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How to Add and Use Google Adsense on Your Website to Make Money

updated on Jul 25, 2017
How to Add and Use Google Adsense on Your Website to Make Money Being the most widely used online advertising service, Google Adsense is attracting a rapidly increasing number of advertisers and publishers to join it to make profits. It is also recommended as one of the best ways to make money online. You may have not dug into the service by now, but you should know as much about it as possible from now on if you are planning to earn some profits by advertising on your personal website or blog.

This post explains what Google Adsense is, why use it, how to integrate it with your website, and some useful tips for making the most out of it. Some Google Adsense alternatives are also introduced. If you are interested in any of these topics, move on to the details.

What Is Google Adsense?

As the name indicates, Google Adsense is an important advertising program offered by Google. When Google Adsense is added to a website, the site owner allows Google to automatically display text, video, image and interactive media ads that are relevant to the site content and targeted at the audience clearly.

Google Adsense is a free and simple-to-use service that helps webmasters make money by displaying the targeted Google ads on their sites. As the ads are managed, sorted and maintained by Google, you do not need to spend much time bothering the displaying. Also, you do have the freedom to choose how ads are displayed on your site, and what ads are displayed.

At present, Google Adsense is used on over 2 million websites. Your income is decided by the number of clicks on ads and impressions. The higher the click-through rate is, the more profit you get from advertising. As the program offers detailed reports, you can analyze your advertising plan at any time and customize it.

As is explained by Google, using Google Adsense on your site does NOT affect your search engine rankings as the Adsense code does not queue your pages for crawling. Search results will be still shown based on the PageRank technology.

What Is Google Adsense There are several Adsense types that you can choose from, including:
  • Adsense for content (AFC): Website owners of all sizes can use this type to display ads related to the site content on the content pages.
  • Adsense for search (AFS): It is a free product that enables you to place a custom search on your site. When visitors make searches through the search box and click on the ads, you get paid.
  • Adsense for video (AFV): This product allows you to monetize your video content by displaying ads in your Flash-based video player.

Why Use Google Adsense?

The final goal is to make money online, of course. But with so many advertising programs on the web, why should you choose Google Adsense? According to our interview with some experienced users and an in-depth survey about the program, the popularity is attributed to the following advantages.
  • Rich customization options. The program allows you to customize the look (sizes and formats) of ads to make them fit the design and content of your site better.
  • Full control. You can control which ads to display and block some certain categories. Also, there are personalized recommendations.
  • Responsiveness. The ads displayed on your site are compatible with mobile devices.
  • Solid foundation. Google Adsense is developed based on Google search technologies, so that the ads can be more contextual and useful.
  • Multi-language support. The program supports 37 languages now.

Why It Is Popular?

During the past 10 years, there are more than 2 million of webmasters using this program to start their online business, and the majority of them are satisfied with the final result. Why can it achieve such a tremendous popularity? Check the highlights in the following.
  • Multiple Advertising Options – Google has a huge advertiser collection that can be accessed by any Google Adsense users. You can establish a win-win partnership with them easily, and can maintain a solid relationship with no efforts. As more advertisers mean more relevant ads, your opportunities to earn money online can increase significantly.
  • Right Target – This program has a robust targeting system that only places your website related advertisements, meaning that the ads selection is based on your website content and readers’ interests. To be honest, this can benefit both advertisers and you, for advertisers can reach the right potential customers and you can guarantee a better browsing experience.
  • Robust Ads – There is no need for you to worry about the quality of ads located at your website, for all of them are selected by Google machines and real people.
  • Free Ads Management – Sometimes, you may dislike the ads chosen by Google, or you may want to change the look and formats of some ads. In these cases, you can block and control the advertisements as you like as Google Adsense gives you the flexible control.
  • Reporting System – This program has an exclusive reporting system that allows you to have a comprehensive impression of how your ads are performing. The report is graphical based that is very easy to understand.
  • Mobile Friendly – If you want to figure out how much you have earned or to check the graphical reporting via mobile phone, this service can guarantee you a perfect mobile interface.

In addition, the kinds of advertisements on your website can be various. In addition to displaying the text ads and image ads within your website contents, you can also showcase the video advertising as you want.

How to Add Google Adsense to Your Website?

How to Add Google Adsense to Your Website It is easy to integrate Google Adsense into your site as you only need to insert a line of code at the place where you want ads to be displayed. You need to follow the steps below to accomplish the integration to start making money. Note that we only talk about integrating Adsense for content (AFC) here.

Step 1: Sign into Google Adsense.

Firstly, visit and sign up a new account by filling out a simple form. If you have also got a Google account, then you only need to sign in using your account. The convenience of Google products is that you can use all of them with a single account. But unlike some other Google services, Adsense requires application. Only when your site meet their standards, can you use the service.

