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Is Dedicated Hosting Appropriate For You?

updated on Jan 03, 2015
Dedicated Hosting
Shared web hosting is definitely not comparable with dedicated hosting on all the price, reliability and website performance. But dedicated hosting is not the best solution for everyone special who are young to the internet business or have limited budget. Also, it’s not wise to choose dedicated hosting without any consideration on what you need but only because it costs more.

In fact, many web hosting companies provide both shared and dedicated hosting solutions in one time. After all, both these two solutions have their only huge market. In this case, we work out this comparison to tell you which hosting type between shared and dedicated is better for you.

What is Shared Hosting?

The shared web hosting is that the provider manages the server by themselves and resells the server to other customers as you. You will be allocated a piece of server resources as others. Generally, there are hundreds of customers hosted on the shared server.

Now, most shared hosting providers advertise that their package is unlimited, but usually have well control on the resources used by each account averagely. They will monitor the websites which take too much CPU or memory and ask them for upgrade to the more advanced hosting package. Otherwise these websites will be suspended.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

With dedicated hosting, you can have the full ownership and control on the server via SSH or remote desktop. This is the most reliable hosting solution as there is no possibility that someone else can affect your website performance.

However, different from web hosting, dedicated requires you to fully maintain the server. Certainly some web hosts may help you initialize the typical software such as PHP engine, Apache, MySQL for Linux, or IIS, .NET Framework, MSSQL for Windows, but the rest is all your responsibility. Besides, you shall have experience on configuring the dedicated server including the web server optimization and security setting, otherwise you have possibility to be gamed by hackers.

Dedicated Hosting Advantage

The significant advantages of dedicated hosting are flexibility, features, stability and customer support.
  • Flexibility – You fully own the server including control, permission, resources and software. You can use the server for any the needs based on your expectation. And you can easily tune your website software for best performance and reliability by analyzing the whole system tracks.
  • Features – Some web hosts have pre-installed some features with the dedicated hosting package. But these may not meet your requirement completely as it’s impossible to know the exact software and the version you’re using. With the full control, you can decide which features you needed and go ahead installing and managing them by yourself.
  • Stability – As you don’t share system resources with others so that you don’t need to worry about the affect from others and the overselling shared server. And you can also easily manage your site growth against the server resources. Because you don’t know the exact system resources to you in shared hosting solution, it’s not reliable. You cannot estimate the server volume for your site traffic.
  • Customer Support – As you pay much more money for dedicated hosting providers, you will surely get better and faster customer support when you have a problem on the server or website. As we known, most of hosting companies take the support to dedicated server as highest priority. You shall remember, the more you paid, the more you get.

Why not Dedicated Hosting for Everyone?

Simply, you need to pay much more and you need to maintain and manage the server yourself.
  • Price – a cost effective shared web hosting package only costs up to $6/month but an acceptable dedicated server from a qualified hosting company costs $200/month at least. You shall not choose the cheap dedicated web hosting provider because you cannot get the customer support and reliability in the some quality. It disobeys your original objective on having a dedicated server.
  • Server Management – it doesn’t take easy to manage a server as running a desktop PC. You shall have skilled and experienced IT specialist on such work. You need to audit the server security logs often to check whether your server is still secure; check and install OS/software patch by yourselves; performance and stability tuning to ensure your server is running with the best status; and more.

And the more important is that you won’t have much traffic in first 3 months when you start your website, unless you do a lot of advertising. In this case, you may not be the appropriate reader to this article. As for most of webmasters, compared to pay for an expensive dedicated server from the start, it’s better to first have a shared web hosting and use the left budget investing on the advertisement, including Google Adword, buy articles, blog posts and back links etc. Basically, a great shared web hosting plan supports to the website having up to 800 page views or 300 unique visits daily. With your website traffic grown to this bar, you can consider for the upgrade gradually. If you have prepared yourself already, we recommend you going with the following three companies, all of which are famous dedicated hosting provider in the industry.