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How to Create a Wedding Website using WordPress to Share and Plan Events

updated on Nov 16, 2016
How to Create a Wedding Website using WordPress to Share and Plan Events Setting up a wedding website is a great way to keep in close touch with your relatives, friends and other acquaintances hands down. More importantly, you are able to keep them well-formed about your wedding schedule, location, maps, photos and accommodations without having to make repeated phone calls.

Over the Internet, there is a wide range of wedding website platforms, among which WordPress is the best option for webmasters who don't want to create everything from scratch. More than that, WordPress, as a multi-functional and robust CMS online, provides a rich set of functionalities that all you need to build up a perfect wedding website. Here, we would like to show how it is easy to create a wedding site with WordPress in the following part.

Our Sample Wedding Website

At the very beginning, we would like to showcase a sample wedding website which is built on the basis of the following steps. Note that we make use of the built-in “My Wedding" theme from the dashboard of WordPress directly.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Choose Your Domain Name and Web Host

By all accounts, a domain name is of great value in establishing any kind of website. Here, you will need to choose a domain name where your wedding website is accessible and visible to the general public. To do so, you'd better to register your domain name from a reliable and high-performance web host like BlueHost, which offers new customers like you a free domain registration for one year at a heftily-discounted price of $2.95/mo in the following promotional link.

Of course, you are empowered to change and upgrade your hosting plan without any limits. No matter whichever plan you decide to use, you will be delighted to find BlueHost offers a bunch of useful features like a one-click installation of WordPress. To say the least, you can ask for a satisfying refund if you happen to dislike this service according to their exclusive ANYTIME money back guarantee.

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Install and Set Up WordPress

As is noted above, you are allowed to have a simple and quick installation of WordPress through a one-click script installer – Softaculous. That is to say, you only need to search and install WordPress on the admin page of this auto-installer with a few clicks. Note that you can find the "Softaculous" icon in the "Software and Services" section of your cPanel.

How to Create a Wedding Website

If done, you will be prompted to fill in some necessary information as is showed in the following screenshot. In below, we make a list of some important aspects that you should take seriously.
  1. Choose Domain – Make sure you choose the right domain name to install WordPress. As this domain name is also a place where a wedding website will locate, we would like to choose a sub-domain name of that has been created on the server in advance.
  2. Create Site Name & Description – Remember to create your wedding website' name and description as innovative and creative as possible. For example, we make a site name as "Jack & Rose Wedding" and write a concise description of "Welcome to our wedding site".
  3. Set Admin Username & Password – Be sure to set your admin account for data security. You are allowed to fill in any admin username and generate a random password of your preferences, but it is recommendable to make your password as strong as you can.
  4. Select Advanced Options – Take a closer look at those advanced options at the bottom of this page and you will need to check the correspondent box next to each option. In details, you can choose to have automated site backups and auto upgrade for themes and plugins.

At the very end, don't forget to click on the "Install" button to save all changes.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Note that it takes a while to complete the whole installation, and you'd better wait patiently until the processing bar reaches 100%. If done, you will be informed of the URLs of your WordPress and administrative sites. (For example, the URL of our wedding website is and the admin URL is

Select an Elegant Wedding Theme

Usually, a theme refers to a template that is used to decorate your site with personalized layout. Here, you are supposed to login the dashboard of your WordPress site so as to select an elegant theme for your wedding website. To be frank, the quickest way to set a new appearance for your site is to make a selection from the built-in WordPress themes. To do this, you can go to "Appearance > Themes" section to search "wedding" related themes.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Alternatively, you are able to pick a beautiful wedding theme from other reputable theme marketplaces, like Mojo-themes and elegant themes. However, it is a painful task to choose a perfect wedding theme from a good number of options. In this case, we have compared and collected the best WordPress wedding themes in this article based on our long-time researches and investigations.

