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How About the Web Hosting Control Panel - vDeck?

updated on Sep 15, 2014
How About the Web Hosting Control Panel - vDeck? When looking for a web hosting plan, you have to consider several things, among which the control panel is a necessary one. That is because the control panel is the must-go place for webmasters who want to take full control over their websites and the related data. In the control panel, webmasters can build a website, manage domains, email accounts, backup website data, manage website files, install software, etc.

Most web hosting companies in the market utilize a third-party control panel and integrate some self-built tools into it. vDeck, which is in its 4th edition now, is exactly one of the popular control panels adopted by a large number of web hosting providers including some famous ones like iPage, Fatcow and iPower.

According to the hundreds of feedbacks we have received, some users regard vDeck as the best control panel with user-friendly tools, while some other hold that vDeck is far away from being satisfactory. So, is vDeck really a good choice, or it still needs further developments?

vDeck & Its Features

vDeck is a control panel designed to develop and manage your website. The latest version – vDeck 4 – has been described as the "next generation in website management". Integrated with several easy-to-use site management tools, vDeck 4 provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface for users. In most cases, you can use vDeck free of charge once you sign up with a web hosting plan offering this control panel.

vDeck 4 comes with a wide range of features which help users go through the building, management and promotion of their websites, including:
  • Site creation tools with hundreds of professional design templates.
  • Many website management tools, such as billing & account management, a comprehensive FileManager, MailCentral, DomainCentral, install wizards for popular open source applications, and website statistics programs.
  • Website marketing services, such as search engine optimization and submission services, free search engine advertising credits, free social networking advertising credits, and pay-per-click advertising services.


Trusted by a large number of users, vDeck has its unique advantages. Some of the highlights are:
  • vDeck has a well-organized, drop-down navigation with a consistent style throughout all pages, which makes it good in appearance as well as efficient.
  • With customizable widgets, you can choose what information related to your web hosting account to be displayed in the sidebar.
  • vDeck provides user-friendly controls over every aspect of a web hosting account.
  • vDeck can meet the needs of even large scale websites.
  • Knowledgebase search box and links to help articles, FAQs and tutorials are accessible from any page via a pop up box.


As nothing can be perfect, vDeck control panel also comes with limitations. The most common complaint about this control panel is that its tools are not as powerful enough as the most widely used cPanel control panel. Generally speaking, vDeck has the following limitations.
  • vDeck is relatively new to the web hosting control panel market, so many users find it a little bit hard to get started.
  • vDeck requires certain technical knowledge, which make this control panel not so easy-to-use.
  • The user interface has some weakness: inability to restrict administrative access and FTP access to certain DNS and IP range, weak capabilities of generating Apache .htaccess files and "precooked" cron, and inability to change the source of the backup for restore option.
  • The number of built-in add-ons is limited. Users may need to add the add-ons they need manually.

Is vDeck Recommended?

Not yet. vDeck offers useful features in managing and promoting websites, but it is still not a good choice for ordinary webmasters who own a small sized website. Personally, we believe that cPanel is a more powerful option than vDeck because cPanel has almost all the highlights of vDeck and at the same time, cPanel eliminates the limitations listed above.

In fact, most of the well-known web hosting companies are taking advantage of cPanel control panel to offer full control over the hosting accounts. As we have reviewed, the top 3 cPanel web hosts are the following recommendations.