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How to Import Posts from Google Docs to WordPress

updated on Apr 12, 2017
How to Import Posts from Google Docs to WordPress Google Docs is a powerful word processor which allows multiple users to share, open, and edit files simultaneously. Therefore, a great number of people have been attracted by the powerful features. They choose to edit posts in Google Docs instead of WordPress Editor. Maybe, you are one of the members who have found this amazing word processing tool.

How to Import Posts from Google Docs to WordPress

Here we want to ask how you transfer posts from Google Docs to your WordPress site. You may get a headache about how to manage that without losing formatting and images. It is obviously not an effective way by simply copying and pasting the content. In this article, you can find a perfect solution.

Step 1: Configure the Jetpack by plugin

You can install this plugin in the plugin directory.


Upon activation, click on the Connect to button to get started. On the result screen, you need to complete the connection process with a account. In this step, you need to log onto your account or create a new one. And when your site is connected, just go straightforward to select the free plan which can completely meet your requirement.

Step 2: Integrate with Google Docs

To start with, you need to install a free add-on called for Google Docs. In the following pop-ups, press "Continue" and then "Allow" since the add-on needs your permissions to run and import from Google Docs to At this moment, you have successfully integrated with Google Docs.

Install Google Docs Addon

Step 3: Allow Google Docs to fetch information from account

Having authorized the add-on to use Google Docs, you now need to allow Google Docs to access the information inside your account. Firstly, you should go to the Add-ons > for Google Docs > Open Page.

Open the Addon

Then, follow the steps below to complete the authorization.
  1. Click "Authorize" on the right side of screen, which gives Google Docs an access to the information inside your account.
  2. Select which site you would like for Google Docs to connect (More choices are available from the scroll bar).
  3. Press the "Approve" button.

Now, you are brought into the WordPress login page which requires you to log in to authorize for Google Docs to access your site which has installed the Jetpack by plugin. When you reload the Google Docs page, you will now see your WordPress site where your documents will be saved as a draft.

If you have the desire to create connections with more websites, you can click on the "Add WordPress Site" button in the footer area. Once you save the draft, there is a link available for you to preview the draft. From now on, you are able to import posts from Google Docs to your WordPress site in a click while remaining your images and format.


Though you need to take many steps at the beginning, you can spare many efforts to import posts from Google Docs to your WordPress site in the future. You need to pay attention that your changes to Google Docs will not be reflected on your WordPress site. And comments on Google Docs cannot be imported to your WordPress site.