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How to Add a Chatroom on Your Site Using a Web-Based IRC Client?

updated on Mar 16, 2015
How to Add a Chatroom on Your Site Using a Web-Based IRC Client? Nowadays, it's a great way to use chatroom or live chat to provide service support, answer client queries and interact with visitors. With the use of various IRC (Internet Relay Chat) clients, chatting online becomes much easier and simpler than ever.

Usually, IRC clients can be sorted into three types - the independent program client, the webpage client and the browser-based client. At this place, we are going to focus on how to put a chatroom onto your website via a webpage-based IRC client named as Mibbit. Now, let's move forward and know more details.

Short Introduction to IRC Client

To start with our topic, we would like to give a short introduction to IRC client. Generally speaking, IRC refers to multi-channel and multi-user chatting system where tens of thousands of users are able to communicate with each other on a global scale. That is to say, you can chat and talk with other users, developers and gurus in an IRC network simultaneously and freely.

Based on our research, the most popular web-based IRC client is the above-mentioned Mibbit that is available for free use. By using this Internet relay chat widget, you will be able to setup a flexible and fast group chat to attract your visitors and build a vibrant community. If you are a merchant, you can also boost conversion rate by using it.

Website Chatroom - Short Introduction to IRC Client

More importantly, you will have all needed connectivity and configuration options to create a successful chatroom, such as customizable layouts, easy integration and powerful administration, etc.

Note that, Mibbit is compliant with all Mac and PC browsers and gives full support for PS3, iPhone and Wii. To suit different preferences and indulgences as possible, there are two selectable options on its official site as is showed above. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this IRC client is that it won't require you to download any IRC client to your local computer.

How to Add and Manage a Chatroom by Using a Web-Based IRC Client?

As above, we will show you the simple ways to setup a chatroom by the use of Mibbit. Note that, the whole process covers four steps altogether.

Step 1 – Register with Mibbit
The first thing you need to do is register with Mibbit. To do that, you will have to click this link to enter its official page and choose the option saying "Create a Mibbit Widget." After that, there will be a new page where you are allowed to "Choose free widget." Of course, you can choose to use the premium widget if you want some above-average features. Here, we assume that you select the "free widget" option.

Website Chatroom - Register with Mibbit

And next, you will be prompted to fill in your preferred widget name and password as well as email address. Pay attention that, the length of your username should be limited to 16 characters. In the meantime, you also need to verify your website URL and the "Basic" widget type. Make sure that you have read the "Terms of Service" before clicking the "Create Widget" button.

Website Chatroom - Fill in Widget Information

Step 2 – Fill in IRC Server & Channel Details
If nothing goes wrong, you will be notified with a success message. As you can see on this page, you will be able to choose specific "IRC server" from the drop-down list that includes "Mibbt [webirc]", "AccessIRC [webirc]", "BadnikNET [webirc]" and much more. As a matter of course, you can choose "Other" IRC server and channels that you want to join.

Website Chatroom - Fill in IRC Server & Channel Details

Once you've done with your IRC server and channel information, you will need to choose a nickname in a connection dialog. If you want to keep certain nickname and don't want others to take it, you shall register your nickname with network. And then, you can press the "Connect" button to take a preview of your chat widget.

Website Chatroom - Create Your Nickname

Step 3 – Use Mobbit WebChat
Once connected to your specified channel, you will be greeted with a chat window as below. If you are brand new to IRC and want to start it quickly, you may need to use some basic IRC commands. The most useful command is this /help command, with which you will have a detailed list of all commands, like /ulshow and /clear.

Website Chatroom - Use Mobbit WebChat

Besides that, you have the ability to start both private and public conversations with others by typing this /server addr [nick]. More importantly, there are many input buttons for you to choose from, including:

Colours – that allows you to choose your favourite text colour from 16 different options.
Smilies – that allows you to add animation expressions in your chat with others.
PasteBin – that allows you to copy and paste any text in your dialogs.
Minify URL – that allows you to minify any website URL as you like.

Step 4 – Add a Chatroom to Your Website
The final step is to add this chat widget to your website. To do this, you can simply embed a short line of HTML code to specify the iframe width and height as well as scrolling properties. Note that, this widget code varies differently, and you can get it by an email sent by Mobbit. Here is an example of our configuration code, and it seems that a width of 550px and a height of 350px can work well.

<iframe width="550" height="350" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

By the way, you will be informed of your settings ID that is used to tell Mobbit to load your settings. Once done with all necessary configurations, you can click a test link in the email to check your widget details in your browser. If everything goes fine as expected, a chatroom will appear on your webpage.

Important to Note: For new starters who want to have shortcuts to start a chatroom but lack related knowledge, it is advisable to seek assistance from professional web hosting providers. By the way, a good and reliable hosting service provider should help you install an IRC program.

About Other Alternatives

Apart from the Mibbit IRC client, there are many other free or premium alternatives that you can rely on. In the following, we have picked out some recommendable ones on the basis of ease-of-use and popularity.

Website URL:

mIRC is a noticeable Internet Relay Chat client that has been used by millions of webmasters and thousands of organizations all over the world. And more, it has greatly simplified the process of communicating, playing, working and sharing ideas with other users on IRC networks with powerful and reliable technologies backed up.

Website Chatroom - Use mIRC Client

Website URL:

As a chat program, Pidgin makes it possible to login to multiple chat networks like Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo simultaneously. In the further, it is full-fledged with many features of those chat networks, including away messages, custom smilies, buddy icons, file transfers and much more.

Website Chatroom - Use Pidgin Client

Website URL:

Built on XChat, this HexChat IRC client is totally free for both Unix and Windows operating systems. As for features, it can be translated into various languages and is highly scriptable with Perl and Python, with customizable user interface included.

Website Chatroom - Use HexChat Client