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Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Snapchat Marketing Strategy

updated on Mar 24, 2017
Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Snapchat Marketing Strategy Snapchat is not one of the traditional social media that businesses would value when they want to promote their services or products. Some people may think it's of low value to build a presence on Snapchat because messages sent to the recipients would self-destruct in a very short time.

However, the impressive statistics about Snapchat have already improved that this social media platform has a great potential for online business marketing.
  • Over 100 million active users on a daily basis with about 10 billion video views per day.
  • More users than Twitter.
  • Over 80% of Snapchat users are under the age of 35, and over 70% under 25.
Due to the fact that the audience of Snapchat mainly consists of teenagers, this social media platform is ideal for businesses that deal with the young. However, if you run a traditional business, you can still find a creative way to promote it.

In the case that you are new to Snapchat and looking for effective ways to use it, the following tips should help.

Grow Your Snapchat Followers

If your business is new to Snapchat, the first task is to get more followers, of course, so that you can carry out your promotions later and achieve the maximum results. There are some good ways to do this, and below are the quick tips.
  • Promote your Snapchat account on other social media. Social media marketing should be an overall strategy, and you can actually cross-promote your social media accounts. Assumed that you have already built a presence on the platforms like Facebook and Twitter, try to encourage the followers to find you on Snapchat, too. Be sure to post your Snapchat link to the existing followers, and offer a freebie or some other attractive things for those who take the action you want.
  • Embed the Snapcode to your website. Snapchat offers Snapcodes which you can embed anywhere to allow people to follow you on Snapchat quickly. To reach a large audience, we suggest you add a Snapcode to your website to get a better exposure and include your brand name in the Snapcode. For detailed steps, read this tutorial.
  • Update content regularly. Regular content updates can build up the brand awareness, get your followers involved, and help them know more about your products. So be sure to send your followers photos, videos or promotion information on a regular basis.
Increase Snapchat Followers

Run Snapchat-Exclusive Promotions to Promote Your Product, Service or Brand

When you post content to the followers, make sure to include occasional coupon codes, discounts, or a free trial of your popular products. Such information helps a lot in converting your followers into paying customers. Making the special offers exclusive to your Snapchat followers is a great idea to get more focus.

Also, there are some creative ways to spread your coupon codes. For example, you can provide a code in exchange for some words from the followers who are interested. In your Story, add a Snap like "Snap your favorite feature of our X-series Camera to get an extra 10% discount on any order at our website." Doing so not only helps you collect the user feedback, but also makes the potential buyers know the highlights of your product from other trust-worthy buyers.

Offer Information about Your Brand and Create Stories

Promoting products is not the only thing you should do when interacting with your Snapchat followers. Another important thing that also brings the potential of sales, then, is to enhance your brand image by offering some information that your audience would like to know and remember. Those behind-the-scenes content is worthy of sharing, too.

For instance, in the daily content can be the photos and videos about your staff, the company culture, or the tour of an event, which can tell who you exactly are.

Also, it is important for you to create a Story in Snapchat and gradually add content about your company and products to it. Be sure to make the Story visible to all your followers.

Create Snapchat Story

Connect with the Influencers

Influencer marketing has been playing a significant role in social media marketing. By connecting with the influencers and making them spread your products, you can easily reach a larger audience and get an increase of the sales.

The best way to take advantage of influencer marketing is to publish sponsored posts. It is probable that you will have to pay for those sponsored posts, but the results should be quite good, and the cost should not be too heavy to bear because Snapchat posts only exist for a maximum of 24 hours before them self-destruct.

To make sure that the sponsored posts worth your investment, you'd better take the following practices.
  • Make the sponsored posts look natural, and provide influencers with multiple products so that they can make a choice. Also, ask them to take pictures by themselves.
  • Provide each influencer with a special coupon code so that you can track the results more easily.
  • Make sure the influencers are in the photos or videos, so as to increase the trust of their followers.
Connect with Influencers

Take Advantage of Online Activities

Besides the regular content sharing, you can actually use many other creative ways to promote your brand and let your potential buyers know more about your products. These ways include contests and specific Q&A.

Run contests

Contests are useful in attracting user-generated content about your products or services. Just select a topic related to your field, present the prize, set the deadline, explain the rules, and then get things started. You can ask the participants to take any action you want, for example, snapping you the answer to a specific question, or taking a photo around a particular topic. After the deadline, read the snaps and select the winners.

Remember that whatever your prize is, it must be closely relevant to your products or business. This ensures that the followers you have attracted are among the target audience.

Run Contests

Host Q&A

Q&A is a little more difficult than contests, but it is great for increasing the conversion rate and building a relationship with your followers. After making clear of the date and Q&A rules, you can encourage people to participate by asking them to send questions on Snapchat and other social media platforms on which you are active. Set a deadline for the questions so that you have enough time to read each question and select out the good ones you would like to answer.

When hosting the Q&A, it is recommended to use videos, so that you can read a selected question in a video and give the answer immediately, which increases the personal connection. Since the time limitation for a video is 10 seconds, separating the question and answer into different videos is also accepted. For those who have asked really good questions, send them a coupon code or a freebie.

Host Q&A on Snapchat

Final Thought

The tips above are the most useful ones for those starting with Snapchat. When you get more familiar with the platform and your followers on it, you can try more marketing methods like making proper use of the drawing tools, producing better photos and videos that your followers will like, and trying ads.

Besides, after carrying out promotion campaigns, it is necessary for you to read the analytics. Snaplytics, then, is the analytics tool that you need exactly. It offers insights for the story opens, story screenshots, story completion rate, estimated total followers, top tags, etc. These statistics will help you run better Snapchat marketing campaigns in the future.

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