Step 2: Set up an ad unit.

After signing in, you are located on the homepage of Google Adsense, and you can see a "My ads" tab in the top menu. Now you should click on it and then choose to add a "New ad unit". On the new page, you need to give a name to the ad unit, customize the ad size and type based on Google's recommendations, create a custom channel for ad unit grouping, and change the color and ad style. These components are all easy to finish.

Add a Ad Unit

Step 3: Get the ad code and insert it into your site.

To get the needed ads coding, you firstly need to create the advertisements. After signing to your Adsense account, you can find the My Ads tab in the navigation bar of the homepage. Simply click it and then hit on the buttons of Ad Unit and +New Ad Unit.

Then, you need to configure your newly-created ad unit based on your needs, including the name, size, type, backup, channels, and style.
  • Ad Name – This can be decided by you freely, but we still suggest you to use a standard format for all your ad units for better management.
  • Size – This factor needs to be suitable for your overall website design.
  • Type – Google Adsense allows you to display ads in text, image, rich media, flash, link and many more. You simply need to choose the best options you like.
  • Backup – You can choose among image, link, and color for your backup ads when no suitable ads available on your site.
  • Style – The ad style includes font face and size, color, corner placement, and many more. You’d better choose one that can match your site the best.

Then, you simply need to click the Save And Get Code button. Google Adsense can generate the ads coding automatically that can be pasted to any webpage of theme file of your website. After saving the settings, the advertisements can appear on your website within a few minutes.

Ad Code

Now you only need to insert the code into where you want ads to display. If you are running a blog, our suggestion is to paste the code into the template file instead of putting it into single posts. Or in the case that you are using WordPress, you will want to show ads in the sidebar by pasting the code in a widget.

Tips on Making Money with Google Adsense

Tips on Making Money with Google Adsense Using Google Adsense to display ads is easy, but there are still some tips and tricks you can use to obtain more earnings. In below, we introduce some of the best tips that are proven to be effective in improving advertising revenue. Also, remember that you should never click your own ads as this deed will get your account suspended or even punished.

1. It's all about content and keywords.

Content is the heart of all kinds of websites. As Google Adsense automatically serves ads related to your content, the choice and quality of your site content seem to be especially important in deciding your income. Therefore, you should keep your content useful and competitive so that the program can decide what ads to display more easily. In addition, keywords are also important. If you choose those with high demand but little supply by doing some keyword research, your pages will be more competitive.

2. Traffic also matters much.

Large traffic brings more possibilities for revenue. Imagine that you get 1,000 visits daily and the click-through rate is 1%, then you get the profits of 10 clicks. To get traffic, you can do many things including carrying out SEO strategies and doing social marketing. If your site content is focused on several topics, more visitors will be interested in the ads on your site.

3. Improve site design and ads placement.

Improve Site Design and Ads Placement Keeping the harmony between ads and the natural content on your pages is important. Bad design and placement may irritate visitors instead of attracting them to purchase the services in ads, vice versa. Therefore, you should be more careful when deciding where to place ads, and how ads are displayed.

Usually, ads appearing on the upper left, at the bottom of a page (above the footer), above the primary content, and at the place where visitors locate for the first time are good. Also, you may consider using images, the right colors and wider ads to achieve better performance.

4. Make use of channels.

With channels, you can track the performance of each ad unit and see which one is working best. This helps in optimizing your ad strategy because you can remove the ad units that do not perform well and try some other ones until finding the best units that earn most. The higher the click-through rate is, the more profit you get.

Good Google Adsense Alternatives

If you cannot comply with the restrictions of Google Adsense or still want to try some other advertising services to find out which one is the best solution for you, you may test the functions of the following programs which work in the similar way as Google Adsense.



Clicksor is a paid advertising program that serves clickable text ads, targeted contextual banners, popup ads, and more. It offers weekly payouts and pays you via Check or PayPal at a minimum of $50. The revenue is up to 60%. In addition, Clicksor has support via live chat and phone.

Google Adsense Alternative - Clicksor



Chitika is a large online advertising network that works very similar to Adsense. It only puts ads relevant to your site content, and allows you to customize the look and feel of ads, including text color, border color and URL color. The program pays via either PayPal or Check.

Google Adsense Alternative - Chitika



If you want to sell ad spaces on your site to make high revenue, BuySellAds is the solution. Once you succeed in submitting, you can set up a space on your site for BuySellAds and then wait for advertisers to pay for it. The revenue is as high as 75%, but you should note that using BuySellAds requires you to have good page views and rankings.

Google Adsense Alternative - BuySellAds