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In-Depth Media Temple WordPress Hosting Review

updated on Sep 15, 2014
In-Depth Media Temple WordPress Hosting Review Having been in the industry for more than 15 years, Media Temple has been recognized as one of the most reliable web hosts. However, is it good enough for hosting WordPress websites? To make it clear, we have reviewed the company's WordPress hosting service from price, feature, compatibility, installation, reliability, performance and technical support comprehensively.

This review is developed based on our overall review on the company and our real hosting experience. According to that, we have worked out the following rating chart to help our readers know more about this service.
Media Temple WordPress Hosting Review
  • Price
  • Feature
  • Compatibility
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Support

Plan & Features

Media Temple WordPress Hosting PriceFounded in 1998, Media Temple has released 1 WordPress hosting solution for people to host small and medium sized WordPress sites, which is priced at $29/mo. The company provides monthly plan to enable webmasters to get up and running a website without paying a lot of money in advance. However, 1 free domain name is not included in this plan. Therefore, customers have to pay $12/year for domain registration.

What's more, this web host guarantees 30 days money back guarantee to enable customers to ask for a prorated refund if they want to cancel their account in the first 30 days, which ensures customers can put the money in safe. In terms of payment methods, Media Temple only supports credit cards.

With this service, webmasters are offered unlimited bandwidth, 30 GB SSD storage, 1,000 email addresses, 3 separate WordPress installations and the ability to add more domain names they need to, for $9/mo each. In addition, a custom control panel is provided for customers to manage every aspect of their accounts and websites easily.

Compatibility & Installation

Media Temple WordPress Hosting CompatibilityMedia Temple offers PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.4 and some other features to meet the requirements of running WordPress. In these years, the WordPress hosting service from this company has been proved 100% compatible. Therefore, there is no doubt that webmasters can run WordPress websites smoothly and stably on the company's server.

For the software installation, the company offers a 1-click script installer to eliminate the complicated process of manual installation. WordPress users just need to click a few clicks to install, configure and upgrade the application easily and quickly. The installer saves users a lot of time and enables newbies without any hosting technique to finish the software installation independently.

Reliability & Performance

Webmasters' data is safe with Media Temple. All the servers are under the company's direct control at all time in the secure and state-of-the-art East and West Coast data centers which are equipped with Tier 3 +, UPS and diesel generators. In addition, the data centers are also connected to each other directly by a redundant, low-latency private fiber connection, and staffed with 24x7 HP-certified technicians and armed security. All those have achieved a satisfying uptime, nearly 99.98%.

Media Temple WordPress Hosting ReliabilityIn terms of hosting speed, this company is one of the best. All the servers adopted by this web host are 100% factory-tested Dell servers. In addition, one 2-megawatt stationary load bank located on the roof connected to the power backbone allows for bypass testing and duty cycle maintenance. Moreover, technicians and engineers are monitoring the network 24x7, designed to resolve any sudden issue instantly and ensure the hosted websites can run rapidly.

We have been monitoring the hosting speed of this company for more than 6 months, and found that the speed they provide is much faster than that of many other companies'. Additionally, our monitoring result shows that the server response time of Media Temple is 430ms.

Technical Support

Owning hundreds of technical support staffs, Media Temple allows customers to contact them through toll-free phone call, email, live chat and tweet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support representatives are professional, experienced, knowledgeable and proficient in this software, so that they are able to respond quickly and give instant and effective assistance for customers to deal with any kind of WordPress hosting service.

Media Temple WordPress Hosting SupportIn addition, in the knowledgebase, technicians and engineers have worked out a pile of helpful articles and detailed video tutorials with a lot of information about hosting, from which customers are capable of finding the answers of some common issues and deal with the problems independently.

Is This Company Good Enough for Hosting WordPress?

Not yet. From all the factors we have reviewed above, we can learn that Media Temple does offer a rich-featured, user-friendly, reliable and fast WordPress hosting plan. Besides, the technical support they provide is very helpful, making customers can concentrate on business without any distraction. However, this plan is much more expensive than many hosting solutions with same highlights, uptime and page loading speed.

For better alternatives, we have made the following table to list some reliable and fast WordPress hosting packages that bring much higher price value.