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HostWinds VS GoDaddy – The Surprising Truths

updated on Sep 21, 2017
HostWinds VS GoDaddy – The Surprising Truths HostWinds and GoDaddy have been providing varied hosting services which cover shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting. Besides these services, GoDaddy also concentrates on domain registration, the popular service that made it known to the world in the early years.

For this comparison, however, we will focus on their shared hosting plans only in order to offer suggestions for small businesses and individuals. From the advantages and limitations of their shared hosting, you can also get clues about the quality of other hosting services they offer.

Generally speaking, the price, performance, features and support are analyzed and compared. And below are the results.

Technical Support
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HostWinds Provides More Convenient Technical Support

For technical support, HostWinds and GoDaddy can gain some praises because they both provide helpful communication channels and efficient answers to customers' questions. When you fall into a trouble, you are able to reach their support staff via a chat button, a phone number, or the ticket system. For phone calls, both web hosts make fast responses within two minutes.

What's different is that the live chat of GoDaddy is not available 24x7 – accessible during the work hours only. Besides, as live chat is a quite a new service for GoDaddy, there might be a short of staff because many users have complained about the endless waiting on chats.

HostWinds has been doing well in the live chat support. The small problem with this web host, however, is that the ticket system is not efficient enough. You might wait over 24 hours for real replies.

GoDaddy Provides Better Uptime

Both of HostWinds and GoDaddy claim great uptime for their hosting services, but our monitoring results have told the big differences between them. HostWinds is complained severely by some users, while GoDaddy has been maintaining quite good uptime records.

HostWinds doesn't offer an uptime guarantee. Although the company says they can keep websites online all the time, the average uptime of its shared hosting service is a little above 99.8% only which doesn't sound good. Comparatively, GoDaddy promises 99.9% uptime and covers the promise with the following statistics.

They Both Offer Affordable Plans with Refund Guarantee

The two web hosts are different in the pricing policies. GoDaddy is cheaper for the initial term, while HostWinds is cheaper for renewals. But generally speaking, both of them are affordable choices.

HostWinds has three plans which don't come with any discount now. The prices of the plans are $4.5/mo - $6.5/mo for annual payments, and $6.5/mo - $8.5/mo for monthly payments. This company doesn't try to trap you with a long contract. Besides, you can ask for a full refund for dissatisfaction in the first 60 days.

GoDaddy has three plans, too. The prices start from $7.99/mo to $16.99/mo, but as up to 54% discounts are available, you can now get lower prices from $3.99/mo to $7.99/mo. Note that these cheap prices are for 3-year terms, and higher prices are valid for shorter terms. If you only want a quarterly term, then there is no discount.

With GoDaddy, you can gain a free domain for terms longer than a year, and you are allowed to request a refund within 30 days.

What Improvements Do They Both Need?

There are some aspects that neither HostWinds nor GoDaddy does well enough. For example, they don't offer all the commonly seen hosting features, and their servers and networks are somewhat slow.

Not-rich-enough features

It is undeniable that HostWinds and GoDaddy offer some good features. For instance, all their shared hosting plans include the latest cPanel which comes with a file manager, stats tools, hotlink protection, IP Deny Manager, etc. Besides, an auto script installer is also integrated with cPanel.

However, there are still some limitations existing. Neither of these web hosts provides Ruby on Rails, a popular scripting language, and they don't support PostgreSQL database, either. To show their limitations clearly, we have made a comparison between their basic plans with InMotion Hosting, a provider of feature-rich shared hosting.

FeatureHostWindsGoDaddyInMotion Hosting
Disk SpaceUnlimited100 GBUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimited1Unlimited
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited102 At Most
PostgreSQL Databases2 At Most
Ruby on Rails
Refund60 Days30 Days90 Days
Regular Price$4.5/mo$7.99/mo$7.99/mo
Current Price$4.5/mo$3.99/mo$3.49/mo
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Slow speed

Neither of HostWinds and GoDaddy is fast. The slowness of GoDaddy doesn't need to be emphasized anymore because the complaints can be found here and there. Though the company has made efforts to improve the load times, many more improvements are required. You can see the reason in the following comparison between the server response time of GoDaddy and that of InMotion.

HostWinds does a little better than GoDaddy at most times. But the latencies are sometimes serious because downtime occurs occasionally. When there is no server or network issue, you can expect a page to be fully loaded within 5 seconds, while during latencies, the page loading could take 10 seconds or longer.

Low Customer Satisfaction

Since the inception in 1997, GoDaddy is well-known for the domain name registration service. However, it does not have the same reputation in the web hosting services. HostWinds founded in 2010 has a relatively limited hosting experience. Thus there is no surprise that both web hosts have low customer satisfaction in communities, forum, and more.

Here are some voices from the real users: Their renewal prices will go up drastically without any warning, their load time is too long to bear especially on mobile device, both web hosts lack some features, which brings inconvenience to the users, and more. Therefore, either of them lives up to customers' expectations. They both need to work harder to better at customers' service.

Conclusion – Should You Choose Them?

The answer is negative. They do offer affordable plans, but there are too many disadvantages of using their shared hosting services. If you want a fast server, Ruby on Rails, or a well-balanced hosting solution, you'd better stay away from them and turn to some really reliable hosting providers.

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