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How to Integrate Video Tutorials on a WordPress Site

updated on Sep 19, 2016
How to Integrate Video Tutorials on a WordPress Site It's no denying that WordPress is an easy-to-use CMS. However, those new users with little-to-no experience still need much time to learn and get used to the basic features like comments, post formats, media library, links, widgets, menus, user management, etc.

Conducting one-on-one training for the new editors of your WordPress site is effective in increasing their skills. However, this method is both time-consuming and costly. Then, how about offering well-made video tutorials to promote self-learning so that they can learn WordPress anywhere and at any time they want?

Making video tutorials is not easy, but some great WordPress plugins have already prepared a video library and allow you to add it to the WordPress backend dashboard. What's better, you can select which videos to be displayed to your users without any branding information.

In below, we will introduce two of the best plugins and show how to set them up on a WordPress site. You can choose one depending on your specific demands.

Integrate Video Tutorials in WordPress by Using WP101

WP101 was initially established as a WordPress tutorial website and later released a plugin offering video tutorials to those who want to provide their clients with easy training.

The WP101 plugin requires a premium subscription plan whose fees start at $99 per year for 50 sites. Such a price covers 20 WordPress tutorials for the basic topics including creating new posts, adding new pages, using tags, adding images, managing comments, adding widgets, etc. Besides, there are also 13 tutorials for Yoast SEO.

WP101 Plugin

By installing the plugin, you can add any of the video tutorials to your WordPress dashboard, so that your users can access them as soon as they log into your site. As all these videos are white-labeled, your users won't even notice that they are not actually made by you. Therefore, your reputation is enhanced, and you don't have to explain what WP101 is to your users.

To make use of WP101 plugin, you can first download and install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, and then visit the plugin's website to buy a subscription plan. A 14-day free trial is available. And upon successful purchase, you will get an API key which is required for the plugin setup.

When the plugin is activated, a menu item named Video Tutorials is added to WordPress dashboard. Clicking on it, you will get to the settings page on which you need to enter the API key you have got in order to access the video tutorials.

Enter API Key

After the API key is verified, you will get a list of the available video tutorials. By default, these videos are all displayed to your users, but you can hide any of them by clicking on the "hide" link.

Hide Unneeded Video Tutorials

If you have made your own videos, you can also add them to the video list by giving them a title and entering their custom embed code. A code example is available.

Add Custom Videos

After the settings are saved, your users will be able to see a list of video tutorials when clicking on the Video Tutorials menu item.

Video Tutorials

The tutorials offered by WP101 will be updated automatically when a new release of WordPress is available, so you don't have to install any update manually.

Integrate Video Tutorials by Using Video User Manuals

Video User Manuals is a plugin that works in the similar way as WP101. It enables you to add video tutorials to the WordPress backend admin area, hide the ones that you don't need, and add custom videos. Besides, the videos are white-labeled, and they are updated automatically.

However, Video User Manuals is a more expensive solution. It is available at $70 for one-site installation, and the price starts at $24/mo for unlimited installations on clients' sites. But with the higher rates, this plugin comes with more features.
  • It includes 89 video tutorials.
  • Besides the basic tutorials for WordPress and Yoast SEO, there are also tutorials for Gravity Forms, Google Analytics, and WooCommerce.
  • You are able to add your own company name and logo to the videos, which makes you look more professional.
  • The plugin provides a Photoshop thumbnail template so that your custom videos are displayed in the same way as the default ones.
  • A PDF manual with 100 pages is prepared for those who want written user manuals.
Integrate Video Tutorials by Using Video User Manuals

Since the Video User Manuals plugin is only available on the official site, you can only download it after making a purchase. After uploading it to your WordPress site, you will see a menu item of Manual. By clicking it, you will be required to enter the serial number in order to activate the plugin.

Activate Video User Manuals

Upon activation, click on the "Manual Options" submenu, and you are able to access all the settings of the plugin. There are multiple tabs on the settings page. Under the "Branding & Customization" tab, you can upload your own logo, add the video placeholder, choose the language, change the heading text, and deal with many other customization options.

Customize Videos

And under the "Videos" tab, you will see all the video tutorials provided by the plugin. You can choose to show or hide any of them.

Choose Videos

Besides, under the "Custom Videos" tab, you are able to add as many custom videos as you want. The video title, location, width and height are all customizable.

Add Custom Videos to WordPress

Now you can save the settings and see how the video tutorials are displayed in the WordPress dashboard.