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iPage VS Arvixe – Web Hosting Comparison for Personal Hosting

updated on Nov 27, 2016
iPage VS Arvixe – Web Hosting Comparison for Personal Hosting The comparison between iPage and Arvixe is made to find out which company is better for hosting personal websites by analyzing the Linux based shared web hosting services from the 2 web hosts side by side. The factors taken into consideration are price, features, uptime, speed and technical support mainly.

All the information is given based on our own hosting experience, real-time monitoring statistics and the customer reviews we have collected.

At the beginning of the comparison, we'd like to show a table with brief ratings on some of the aspects that matter most in personal website hosting.

Plan in ComparisonEssential PlanPersonal Class
Loading Speed
Read MoreiPage reviewArvixe review

Package & Price

For shared hosting, iPage offers a single package at the effective price of $1.95/mo for subscribers going through the following promotional link, 83% off the regular rate. The low hosting price is the largest highlight of iPage.

Included in the package are a large number of extras that value over $500, such as 1 free domain name, $100 Google AdWords credits, $100 Yahoo/Bing ads credits and add-on SiteLock with $100 value.

As the company guarantees anytime money-back, customers are entitled to get a full refund for account cancellation within the first 30 days and a pro-rated refund at any time.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

As for Arvixe, it has 2 packages on the shared level. The Personal Class package, which is widely used to host personal websites, is priced from $4/mo, and the other business plan is now available from $7/mo.

Personal Class package comes with many free features, too. Some of the noticeable ones are 1 free domain, $100 Google AdWords credits and $100 Yahoo/Bing voucher. The money back guarantee of Arvixe enables customers to ask for a full refund within the first 60 days.


Features A big difference between the 2 companies in web hosting feature is the control panel they utilize. iPage uses vDeck while Arvixe provides cPanel control panel. Honestly speaking, both control panels are popular in the market, and they are powerful and easy-to-use, offering many management tools that simplify users' experience.

Except for the control panel, the 2 companies share a lot of similarities. For instance, they both offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases and FTP accounts. Also, they provide customers with a 1-click installer for the auto installation and update of hundreds of popular applications.

For the information about some other features, please refer to the following comparison table.

Plan in ComparisonEssential PlanPersonal Class
Free Domain
Hosted DomainsUnlimited6
Control PanelvDeckcPanel
Auto InstallerSimpleScriptsSoftaculous
Website BuilderWeeblyRVSiteBuilder
Shared SSL
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%
Current Price$1.99/mo$4/mo
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Uptime & Speed

As the table above shows, both iPage and Arvixe guarantee 99.9% uptime. To meet the commitments, the 2 companies utilize more than 1 data centers with high performance servers to host customers' websites. Besides, all the data centers run with redundant power supply and diesel generator to prevent any downtime caused by power outage.

We have been monitoring the uptime of the two companies' shared hosting services for more than half a year, and as a result, iPage has kept better records, because it can reach 99.95% in the uptime percentage. You can see its uptime in below.

In terms of Arvixe, this company was great in uptime, too. However, in the recent half a year, there were too many downtimes for those sites hosted on its shared servers. The downtimes lasted several minutes sometimes, while big ones remaining 2 or more hours occurred, too. There are now many complaints against the uptime of Arvixe shared hosting service.

Arvixe Uptime Complaint

In addition to uptime, we have also been monitoring the server response speed, which shows that iPage surpasses its competitor a little. According to our analysis, those technologies like BPG routing and the pooled server environment together contribute much to results.

Technical Support

Technical Support As a company devoted to customer satisfaction, iPage has made large investments in customer service. At present, it provides 24x7 US based technical support powered by a team of professionals who know what is wrong and how to fix problems.

Customers of iPage are able to contact the support staff by sending emails, making a call or having a live chat. According to our experience, the responses all happen in a short time – approximately 58 seconds for chats and phone calls, and 45 minutes for email tickets.

However, Arvixe is not that excellent when it comes to technical support. Due to limited investment or some other reasons, the company's support quality has declined quickly in 2016, and customers may not expect any reply for tickets within 2 days. Many users have got irritated by the indifference of the support agents and unbearably slow replies. Numerous negative comments, then, are submitted on multiple hosting reviews sites and the forums.

Hosting Security

Frankly speaking, one of the biggest issues concerning about the shared web hosting is the security aspect. After all, you have to share the same server with many other website owners. In this case, once one of these neighborhoods has done something wrong to make the whole server machine vulnerable to the online dangers, your website may suffer a lot.

Due to this, both iPage and Arvixe have focused a lot for the improvement of the hosting security. In particular, with iPage, you can benefit from the below services and technologies.
  • The daily backup service – This special service is state-of-the-art, which will take the snapshots of your whole website on a daily basis. This means you can get the new copy of website backup for each day and restore your site using the most fresh file.
  • Password protected directories – This feature gives you the ability to privatize some of your folders and directories of your hosting account. Note that once you have added this feature to a particular directory, it means you can remove some users from being able to access this directory.
  • IMAP and POP3 – This is an email feature, with which you can have all of your email accounts accessed via the SSL ports for the POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.
  • Firewall – The firewall is set up with all of their servers in advance. In this case, all the unnecessary and unopen ports can be prevented effectively to increase the security level of the whole server environment.
  • Brute force detection – The engine for the brute force detection is also pre-configured. In this case, all the suspicious attempts can be blocked for hackers to get the access to your hosting account.
  • Scanning - A free security suite that includes the business verification and automatic malware scanning.

Which Is the Better Choice?

To sum up, both of iPage and Arvixe are providers of cheap web hosting solutions. But it seems that iPage delivers higher value because the uptime and technical support are much better. Besides, this web host has a much larger customer base with over 1 million hosted websites and domains. Simply have a try to test the service quality.