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How to Integrate Skype with WordPress for the Better Contact

updated on May 16, 2016
How to Integrate Skype with WordPress for the Better Contact With millions of active users, Skype is a popular application that offers free voice call, video chat and text message transmission. By integrating Skype with WordPress, you can not only provide an easy way for your users to contact you, but also make it simple for them to spread your website content around. In this way, you are able to gain an eventual increase of the user engagement and website traffic.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Skype doesn't provide many methods for the integration. In May 2015, the development team even abandoned the online status button. However, thanks to the flexibility of WordPress, there are still three ways available for bringing the power of Skype to WordPress.

These include displaying Skype contact buttons on your WordPress site, adding a Skype share button to your content, and utilizing the simple Skype URI links. The choice is yours, while we will detail all these options in this tutorial.

Add Skype Contact Buttons to WordPress

Skype comes with several contact buttons. By placing the right button on your WordPress site, you can enable your visitors to call you on Skype, chat with you, view your Skype profile, add you to their friend list, leave you a voicemail, and even send you a file. Which action they can take depends on the button you use.

To add a Skype contact button with any of the functions mentioned above, you can make use of Skype Legacy Buttons, a popular plugin that is easy-to-use and well maintained. If you need help for using the plugin, follow the tutorial below.

Install Skype Legacy Buttons and configure the basic settings

Before making any use of the plugin, you have to install it properly, of course. No matter you want to automate the installation or install the plugin manually through FTP, the process is easy. If you have any technical issue, read this WordPress plugin installation tutorial.

As soon as the plugin is activated, you can go to Settings > Skype Buttons to configure it. On the settings page, you will first see the basic configurations where you need to:
  • Enter your Skype ID. Multiple IDs are supported as long as you separate them with semi-colons.
  • Enter your full name which will be displayed in Skype links, image alt texts, etc.
  • Select a button theme from the 30+ pre-defined templates.
Plugin Basic Settings

After selecting a theme, you will get a live preview of the button immediately under the right column of the page.

Button Live Preview

Besides, if you don't like the premade themes, select "Custom" as the theme so that you can edit a premade theme to meet your demands.

Deal with the advanced settings

Skype Legacy Buttons is built with several advanced options which give you more control over the display of the Skype buttons you want. Now let's analyze the options one by one.

The first is Post content. If you want to make it easy to insert Skype buttons in your post or page content, you can check the shortcode button option. Then a Skype button will be added to the visual editor, and you are able to use the button to insert the Skype contact buttons quickly without using quicktags.

Post Content

The second section is Display & Function. The options there define the display of your Skype buttons and their functions. The available options are simple to deal with since they are self-explanatory. But note that if you want to use custom texts for the buttons, you have to get the "Action text" checked. Besides, whether to place a Skype download link depends on your own preference.

Display & Function

The last section to handle is Tag Texts. You only need to take care of this part when you have chosen to use custom action texts in the display options above.

For this section, simply add any text that you want to show on your Skype contact buttons. However, remember to make the texts clear and concise. Don't exceed the maximum length of 5 words for any button text.

Tag Texts

After handling all these options, save the changes. And now you can start adding Skype buttons on your site.

Add Skype buttons to posts/pages

You can do this in two simple ways. The first is to add the [skype-status] shortcode in the post content. By doing so, you are able to insert a contact button anywhere you want by using the default plugin settings. Which button to display, then, depends on the theme you have selected.

Add Skype Buttons with Shortcode

Another method is to use the Skype button added to the visual editor. When you click on the button, there will be a popup in which you can choose to use the default settings, or change the Skype ID, theme and more as you like. The advantage of utilizing this button is that you are not limited to the pre-defined settings.

Add Skype Buttons in Visual Editor

No matter which way you take, you will get a Skype contact button displayed properly.

Skype Contact Button

Add Skype buttons to sidebar

As the plugin comes with a widget, adding a Skype button in the sidebar of your WordPress site is easy, too. You only need to go to Appearance > Widgets, find the widget named "Skype Button", drag it to the sidebar, and then save the widget to make it work. If you don't want to use the default settings, simply make changes as you like. The changes made in the widget will override the pre-defined settings.

Skype Button Widget

Then you can get a widget in the sidebar like this.

Display Skype Button in Sidebar

Display a Skype Share Button in WordPress

Adding a Skype share button to your posts or pages brings a huge potential of traffic. By allowing your visitors to share your content with their friends and families, you are reaching out to a lot more Skype users.

To add such a button to your content, you need to use a plugin named Skype Share. After installing it, go to Settings > Skype share button to check and modify the plugin settings.

Fortunately, there are quite a few settings to deal with. All you can do include:
  • Enabling or disabling the share button.
  • Choosing a button style from the available options including Large/Small Share and Square/Circle Icon.
  • Selecting the place to display the button – the bottom of an article, the top, or both.
  • Choosing a language for the button.
Share Button Settings

After enabling the share button and saving the changes, you can visit your site and see a Skype share button at the place defined in the settings. By clicking on this button, your visitors will be able to share the post to their Skype accounts.

Skype Share Button

Add Skype URI Links in WordPress

The Skype URI links are not as popular as the buttons introduced above, but you may also need them if you want to display a contact link in the navigation menu or allow your visitors to contact you by clicking a text link in a post.

Skype has multiple URI links prepared for different actions. So you will have to make a choice among the following links before leveraging their power. Note that the "test" in the examples below refers to the Skype ID.
  • skype:test?call (Call)
  • skype:test?chat (Chat)
  • skype:test?add (Add to Skype)
  • skype:test?voicemail (Leave a voicemail)
  • skype:test?userinfo (View the profile)
  • skype:test?sendfile (Send a file)
Next, add the link that meets your purpose to your WordPress site.

Add a Skype URI link in posts/pages

Firstly, open up a post or page. Edit your content and add the anchor text you'd like to use for the Skype link. Then, click on the "Insert Link" button in the post editor, and enter a URI link listed above. At last, save the link.

Insert Skype Link

Now preview the post/page, and you will get the Skype link. A click on the link will launch the Skype application in a new window. And for the example here, your visitors can call you on Skype immediately.

Add Skype Link in Posts

Add a Skype URI link in menus

Adding a Skype link in the navigation menu is a good idea to let all your site visitors to reach you on Skype. To do this, go to Appearance > Menus, create a custom link for the Skype URI link you want to use, and then add the link to your menu. Don't forget to save the menu.

Add a Custom Link to Menu

If there is a problem displaying the menu item, it's probably because the Skype protocol is not whitelisted on your WordPress site. To solve this problem, add the following code to the functions.php file of your child theme.

Whitelist Skype Protocol

When the code is placed in the file properly, you need to go back to your menu and add the Skype link again. Now there should be no issue.

Edit Menu