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How to Install and Change Drupal Themes

updated on Sep 14, 2014
How to Install and Change Drupal Themes Once you have selected a Drupal hosting and installed Drupal on your account, you need to install some themes make your sites unique and beautiful. However, before installing themes, you have to select some beautiful and easy-to-use items. After this, follow the steps we have listed in below to install the themes you have chosen.

What's more, if you find some Drupal themes that are better than the ones you have installed, and you want to use these themes at your site. Then, you need to change the themes. Proceed to the details in below.

Steps of Installing Drupal Themes

You are able to use beautiful Drupal themes to give your Drupal site a new look and feel to make it impressive different from other sites. You are allowed to choose themes from the official site of Drupal and some Drupal theme marketplaces, like Mojo Themes that is awarded as one of the best theme providers. Besides, you are able to create your own themes. After this, install the themes you like by going through the following steps.

Step 1.
After finding the themes you want to use to decorate your sites, you firstly need to make sure the items you have selected match the version of Drupal you are using. If not, find the corresponding ones you want to utilize and go to the Download part on the page of this them. Then, click the compressed file to download it to your computer.

Step 2.
Once you have downloaded the file of the theme in your computer, you can see the file appear as the "tar.gz". Then, you need to extract the file by using a program. After this, save the file to somewhere you can easily find.

Step 3.
Log into Drupal admin dashboard, select the Appearance at the top of the menu bar. Then, you will see the link as "Install New Theme" in the top section of this page, click it.

Step 4.
Install Drupal Themes Step 4On the new page, you are able to enter the URL of the zip file of the selected theme to upload the file. However, if you have downloaded the zip file of your desired theme, click Browse button under "Upload a module or theme archive to install" field to choose the file you have saved from your local computer.

Step 5.
Click "Install" to upload the file of the selected theme and install this theme. As soon as you have completed to install the theme, you would receive a message telling you the installation was completed successfully. Then, click on "Enable newly added themes” and continue the following step.

Step 6.
Scroll down to the button of "Disabled Themes", you are able to see the theme you just installed. Then, you can see 2 buttons, "Enable" and "Enable and set default". If you click the former one, you can enable the them but can't make it active theme. However, click the latter button you can enable and activate it. At this point, you can see a new look of your site.

Change Drupal Themes

As times goes by, you may find some elegant themes that are better than those you have installed to beautify your sites. Then, you need to install the new themes you have selected. Note that the themes have to match the version of Drupal you are working with right now. Then, start to manage the themes in Drupal.

Firstly, you need to log into Drupal. Next, move to the "Administer" section at the left part of this page and scroll down to click Themes. Then, look down and choose the theme you want to save as default theme, check "Enabled" and click "Default". After this, the theme you chose is the default theme of your site. Finally, click "Save configuration". Besides, you are able to click "Reset to defaults" to set another theme as your site's default theme to give your site a new look and feel.