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iPage Dedicated Hosting Review

updated on Jan 08, 2015
iPage Dedicated Hosting Review Famous for the cheap and reliable shared hosting service, iPage also offers VPS and dedicated server hosting for large businesses and enterprises to build great web presence. As we have already released iPage shared hosting review and iPage VPS review, this review is made to reveal the secrets of the dedicated hosting offered by this company.

The aspects that are taken into account are pricing, server resources, management features, uptime, speed and support. According to the results, we have given ratings to some of the aspects mentioned above. Read the following chart for detailed information.
iPage Dedicated Hosting Review
  • Feature
  • Reliability
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  • Price
    $119.99/mo, 20% off $149.99/mo regularly

Plans & Pricing

iPage has 3 plans on the dedicated server hosting level named as Startup, Professional and Enterprise, which ensures enough flexibility and scalability for businesses to grow. The original price of the plans is $149.99/mo, $189.99/mo and $239.99/mo, but people making subscriptions through the following promotional link are entitled with a 20% discount with which the effective price is $119.99/mo, $151.99/mo and $191.99/mo. Besides, the longer the term is, the lower the price should be.

Moreover, new customers have access to 1 free domain and free marketing credits with hundreds of USD of worth, including $100 credits for Google AdWords, $50 credits for Yahoo/Bing search and $50 credits for Facebook advertising.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

Dedicated Hosting Features & Highlights

Whichever the plan webmasters purchase, the company prepares a server with a guaranteed amount of allotted resources within seconds. All of iPage dedicated servers are running CentOS 6.4 and cutting-edge Intel Xeon processor. Besides, the servers are pre-installed with cPanel which offers quick and simplified management of everything related to accounts and websites.

Unlimited add-on domains, sub domains, FTP accounts, email accounts and databases are also available. As each of the plans comes with different allotment of resources and some other features, the main differences are displayed in the table below. Refer to it for specific information.

Plan in ReviewStartupProfessionalEnterprise
CPU Cores244
Disk Storage500 GB1000 GB1000 GB
Bandwidth5 TB10 TB15 TB
IP Addresses345
Regular Price$149.99/mo$189.99/mo$239.99/mo
Current Price$119.99/mo$151.99/mo$191.99/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink ActivationLink Activation

Highlights Besides the features discussed above, the dedicated hosting service from iPage also has the following highlights which make it a good choice to host business with this company.
  • Fully Managed. iPage offers fully managed service which does not require extra server configuration and the installation of main scripts and operating system. Things like PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Curl and CGI have been already installed on the servers. Therefore, people can start their business right there without spending time dealing with many technical issues.
  • 100% Wind Powered. The service of iPage is powered by data centers that all use wind energy and are completely eco-friendly.
  • Guaranteed Security. iPage utilizes multiple security tools as well as mirrored storage to protect website data from unexpected loss.
  • Enough Flexibility. Customers are allowed to scale their plans at any time to meet demands. Resources are provisioned instantly for immediate use.

Uptime & Speed

Generally speaking, dedicated servers can always deliver the best uptime and optimal speed as long as they are operated in the right way and the resources are sufficient. As the servers are completely separate machines, they are never badly affected by others. However, the power supply, quality of ISP's and routing/switching technology usually impact the performance of the servers.

iPage uses 2 data centers both of which are housed with thousands of servers. The company supplies the data centers with fully redundant power and network, and equips them with 24x7 security. In addition, the network is connected to multiple ISP's around the world via redundant routers using BGP technology. With all these things combined, iPage has been delivering excellent uptime and quick speed.

Technical Support

Technical Support As the service from iPage is fully managed, the company offers advanced support to help customers resolve both simple and complicated issues of their servers and websites. The 24x7 expert support is available via phone, live chat and the email ticket system.

The advanced support covers solutions for a wide range of issues, including hardware failure, DNS configuration, email setup, website loading problems, website errors, the configuration of Apache and MySQL, software installation, site migration, Google apps, and so on.

Is iPage Dedicated Hosting Good?

Yes. As far as we have investigated and tested, iPage offers some of the best dedicated servers in the industry that are reliable, feature rich and fast. The company's service should be a cost-effective choice for people requiring the power of a whole machine but do not want to handle a lot of technical problems.

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