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Is GoDaddy Web Hosting Slow?

updated on Oct 13, 2015
Is GoDaddy Web Hosting Slow? There are many complaints about the slowness of GoDaddy shared web hosting in Google search. Is GoDaddy web hosting truly slow or just a rumour? To answer this question and find the truth objectively, we have signed an account on the service and tested the performance, and also compared the speed with some leading web hosts such as BlueHost and InMotion Hosting.

As a result, we found that GoDaddy is truly slow for the web hosting service, even the slowest one and approximately 230% slower. Read the performance tuning process, and learn why it is slow below.

Is GoDaddy Web Hosting Slow?

You may have heard many voices complaining that GoDaddy is slow and hurts their businesses. GoDaddy Slowness is not first disclosed by us. If not, you can search "GoDaddy slow" in Google, and analyse the results. Totally, there are 21.6 million search records about the slowness as the following screenshot.

GoDaddy Slow

According to our editors' research, GoDaddy's main business is still on the domain name registration. The shared web hosting is relative new and still accumulating experience. A good example is that they just launched the most popular control panel - cPanel in a couple of months ago. Before that, they just provide the users with a very bad custom one.

GoDaddy Performance Tuning

In order to find an effective evidence for the fact, we signed up an account on GoDaddy Deluxe plan and hosted a WordPress website with 50 articles and 100 images. Then, we tested and monitored the page response time which indicates the speed of database queries, page generation, and page loading time for a whole month. At the same time, we also hosted the same site with BlueHost and InMotion Hosting, and did the same tests.

As a result, we compared the speed, and got the statistics as the following chart,

As a matter of fact, the complaints about GoDaddy slowness are reasonable. In the monitoring, GoDaddy is the slowest one, taking over 750ms to get the first response of a web page - 231% slower than InMotion Hosting.

Why Is GoDaddy Web Hosting Slow?

Why GoDaddy SlowEverything has a reason. GoDaddy slowness results from the poor facilities and technologies. After all, GoDaddy is a large company with a lot of products, and its main business is on domain name registration. Relatively speaking, their shared web hosting is a small piece of business only invested into a small part of the resources.

The company only has one data centre in Phoenix in US that it may not be a top-notch data centre. With 55 million domain names and 5 million websites hosted, it's hard to performance-tune every server for the best performance.

In addition, their servers are seriously oversold. We look up our testing site, and found there are over 5000+ neighbour sites. It's reasonable for a shared server to sell to about 2,000 users - the number of 5000 is too high.

Conclusion & Alternative Choices

GoDaddy is the expert on domain name registration, but sure not on the shared web hosting service. Based on the test and analysis, we can easily draw a conclusion and answer the following questions:
  • Is GoDaddy a reputed internet company? - Yes.
  • Is GoDaddy web hosting slow? – Yes.
  • Is GoDaddy highly recommended for shared web hosting? – No.

The best solution is registering a domain at GoDaddy, but going with a professional web hosting service. Take us as an example. The domain BestHostingSearch is registered at GoDaddy, but we don't use their hosting solution.

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