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How to Get More Comments on You Blog & Why You Should Do That

updated on Jan 08, 2015
How to Get More Comments on You Blog & Why You Should Do That Blogging has become an imperative platform for the marketing and promotion of commercial goods as well as raising awareness of some social causes. With the essence of blogging increasing day by day, many individuals are diving into this field for the fulfillment of their commercial or non-commercial desires.

Having a basic knowledge on starting a blog, the fact is well-known by bloggers that getting comments on the blog is a positive sign of success. If you are a blogger, your primary query can be how to get comments on your blog. There are various techniques of increasing genuine comments on your blog. But, before knowing how to get comments on your blog, it is crucial to know the importance of blog comments.

Importance of Blog Comments

Increasing the popularity of the subject and bringing in more traffic to your website are the primary motives of every blogger. Every effort that a blogger makes is for the achievement of these two aims. Blog comments boost up the popularity of every blog because the majority of participants prefer sharing the content on their social networking site.

Lots of comments help in the SEO of a blog because search engines assume that it receives genuine traffic. As a result, the blog’s ranking improves in the search engine result page (SERP), creating a better opportunity to drive more traffic.

Hence, it can be said that blog comments are of utmost importance if you want to make your blog representable and popular.

How to Get Comments on Your Blog

How to Get Comments Listed here are the best ways by which you can get more comments on your commercial as well non-commercial blog.

Ask for Comments
Content is the heart of every blog. It is the content of a blog that ascertains its impact on the readers. An ideal content is the one that relates to the topic and influences the readers to interact through comments. For example, you can present two views on a particular topic and ask the readers to state which one is more appropriate to them.

Write in Response to Comments
The comment of readers should be replied with a sense of credibility. You should let the commentator feel that the presentation of their views through the comments is very imperative to you and other viewers. This not only develops a sense of belonging for the commentator, but also influences other readers to participate and comment on your blog.

Use Interactive Polls
The best technique of involving the readers and subscribers to comment on your posts is by creating some interesting polls at regular intervals. It is an easy way to receive comments; however, you should remember that readers like to participate in realistic polls only. Therefore, you should create polls with a subject that is related to your blog and is realistic in nature.

For a better response from commentator, you might ask for a reason to support their preferences, and in return, offer them some exciting gifts or rewards.

Simplify Comment Box
Simplify Comment Box Time is an important factor in everyone’s life. No one likes to spend a lot of time in going through formalities to comment in your blog. Hence, you should have a simplified comment box that lets the prospective commentators post their comments by just filling their username and email address. However, to keep up with the security and avoid spam, use first-time moderation of the commenter.

Appreciate the Replies
The appreciation acts as a motivator to commentators. Appreciating the efforts of a commentator is liked by the readers, and they feel pleasure to frequently participate in the posts. Therefore, you should appreciate their efforts by being humble. Avoid using harsh words and appreciate their presence by highlighting their social networking profile. This can surely yield fruitful results and bring more comments to your blog.