

However, this website creator just provides people having hosting troubles with email and 9AM to 5PM Pacific time live chat contact tunnels with excluding effective support way of phone call. Comparatively, its competitor offers its users who have purchased its premium packages the mentioned effective and time-saving phone call contact method with also having adequate solutions and answers in its support center.

Jimdo VS Weebly – Conclusion

Based on what we have discussed about Jimdo and Weebly, we think that Weebly is the better option for website building as it has more competitive price and high-quality features, not to mention its convenient and effective phone call support.

What's more, there are multiple trustworthy web hosts offering Weebly website builder as below. And if you looking for a trustworthy Weebly hosting company, we have the following recommendations.