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Is DreamHost Really Good for Hosting WordPress Sites?

updated on Sep 06, 2015
Is DreamHost Really Good for Hosting WordPress Sites? As one of the largest web hosting providers around the world, DreamHost has been supporting WordPress with complete compatibility and around-the-clock support. To meet different levels of demands, the company provides shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, as well as managed WordPress hosting.

We have been hosting a WordPress site on DreamHost shared hosting platform since 2012, and another relatively-large site on the managed platform since Jan, 2015. Based on the hosting experience and monitoring statistics, we finally work out this review to present the pros and cons of hosting WordPress sites with DreamHost.

Is DreamHost Shared Hosting Good for Hosting WordPress Sites?

Shared hosting is the common choice for beginners due to the ease of use and low cost. DreamHost offers only one shared hosting plan which acts as an all-in-one solution for hosting small-sized websites. The plan is priced from $8.95/mo, but if you sign up through the promotional link below, you can get up to 50% discount which reduces the cost to $4.95/mo.

DreamHost Promotional Link Activation

Below are the advantages you can get from the shared hosting plan.

"Unlimited" features. DreamHost shared hosting plan includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, and more. Also, you are allowed to host as many domains as you like with one account. No extra fee is charged. Besides these resources, the following tools and features are available.
  • A custom web-based control panel with a 1-click WordPress installer integrated.
  • PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SVN & IPv6 support.
  • SSH is available for every user.
Free extras. Each user of DreamHost shared hosting has access to a lifetime-free domain. Free domain privacy also comes along. Besides, $100 Google AdWords credits are included in the plan, which helps beginners get started with online promotion.

Great uptime. DreamHost promises a reliable platform which is able to keep all the hosted websites online by guaranteeing 100% uptime. Our over-3-year monitoring has approved the company's reliability. The statistics show that DreamHost uptime is 99.98% on average. Read the following statistics chart to learn the real-time uptime of the past 30 days.

Fast speed with SSDs. As DreamHost equips all of the shared servers with SSDs and utilizes CDN for faster content delivery, the shared hosting is quite fast. According to our monitoring results, DreamHost server response time is around 230ms in most times. Learn the detailed server response time of the past 30 days in the following chart.

Responsive and effective support. DreamHost offers 24x7 technical support through email and live chat, so you can easily request assistance whenever you need help. The ticket system is highly appreciated because of the accuracy and responsiveness. Discussion forums are also available for experience sharing and solution seeking.

97-day refund guarantee. DreamHost provides full refund within the initial 97 days after signup, which is among the few web hosts with the longest refund period. With this guarantee, you can rest assured when trying DreamHost shared hosting for the first time.

Also, you have to pay attention to the following limitations of DreamHost shared hosting.

Phone support is charged. DreamHost does not offer free phone support. If you want someone to talk with you on phone, you need to purchase the callback service which charges $14.95/mo. Therefore, our suggestion is to submit a ticket when the problem is not urgent, or contact the support team via live chat if you are in an emergency.

Refund is only issued to payments processed with credit cards. If you pay your bill through any other payment methods, such as PayPal, checking account and money order, no refund will be received even if you terminate the account within the first 97 days.

In conclusion, DreamHost shared hosting is great for WordPress beginners who want a reliable and worry-free service to host one or several small websites.

Is DreamHost Managed WordPress Hosting a Good Option?

Managed WordPress hosting is a solution prepared for webmasters running WordPress sites with heavy traffic. The provider manages the server and installs WordPress, and you, the user, only need to focus on business or development. Managed WordPress hosting is a much more advanced solution than shared hosting.

DreamHost offers only one managed WordPress hosting plan which is built upon VPS. The price of monthly billing is $24.95/mo, while there is a 20% discount for $19.95/mo if you pay annually. The setup fee is waived for all billing cycles. A dedicated IP is also available for free.

DreamHost Promotional Link Activation

Read the information below to know what you can enjoy from DreamHost managed WordPress hosting.

The power of VPS. Using the DreamPress 2 plan, you are hosting your websites and projects on a virtual private server, so you can get increased reliability, speed, and security. You are not affected by any neighbor. Each VPS comes with 30 GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Optimized experience with excellent features. DreamHost offers many features that are specific to WordPress users to ensure a better using experience. The features include:
  • Automatic WordPress installation and update. The management team installs WordPress on your account and updates it when a new release is available.
  • You can use any theme or plugin on your WordPress site. The framework is not limited.
  • WP-CLI is pre-installed, so you can make a version rollback safely if there is something wrong with the new version.
  • MySQL is hosted on an isolated VPS to guarantee the reliability.
  • Full Shell Access with Git is available.
Outstanding speed. DreamHost has made much effort to speed up its managed WordPress hosting platform. Besides the nature of VPS and SSDs, you can also benefit from the following technologies.
  • PHP 5.5 with OPcache, which speeds up WordPress as well as third-party plugins.
  • Varnish caching, which lowers latency and protects your site in traffic spikes by providing caching protection.
  • Memcached, which reduces the loading times as well as the requests made to MySQL database.
Also, there are some limitations of DreamHost managed WordPress hosting. Read the details in below.
  • Only one WordPress install is allowed on one account. However, you can order more instances through the control panel.
  • There is currently no upgrade choice for managed WordPress hosting.
In fact, the cost of DreamPress 2 is not expensive compared with other popular managed WordPress hosting offerings. If you host one or two large WordPress sites and want an advanced platform, DreamHost is worth a try.