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InMotion Hosting VS Linode – Find the Better VPS Hosting Service

updated on Nov 02, 2014
InMotion Hosting VS Linode – Find the Better VPS Hosting Service InMotion Hosting and Linode are two popular and reputed web hosts offering excellent VPS hosting services for businesses.

This comparison between them is made with the goal to provide detailed references to readers who are making a choice between the 2 companies by introducing their similarities and differences in VPS hosting price, features, required technical skills, uptime, speed, and technical support.

RatingInMotion HostingLinode
Plan in ComparisonVPS-10001024
Loading Speed
Customer Reviews12580
Customer Rating
WebsiteInMotion VPS ReviewNot Recommended

VPS Hosting Price & Packages

InMotion Hosting offers 3 upgradable VPS hosting packages named VPS-1000s, VPS-2000s, and VPS-3000s which are priced from $29.99/mo regularly. However, subscribers going through the exclusive promotional link below have access to a 50% discount for an affordable price starting from $14.99/mo. All the VPS hosting plans come with an industry-leading 90 days money back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation

On the other hand, Linode has 8 VPS hosting packages which are priced separately and allotted with different amounts of server resources. The price of the packages ranges from $20/mo to $800/mo. All the packages include a 7 days money back guarantee.

As for VPS hosting features, InMotion and Linode differ much from each other because the former company offers full-managed services while the latter only provides unmanaged services. To make a comparison between them, we have selected InMotion VPS-1000 and Linode 1024, and listed the main features included in the packages. Read the following table for details.

FeatureInMotion HostingLinode
Plan in ComparisonVPS-10001024
Bandwidth2 TB2 TB
Disk Space60 GB48 GB
IP Address21
Control PanelcPanelN/A (SSH only)
SSH Access
Root Access
BackupsEvery 24-36 Hours
Money Back Guarantee30 Days7 Days
Regular Price$29.99/mo$20/mo
How to ClaimLink Activation-

It seems that the packages from Linode are a little bit cheaper than those of InMotion. But considering that InMotion offers a full cPanel license which values $425 per year, its packages should be more cost-effective for businesses and resellers.

Required Technical Skills

Since InMotion provides fully managed VPS hosting service, customers can get all the server-side things prepared properly as soon as they get their hosting accounts, including the operating system, control panel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Exim, etc.

InMotion VS Linode - Technical Skills The company is responsible for CentOS updates, hardware maintenance, performance monitoring, security, web server support and automatic backups, so customers do not need much technical knowledge to get their businesses online. What they have to do are only to install the applications they want and to manage the databases.

The situation of Linode, however, is quite different from that of InMotion. Linode only offers unmanaged services, which means that the customers have to use SSH and root access to manage everything manually, such as installing the operating system, purchasing and installing the control panel, managing the firewall, and so on.

The manual management of these things requires professional skills and a fairly long time. So people who are not knowledgeable or experienced enough will need to spend additional money hiring a web developer.

VPS Hosting Uptime & Speed

Both of InMotion and Linode are famous for their great reliability. InMotion operates 2 data centers, both of which feature factory-tested Dell servers, UPS power backup generators, advanced security and cooling system, and 24x7 server monitoring. The competitor, Linode, uses 6 data centers in the US and Europe which are also featuring first-rate facilities and technologies.

We have monitored the uptime of both InMotion and Linode for a long time that is more than 1 year. The monitoring results are as following.
  • InMotion: 99.99% in the past 6 months, 100% in the past 30 days.
  • Linode: 99.97% in the past 6 months, 99.99% in the past 30 days.

Besides the uptime, we have also monitored the 2 companies' server response time. The average speed of InMotion is 230ms, approximately 45% faster that of Linode which averages 340ms in the past half a year. Read the following chart for monitored InMotion server response speed in the past 30 days.

Technical Support

One of the largest differences between unmanaged and managed VPS hosting service should lie in the availability of technical support. InMotion offers managed 24x7 technical support via live chat, toll-free phone number and email for all VPS customers. So whenever a customer meets a server error, a security issue or even the confusion about one feature, he/she can turn to an expert for help.

By contrast, Linode doesn't provide around-the-clock real human powered support because unmanaged VPS hosting doesn't come with a service like this. There is only a forum prepared for discussion.

Which Company Provides the Better VPS Hosting Service

InMotion is certainly better than Linode on VPS hosting. Linode is a suitable option for web developers only, but according to the managed service, technical support and affordable price, InMotion is a good solution for all kinds of users including business owners, web developers and large companies.