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InMotion Hosting vs 1and1 on Blog Hosting Service

updated on Dec 14, 2016
InMotion Hosting vs 1and1 on Blog Hosting Service With the increasing popularity of blogging, almost all the web hosts nowadays claim to offer the best blog hosting solutions that can benefit your personal blog site at the cheapest charges. Among these companies, InMotion Hosting and 1and1 can be regarded as the top two options that have been recommended by a large number of webmasters, bloggers and hosting review sites.

Today, to give you the better knowledge of these two web hosts and make the right choice between them, we have showcased an InMotion Hosting vs 1and1 comparison in the following. Note that this comparison explains their pros and cons for the blog hosting, and showcases how they can win over each other using their exclusive benefits.

Editorial Rating between InMotion Hosting and 1and1

After comparing them since the middle of the last year, our professional reviewers personally recommend InMotion Hosting as the better option. As tested, this web host achieves the faster speed and the better uptime than 1and1, along with more features and cheaper prices. Even, there are some minor benefits that edge over the competitor.

Here, we have displayed the editorial comparison chart between these two web hosts. You can check the star rating for the general impression and learn the below parts to get the detailed information.

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InMotion Hosting Offers Better Blog Hosting than 1and1

In fact, InMotion Hosting is one of the most famous web hosts that have been in this field for a long time. In this case, they have the rich experiences and knowledge to achieve the reliable blog hosting solution. As compared with 1and1, this web host is better for the aspects of affordability, features, performance and support mainly.

Offers the Cheaper Blogging Packages

To be frank, both InMotion Hosting and 1and1 can be regarded as the affordable hosting providers when comparing them with some other options.

InMotion Hosting has three plans that charge you starting at $6.99/mo regularly. However, if you purchase via this special promotional link, you can enjoy a 50% discount and sign up at the price of $3.49/mo effectively.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

As for 1and1, this web host also releases three packages in total and sets up the regular charge starting at $6.99/mo. But now, with their default promotional activity, the hosting charge is down to $0.99/mo only.

It seems that 1and1 is cheaper than InMotion Hosting, but the truth is just on the contrary. InMotion Hosting allows multiple billing cycles, which means the longer billing you purchase, the cheaper price you can enjoy. Besides, the low rate of $3.49/mo is valid for 36 months, so you can enjoy the affordable charge for a long time.

1and1, however, only allows a short billing cycle of 12 months, after which you have to renew your plan at the costly charge of $6.99/mo at once.

Allows the Longer Money Back Guarantee

This is the great part for risk-free online purchase. With InMotion Hosting, you can get the unmatched 90 days money back guarantee. To be frank, this kind of refund period is much longer than many other hosting providers nowadays.

As for 1and1, the valid period is only 30 days.

Includes More Features into Each Plan

We have to admit that both of these two web hosts ensure plenty of server resources, so that you can set up the content-rich website and afford the bursting traffic. In addition, to ensure you the rich-featured hosting plans, they all offer PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Python and Perl with the latest version, along with SSH, free domain name registration and transfer, 1-click application installer, advanced email server provider and many more.

However, when considering the marketing credits and ease of use, InMotion Hosting surely offers more features.
  • Marketing - No matter which plan you choose from InMotion Hosting, you can get $100 for Google AdWords, $75 for Yahoo advertising and another $75 for Bing advertising. With 1and1, however, you can only get up to $75 credits in total.
  • Ease of Use - InMotion Hosting offers the advanced cPanel control panel for free. Due to its user-friendly interface and wide popularity, you can get used to the panel quickly. 1and1, however, offers the custom control panel that is not as easy-to-use as cPanel based on our personal trying.

Server ResourcesUnlimitedUnlimited
Supported Scripts310120
Advertising Credits$250$75
Pre-Installation Service
How to ClaimPromotion LinkNot Recommended

Offers Better Convenience for Script Installation

When setting up a website, the majority of webmasters may choose to install their preferred scripts on the hosting accounts to get the site started. In this case, InMotion Hosting offers the great application installer that allows you to manage more than 310 free scripts with ease.

Even, this web host also offers the pre-installation service. During the checkout process, you can choose whether to pre-install WordPress, BoldGrid, Joomla and PrestaShop on your account. In this case, once the order process is completed and the DNS settings are finished, you can run your site directly without further installation and configurations.

1and1, however, does not offer this kind of service and only supports around 120 scripts in total.

Ensures the Better Uptime and Faster Hosting Speed

Without doubt, website stability and page loading speed are critical for all the webmasters. In this case, we have paid much attention to the hosting speed and uptime for these two web hosts. To figure out the exact result, we have started the real-time testing using two identical sites and the Pingdom tool. According to the result, InMotion Hosting achieves a 100% uptime during the testing period.

As for 1and1, this web host achieves a 99.97% uptime. It is true that the statistics are not bad. When comparing with InMotion Hosting, however, the result is not excellent.

In addition to the uptime, we also have tested their server response speed, and InMotion Hosting again wins the game. You can check the below chart for the detailed statistics.

In fact, to achieve the great hosting performance, InMotion Hosting has done the following tasks.
  • Only utilizes the branded web servers that are coming with the robust components and the best specification.
  • Locates all the servers at the world-class data centers and allows you to choose the server space based on the geographical locations of you and your target readers.
  • Offers the CloudFlare CDN service for free.
  • Replaces the common hard drives with the SSD drives for the improved reliability and performance.

Offers Better Technical Support

As reviewed, both InMotion Hosting and 1and1 offer the 24/7 support service via email and phone. However, to ensure the better convenience, InMotion Hosting also allows the live chat support for some emergent situations and the Q&A community with all-time-rounded support representatives.

In addition, although both of them have established the knowledge base, you can get more information from InMotion Hosting than from 1and1.

1and1 Offers Better Blog Hosting than InMotion Hosting

In fact, the most obvious benefit of 1and1 is that you can choose either Linux hosting or Windows hosting based on your needs. This means if you are looking to use some ASP.NET scripts, 1and1 gives you more freedom. InMotion Hosting, however, only supports the Linux based operating system.

In addition, if you choose the 12 months of billing cycle, the service offered by 1and1 is surely cheaper than that of InMotion Hosting.

Also, instead of focusing on the hosting service only, 1and1 also allows some other services such as domain registration, website building, email service, SSL purchase and many more.


To be frank, InMotion Hosting wins almost all the games when comparing them with 1and1. In addition, after checking the feedbacks of their real customers, we have found that not only our reviewers, but also their verified users are highly satisfied with the blog hosting offered by InMotion Hosting.