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4 Easy Ways to Integrate Facebook with WordPress

updated on Jan 07, 2016
4 Easy Ways to Integrate Facebook with WordPress As Facebook is a popular social networking platform with over 1.5 billion active users on a monthly basis, integrating Facebook with your WordPress site brings numerous benefits.

Firstly, it makes social media marketing easier and helps you increase Facebook followers. Secondly, it boosts the user engagement of your site by allowing visitors to participate in comments or other sections using their Facebook account without a new registration. Thirdly, it sends your content to a larger audience so as to attract more traffic to your site.

You may have acquired some Facebook marketing strategies, but it would be better to add some Facebook features to your WordPress site, such as the like button, like box, and comments. This post will introduce the easy ways that you can use to integrate Facebook with WordPress. Which to choose depends on your own needs.

1. Add Facebook Login in WordPress

The benefit of allowing Facebook login is that you can guarantee the user experience when users have to sign in before taking certain actions. Instead of creating a new account on your website which might be left behind soon, they are able to use an account they have already had, which is convenient.

To add the Facebook login option to your WordPress site, you can depend on an easy-to-use plugin like Social Login. Using this plugin, you are able to add multiple social network options including Facebook to the WordPress login and registration page.

Social Login Options

The setup of the plugin is simple since there are detailed instructions. After saving the settings, you can log out to see the Facebook login option on the login page. With the availability of a widget and shortcodes, you can also add social login in the sidebar or any other places on your site.

Facebook Login

2. Integrate Facebook Comments with WordPress

The Facebook comment system is popular among large blogs as it connects WordPress sites with Facebook effectively and helps reduce comment spam. If you want to add this feature in WordPress, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Create a Facebook App

A Facebook app is a necessity no matter you'd like to add Facebook comments manually or with a plugin. So firstly, you have to go to this site, log into your Facebook account and register as a developer.

Register as a Developer

Upon successful registration, you will see a page asking you to add a new app. Among the choices, click on "Website".

Create a New App

For the next step, enter the name of the app to create an app ID.

Enter the App Name

Then choose a category for the new app.

Select a Category for the App

After clicking on the "Create App ID" button, you have got an app created, and Facebook will provide you a code snippet to add to your site. You don't necessarily need to deal with the code at this time. Just scroll down and enter your site address in the following section. Then click on the "Next" button.

Site URL

Now you will be asked to make some tests. Again, this is not necessary. When finished, you are redirected to the dashboard where you can see the new app and the app ID. Copy the ID for later use.

Copy the App ID

Step 2: Install and set up Facebook Comments plugin

After activating Facebook Comments, go to Settings > Facebook Comments to set up the plugin. On the settings page, you are required to enter an app ID to get the plugin working. Paste the number string you copied before.

Paste the App ID

As the plugin also comes with a number of settings, you can go through all the options to make sure that the plugin will function in the way you want, although the default settings work alright for most websites.

Facebook Comments Settings

After saving the changes, you should visit your site and see Facebook comments work properly.

3. Add a Facebook Like Button in WordPress

The Facebook "Like" button is a tool that extends the Facebook like feature to your WordPress site. When your site visitors are logged in their Facebook accounts, they can like your posts and pages to recommend them to friends.

Those "likes" you get not only show the popularity of your content, but also promote your site to more people because once a visitor likes your post, all of his/her friends will see the action in their news feed. This makes a kind of free yet effective advertising.

There are two ways to add a Facebook like button to a WordPress site, both of which are discussed in below.

Use the official Facebook plugin for like button

For this method, you need to visit this page and complete the like button configurator. You can make your choices for the width, layout and action type. The preview displays immediately.

Like Button Configurator

The hard part of this method, however, is that you have to deal with code. After clicking on the "Get Code" button, you will see two pieces of code which you have to add to the different places on your site. If you are not savvy enough, you may make mistakes easily.

Like Button Code

Utilize a WordPress plugin

If you don't want to deal with code, then you can install a WordPress plugin named PressGraph Facebook Like. When the plugin is activated, go to the PressGraph menu in the WordPress dashboard.

In the "General Settings", you have to enter your Facebook app ID, and select the places where you want the like button to appear. All the options are easy to deal with.

General Settings

And in the "Layout Settings", you are able to choose the button layout, color scheme, action type, container size, etc. After confirming the changes in the live preview in the right column, update the settings to get the like button added to your WordPress site.

Layout Settings

4. Add a Facebook Like Box in WordPress

Facebook like box, which is also known as the fan box, provides a simple way for getting likes and recommendations of your Facebook pages. When a like box is added to your site, your visitors can easily join your Facebook community and see your updates in their news feed.

Still, you can use the official Facebook Page Plugin to get the job done, while the easier way is to install the Easy Facebook Like Box WordPress plugin. This plugin comes with a widget named "Easy Facebook Likebox". You only need to drag and drop the widget to a widget area, and then fill in the configuration fields that are required. These can be done in minutes.

Easy Facebook Likebox Widget

Another good feature is that the plugin has built-in shortcodes which you can use to add a like box anywhere you like: posts, pages, and more. The shortcodes can be found in the like box widget and on the plugin settings page.

Like Box Shortcode

What If You Want to Add All of These Facebook Features to WordPress?

The tutorials introduced above are lightweight solutions for accomplishing the specific task. However, if you'd like to achieve a complete integration of Facebook and WordPress by adding multiple Facebook features to your site, there is a better solution – using the Ultimate Facebook plugin.

Ultimate Facebook

Developed by WPMUDEV, the plugin is feature rich. It comes with tools and widgets that help you add a like box, add like buttons, integrate Facebook login and comments, and do the following things.
  • Use the Facebook avatars.
  • Auto-post to Facebook from your WordPress site.
  • Control Facebook dashboard & OpenGraph.
  • Auto-fill WordPress user profile with the information in the Facebook profile.
Besides, Ultimate Facebook works well with multisite.

Note that the plugin is a premium choice that charges $19 per month, which is a little bit expensive. So we'd recommend it more for people running a large site or multiple sites than those hosting a small personal blog.