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How to Increase the Visibility of Your Brand via YouTube?

updated on Sep 14, 2014
How to Increase the Visibility of Your Brand via YouTube? As a largest video-sharing website with 800 million monthly views, YouTube cannot be ignored if you own a business brand and are looking to promote it over the Internet. YouTube is able to give you the ability to present a well-branded experience to your fans, customers and those potential customers, thus it makes you brand more well-known. Besides, you can use YouTube to stay in contact with the audience and keep them informed of your business's future plans and products.

Uploading a video and sharing it on YouTube is easy, but marketing your brand successfully requires you to do much more things than that. Of course, you should create a YouTube account at first. Then you may need to pay attention to the following instructions.

1. Brand Your YouTube Channel

To create a branded experience on YouTube, the first thing you should do is to customize your Channel with attracting themes and the right modules, because the Channel is the profile page placing all your videos and public information. Here are some suggestions.
  • Create a custom theme with colors which can match your brand best. YouTube provides some default themes, but we suggest you to upload a unique background image and change the color to match the style of your brand. This will make your Channel and brand more credible.
  • Create Playlists to organize your content for promoting. Playlists allow you to organize you Channel content into a series of groupings, which makes it easier to navigate and promote content. Besides, Playlists is also the place to pick your featured content and decide whether your featured video will automatically play when people visit your Channel. Creating Playlists will help your audience easily find what they want.

2. Make Fully Functional Videos

To make a video that is helpful and valuable to your brand, you should make sure that you know what your audience need, and your video content can certainly address the needs. In this case, your content may include how-to's, answers to frequently asked questions, expert interviews, slide shows, or something else.

Your audience, then, will benefit from your video and get a better impression or even understanding for your brand and products. It's likely that they will be your loyal fans later.

3. Get Your YouTube Videos Easy to Be Found

You YouTube videos should be easy to be found. A good search engine ranking can easily drive high-quality traffic to your video and get more people to know about your brand. To gain good searching results, you should be careful about the following main factors.
  • Put your targeted keywords in the first few words of your title. If you want a maximum effect, add a colon after your keywords and then rephrase them.
  • Add an efficient description. Start your description with a full URL and keep the description long and descriptive enough. This can help your video get found more easily.
  • Include all the keywords and related keywords in the tags field.

4. Use annotations

Annotations are the little colorful sticky notes which are pasted all over the videos once they are uploaded. Strategically used annotations are helpful for your YouTube marketing efforts. To build subscribers, there are 2 effective uses for annotations.
  • Call-to-action annotation. Add a "speech bubble" annotation under the Subscribe button to your old and existing videos.
  • Click-to-action annotation. This kind of annotation appears on the top of your videos and can include links to other videos, playlists or channels. With them, your audience can subscribe by clicking an annotation directly inside your video.

5. Stay in Contact with Your Audience

Since YouTube is an online community, you should take some time to interact with your audience, such as giving thanks to people who have posted flattering comments, answering questions for those who are not familiar with your brand, and helping people out of troubles which you can easily resolve. In this way, you can not only increase the number of loyal subscribers, but also get support from them when you are in need.

Besides, you can also take a few minutes a day to find some relevant YouTube Channels, carefully watching their content and leaving your own comments. After all, no pains, no gains.

6. Promote your YouTube Channel

To make your YouTube videos visible at as many places as possible so as to gain more traffics, you should take some measures that are necessary to your marketing. Here are some ways to extend the reach of your videos.
  • Promote your videos on your blog. Once you have a blog which is getting traffic, every time you add a new video, you should create a blog post for it and embed the video in the post. Or you can install the YouTube Subscription Widget to the sidebar of your blog. Then your videos will be delivered to your blog subscribers.
  • Post videos to Facebook and Twitter. Set your YouTube account settings to automatically publish news of a new video to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The platforms will bring much more audience to your YouTube Channel.

7. Analyze YouTube Insights

To map out a successful marketing strategy, you should adjust it according to the results you have achieved. Fortunately, YouTube has powerful analytics which let you know the video views, demographics, playback locations, traffic sources, audience retention, subscribers, the most favored videos, and so on.

With these statistics and the feedbacks on you Channel, you are able to point out what content your audience is most willing to see from your video, and now you can present more attractive content about your brand.