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InMotion Hosting VS A2Hosting – All-Round Hosting Comparison

updated on Sep 26, 2017
InMotion Hosting VS A2Hosting – All-Round Hosting Comparison InMotion and A2Hosting are two BBB accredited web hosting providers that have been keeping an A+ rating. The former was founded in 2001, committed to the open source community, and the latter actually also started the hosting business that year. Both web hosts have attached a great importance to web hosting technologies. and both web hosts are privately held.

This InMotion Hosting VS A2Hosting comparison is an all-round comparison made based on our over 1 year's experience. More than 500 customer reviews are also taken into account. The similarities come first, and then the differences.

Editorial Opinion about InMotion Hosting and A2Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the most trustworthy hosting providers, being rewarded and recommended by a lot of authorities and hosting review sites. For instance, they are the A rating hosting provider trusted by BBB and the CNET hosting company that has been rated 3 out of 3 stars. At present, InMotion Hosting has been in this field for dozens of years and has millions of domain names under their management.

A2Hosting is another experienced web host that steps into the industry since the year of 1999. To ensure the fast and reliable hosting service, A2Hosting offers their exclusive SwiftServer platform that is the result of years of expertise and efforts. Additionally, this hosting provider ensures the guru crew support service with on-site staffs, allowing you to talk to a real person about your issues.

To compare these two web hosts, we have set up two identical websites that are hosted by them for the real-world monitoring of their hosting speed and uptime. In addition, we have personally tried their technical support and have collected some other online reviews to know their overall reputation.

What Do They Both Offer?

There are a large number of common points between InMotion Hosting and A2Hosting. The below information is worthy of your attention.

A wide variety of hosting options

Neither of the two web hosts limits their users to a single product. They both provide multiple services to meet all levels of demands, from personal blogs and small businesses to enterprises.

InMotion Hosting offers the following services. Note that the prices mentioned are the discounted ones (almost 50% off) only applying to subscribers going through the promotional link below.
  • Shared business hosting: starting from $2.95/mo.
  • Managed VPS hosting: starting from $19.99/mo.
  • Managed dedicated servers: starting from $99.99/mo.
  • Reseller hosting: starting from $13.99/mo.
InMotion Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Below are the services offered by A2Hosting. Similarly, the prices are discounted and exclusive to orders placed through the promotional link.
  • High-speed shared hosting: starting from $3.92/mo.
  • Cloud VPS hosting: starting from $9.89/mo.
  • Managed VPS hosting: starting from $32.99/mo.
  • Unmanaged/managed dedicated servers: starting from $79.19/mo and $112.19/mo respectively.
  • Reseller hosting: starting from $13.99/mo.
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Due to the popularity of shared hosting, the analyses and comparison below will mainly focus on the two web hosts' shared solutions.

Rich hosting features

Both InMotion Hosting and A2Hosting provide their shared hosting users with:
  • Solid State Drives, an expensive but effective technology for speeding up the hosted websites.
  • Developer-friendly features: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails & SSH.
  • cPanel & Softaculous 1-click application installer.
  • A premium website builder.
  • WP-CLI, a command-line WordPress interface for multisite management.

Easy Hosting

To ensure easy hosting experience, both InMotion Hosting and A2Hosting package the plans with the related tools. In this way, you can not only easily start your online presence but also manage your website effortlessly. During the process, you are not required to deal with code.
  • Website creation – With either of them, you can enjoy hassle setup with the free migration service, website building tool, and 1-click installer. InMotion Hosting even claims to transfer your website to their servers without downtime and data loss. What's more, there are over 400 applications you can choose from InMotion Hosting while A2Hosting just allows the easy installation of 100's application. Given the popularity of some content management system, InMotion also provides preinstallation service for WordPress, PrestaShop, and Joomla.
  • Website management - Both of them utilize cPanel control panel which features an intuitive interface and great features. With the help of cPanel, it is easy for you to manage your email, databases, domains, software, etc.

High reliability

InMotion Hosting and A2Hosting are reliable and secure hosting options, according to our monitoring in the past year. They both guarantee 99.9% uptime for shared hosting users and have kept the promise fulfilled.

In fact, InMotion Hosting has won its competitor slightly in uptime. In the last half a year, this web host has achieved 100% uptime and the A2Hosting uptime averages 99.99%. See the statistics of the past 30 days in below. The former chart is for InMotion Hosting, and the latter is for A2Hosting.

Green hosting

Both web hosts have been "green" for years. InMotion Hosting operates a green data center in Los Angeles, CA which utilizes advanced cooling to reduce the carbon output by over 2,000 tons per year. And A2Hosting has been partnering with a leading environment protection organization to fight against global warming.

24x7 technical support

InMotion and A2Hosting offer technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Their on-site support staff are available through live chat, phone, and tickets. We have tried live chat and phone in the deep night. To our astonishment, we can always get to a real person within 1 minute. Besides, their technicians have prepared many useful articles for you. When you are faced with common issues, you can also find the answers from their knowledgebase.

How Are They Different from Each Other?

Now we will talk about the differences between InMotion and A2Hosting to help you make a choice.

Why InMotion?

The first reason is that InMotion Hosting has the better price value for the entry-level shared hosting plan. With the similar prices, InMotion Launch is more rich-featured than A2Hosting Lite. Read the table below for details.

Plan in ComparisonLaunchLite
Allowed Website(s)21
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited
Parked Domains625
Email AccountsUnlimited25
Free Backups
Advertising Credits$250$50
Regular Price$6.99/mo$7.99/mo
Discounted Price$2.95/mo$3.92/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation

The second reason is that InMotion Hosting delivers a much faster speed than A2Hosting. Due to the data center locations on the east coast and west coast, as well as the redundant networks and switching technology, InMotion Hosting has been steadily fast for locations in the US. Below are the monitoring results of the past 30 days.

In addition, InMotion Hosting has the following advantages over A2Hosting.
  • Better reputation. InMotion Hosting has kept a higher customer satisfaction on the Internet. You can search on Google to read the reviews.
  • Safe application rollback. This is a useful tool for the users of CMSs like WordPress and Joomla. It allows you to roll back to the previous version safely when there is a problem with the newly updated version.
  • Longer full refund trial. InMotion Hosting offers a 90-day full refund, while A2Hosting allows 30-day one. Indeed, A2Hosting also supports a pro-rated refund policy after 30 days.
  • Better community support. InMotion Hosting has been doing great in their knowledgebase and community. The tutorials are one of the most reliable resources for learning.

Why A2Hosting?

A2Hosting has integrated a ManageWP account with cPanel, which is quite a piece of good news for WordPress users. The account is free, allowing you to remove spam comment, manage plugins and themes, view stats, and set up two-factor authentication. Besides, you can gain a 14-day trial of the Professional package of ManageWP.

Also, the things listed below are unique to A2Hosting users.
  • Europe and Asia based data centers. These data center choices make A2Hosting a better hosting option for webmasters and businesses with target visitors outside the US.
  • CloudLinux OS. This premium operating system guarantees the better resource allocation, which offers a higher level of stability.
  • Affordable CloudFlare CDN. A2Hosting is an official partner of CloudFlare CDN, so that users can purchase multiple CloudFlare packages at low rates.

InMotion Hosting VS A2Hosting – Which Web Host Should You Choose?

Considering the differences between the two web hosts, InMotion is more suitable for small businesses and webmasters who desire a super fast speed. And A2Hosting is better for developers and some WordPress users.

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