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How to Install An OpenCart Theme with Guide

updated on Jan 08, 2015
How to Install An OpenCart Theme with Guide A professional and premium theme contributes much to eCommerce built with OpenCart as it gives you a fresh and eye-catching design with unlimited possibilities in layout, category, color and navigation. Therefore, installing a theme should be the first task to complete after you have succeeded in installing OpenCart on your server.

This simple guide, therefore, is made to analyze the details about getting a theme installed and placed properly. Actually, the process is quite easy. Just follow the steps below carefully, then you can get a new look for your store in minutes. Note that the following steps show the most common way for accomplishing the task, and you should make sure that you have read the installation instruction before installing a particular template.

Step 1: Purchase a Theme and Download It

Firstly, you need to purchase a theme that fits the style of your products. For example, if you are running a fashion store, the template should be modern and clean, and in the case that you own a store selling downloadable music or video, the template should have great color combination. Pay attention that whatever you do with the site, a responsive design is in demand because it increases sales on mobile devices.

When you have purchased a desired theme from good marketplaces like Mojo Themes and ThemeForest, download the zipped file to local computer as soon as possible.

Step 2: Upload New Theme Files to Server

Upload New Theme Files to Server Before doing upload, you should have several things prepared. The first job is to extract the zipped files on local computer. An extracted template folder should contain several packages including documentation, screenshots, sources, themexxx (this refers to different template names), and so on.

Then, connect to your server with FTP. If you do not have any knowledge about FTP, check this one for FTP clients. Upload the themexxx folder which contains the theme files to the OpenCart root directory.

Step 3: Activate the New Design

When upload is finished, now you need to log into the OpenCart dashboard to make some essential changes. Just do configurations as the following list shows one by one to get the new design ready in seconds.
  1. Navigate to System, and select Settings in the drop-down menu.
  2. Check to Edit the store on which you want to use the theme.
  3. Visit Store. In the drop-down menu next to the Template, choose the theme that you have uploaded before.
  4. Click to Save changes. Now you have got the theme activated successfully. Just refresh your store to view the new look.

Activate the New Theme By now, you have changed the layout of you OpenCart site. But if you want the site to have the same look or structure as the demo, there are some extra tasks to do. Follow the guide in below to fix everything to be right.
  1. Find the sources folder of the theme on local computer and open it. There should exist 2 files named as dump.sql and upgrade.sql.
  2. Log into your hosting control panel and manage the database that the OpenCart site uses. Import dump.sql if you are launching a brand new store, or choose upgrade.sql if you are making changes to an existing store. The latter file does not impact the products on your site.
  3. When the import is done, check the store front and you will find that the site look like the demo exactly.

For security reason, make sure that you have backed up the database before modifying it. To get this done, simply go to "System > Backup/Restore" in the OpenCart dashboard.