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How to Install and Remove a Joomla 3 Template

updated on Jan 08, 2015
How to Install and Remove a Joomla 3 Template Having introduced how to install Joomla 3 last time, we would like to give another detailed tutorial about the steps needed to install or uninstall the Joomla 3 template.

As is known that Joomla gains a lot of appreciations and praises among many webmasters currently, a great deal of Joomla 3 templates spring up constantly. However, it is a little bit difficult for many beginners who are not acquainted with Joomla 3 to figure out how to install or remove a template themselves. Thus, we offer newbies the in-depth and overall summary to clarify the mentioned confusions.

Firstly, in terms of the installation of Joomla 3 template, there are two ways available including installation with Discover and installation from directory. Those two ways are both easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate though they differ from each other basically. Here are the details as follows.

How to Install Joomla 3 Template with Discover

At the first place, you should make sure that the downloaded and ready-to-install templates are compatible with the Joomla version of yours. Besides, you should pay attention to it that uploading the template onto your templates folder and then setting it as the default site theme will not work in the new version-Joomla 3, because there are big reforms in it.

Install Joomla 3 Template with Discover Now, let's start our topic. The first step to install Joomla 3 template is definitely to download your favourite and ideal themes among those premium Joomla themes. But you also need to notice that if your template package is larger than the maximum size of the uploaded files, then you need to consider the use of Discover tool from Extension Manager. Follow the steps below and finish the installation by yourself.

1. Upload the folder of your unzipped template with every downloaded file included to your server and put it under the /templates folder.
2. Then go to the Extension Manager > Discover section.
3. Click the "Discover" button so as to find out available "template files" to install.
4. Find out your newly discovered template in your Discover screen and click "Install" button.
5. A successful message will be sent to notify the installation is finished a few minutes later.
6. Finally, you need to check the newly installed template in the Template Manager which is just next to the default templates. Now you can right now enjoy the new template and set it as a default one as you like.

How to Install Joomla 3 Template from Directory

Install Joomla 3 Template from Directory Compared with the manual installation, this kind of installation way is relatively easy-to-handle and ease-of-troubles. Also, the detailed steps are displayed as follows.

1. Firstly, download the aimed whatever .zip form file from the website.
2. Next, unzip this template package files on your computer.
3. Thirdly, upload the file by using your FTP to the /temp folder.
4. Then, login to your Joomla admin panel to operate on Extensions > Extension Manager.
5. Not to forget to go to the field type root of Install Directory to find the uploaded ZIP package.
6. At length, click "Install" button and wait for the successful message sent by the system automatically.

How to Remove Joomla 3 Template

Having discussed the two different ways to install your Joomla 3 template, we also prepare an elaborate tutorial about how to remove an installed Joomla 3 template in case you are not one hundred percent satisfied with it. To be frank, deleting an installed template is not difficult and to some degree an unused template may pose some potential risks to your site as the way it is coded. Thus, back to the ground, let’s have a look at the detailed steps.

How to Remove Joomla 3 Template 1. First of all, log in your Joomla 3 admin panel.
2. Go to the Administrative Area > Extension > Extension Manager which is in the top menu.
3. Click the tab of Manage and then select the Template in the Select Type section which is in the drop-down menu.
4. Find out the Uninstall icon which is on the top right menu after you search out the template you want to remove.
5. Finally, an uninstalling message-"Uninstalling template is successful" will be sent to you to notify that you have successfully uninstalled the template.

As there are many helpful and affordable Joomla hosting providers are always willing to offer support for installing and uninstalling as well as deleting the Joomla 3 template, there is no big difficulty and troubles for you to worry about during the whole process.