Install and Activate Your Theme

Next, you shall install the chosen theme. Given that you pick a theme from the default WordPress wedding themes, then you will need to click "Install" and "Activate" buttons to take effect. If you are determined to utilize a theme from other theme providers, then you shall go to "Upload Theme" > "Choose File" so as to put it onto your WordPress site. If you want to know more details, there is a theme installation tutorial for your reference.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Customize Your Wedding Website

In this section, we would like to showcase how to personalize your wedding website, which is deemed as the most important part in building your wedding website. As this configuration varies from people to people, we will cover some significant parts in customizing a wedding site to suit individual needs. First of all, you shall click on "Customize" button to start with your configurations.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Notes: If you don't plan to make any changes to the entire website, you will need to create a new custom post/page where you can set different-looking layout and description without affecting the front page.

Upload a Header Image

A header image stands for a picture lying on the top of a page. As a user-friendly content management system, WordPress allows you to upload your favorite header image that can be the photography of you two love-birds, a special banner or something else. Of course, you can adopt the default theme design. Note that if the chosen theme from other theme providers doesn't support a header image, this option will not applicable to you.

As for uploading header image, you should go to "Header Image" section and "Add new image" from your local computer or "Media Library" of WordPress. As every theme is different, there is no specified size for a header image. But you should make sure your uploaded image can accommodate to the current layout of your wedding theme.

How to Create a Wedding Website

If you don't have a picture with such an exact dimension, you are allowed to crop the uploaded image in the WordPress dashboard. On the other hand, you can choose to skip cropping if you already have a well-fit image. As is showed, you will see the current and previously-uploaded header images on the right sidebar. To hide this picture or randomize it is totally up to you.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Customize Your Site's Background

To make your wedding site appeal to your visitors, you'd better customize a well-designed background. To do so, you only need to scroll down and go to "Background Image" section. In the same way, you are able to "Select Image" both from your computer and "Media Library" sections. Beware that you need to click "Choose File" button to upload your image.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Having uploaded your background picture, you will notice that there are three options underneath this image:
  1. Background Repeat – You can choose to tile this background image horizontally or vertically. In the meantime, you can decide whether repeat it or not. In most cases, it is not advisable to repeat the background image as it will be distracting.
  2. Background Position – You can put your uploaded picture on the left, centre or right of this page. Make sure that this image fits the current theme design well.
  3. Background Attachment – You can set this image to two models, including "Scroll" and "Fixed".

How to Create a Wedding Website

Note: If you plan to change your site background without displaying another pattern or image, you will need to change the "Background Color" in the "Colors" field. As is displayed in below, there is a colour box, from which you can choose your favourite colour by dragging the colour wheel. Note that this background colour is not compatible with the uploaded background image.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Decorate Your Website with a Post Slider

Adding a post slider helps to publish your wedding location, notes and other kinds of information. To do so, you are supposedly to write and publish a few pages/pages so as to make them stick to your front page. There is no doubt that you shall set featured images for each page/post.

For details, you should firstly open a new post/page, and in the meantime, fill in specific content and body parts. Pay attention that you should set the "Visibility" as "Sticky" by checking the box of "Stick this post to the front page". In this way, you are capable of displaying this page/post on your wedding page.

How to Create a Wedding Website

Make Some Advanced Settings

Different themes have different options, and you are allowed to make some special and advanced settings with your own theme. Take our "My Wedding" theme for example, it allows users to set the latest posts or a static page as the front page in the drop-down menu of "Static Front Page". In the meantime, this theme is so customizable that it allows people to customize the footer widget area in the pop-up menu of "Widgets".

How to Create a Wedding Website

Make Use of Wedding Plugins

To have more advanced configurations on your wedding website, you may consider making use of some wedding plugins. As is listed in below, we have selected the best wedding plugins to extend your site functionality from

Wedding Countdown Widget – It displays a live countdown to your big event on the front page of a wedding website. More than that, this plugin enables you to hide/show any fields, change countdown-time appearances and use various lifestyles.
RSVP Plugin – It is an easy-to-use wedding plugin, with which you are able to create your RSVP with least effort. More importantly, you can relate all attendees together so as to make individuals easy to RSVP for a whole family.
Photography Management – It is made for web designers and photographers who want to make well-organized photographs and images. Plus, this enhanced plugin also helps to protect those uploaded galleries.
Gift Registry – It allows you to add some personalized gifts to your wedding website. By using this plugin, you are able to get paid through PayPal directly and get emailed through email. At last, it is completely free.