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HostWinds VS BlueHost – Shared Hosting Comparison

updated on Apr 17, 2017
HostWinds VS BlueHost – Shared Hosting Comparison Both HostWinds and BlueHost are comprehensive providers of hosting services since all of shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers as well as some other solutions are available in their product range. However, BlueHost has gained a much larger user base with millions of customers, while HostWinds is still seeking a way for fast growth.

This comparison is conducted with multiple factors considered, such as the ease of use, price, promotion, performance, and support. Expert monitoring, editorial reviews and customer feedback are the main sources of our collection of the needed information. The following ratings are based on careful reviews.

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What Do HostWinds and BlueHost Offer in Common?

From all the information we have collected, we have found that the two companies both provide upgradeable plans with affordable prices, an industry-leading refund guarantee, and prompt technical support.

Affordable shared hosting price

HostWinds offers 3 plans the prices of which start at $4.5/mo, $5.5/mo and $6.5/mo. These rates are valid for annual terms, and for monthly terms, you need to pay $2/mo more no matter which plan you want to buy. There is no official promotion information, and the company doesn't mention how much you have to pay for renewals.

BlueHost has 3 plans, too. These plans come with higher regular prices, starting at $7.99/mo to $14.99/mo, but with the exclusive promotion brought by the following link, over 60% discounts are available for you to get much better prices of $2.95/mo - $5.45/mo.

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Generally speaking, the prices of all HostWinds and BlueHost plans are quite affordable. The better thing is that BlueHost also provides free domain and advertising credits in its plans.

Refund guarantee

To make new customers feel safe about completing a payment, HostWinds offers a full refund guarantee for those who sign up for the first time and cancel their account within 60 days of payment. BlueHost is a little different from HostWinds. It promises full refunds for accounts cancelled in 30 days, but if you cancel your account after the specific time, you can also receive a pro-rated refund, which makes it risk-free to choose a biennial or triennial plan.

Good technical support

If you try calling the two web hosts' sales team or starting a chat on their official website, you will find that both HostWinds and BlueHost make quick responses on all the available communication channels. In fact, they do well not only in the sales support, but also the technical support. Currently, the following facts are true for them.
  • The two web hosts have a professional support team with members who have rich hosting-related knowledge.
  • Their support staffs usually respond tickets within 2-4 hours, and chats/phone calls within 2 minutes. Issues always get resolved within 24 hours.
  • All their support channels are available at any time.
  • They have a knowledgebase and some useful video tutorials.
  • BlueHost publishes the system status on its website and hosts free webinars occasionally.

BlueHost Has Edges over HostWinds

There are reasons for the great popularity of BlueHost. For example, compared with HostWinds, BlueHost is better in the hosting features and performance.

More features supported

BlueHost and HostWinds are among the considerate hosting providers that provide free setup, easy-to-use cPanel with an auto script installer, and the common programming features like MySQL, PHP and Perl.

The HostWinds basic plan comes with more email accounts, disk space and subdomains. However, we would still recommend BlueHost because the plan said here supports one website only, and it doesn't support some features that BlueHost offers. Read details in the table below.

Free Domain
Disk SpaceUnlimited50 GB
Email AccountsUnlimited5
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited20
Ruby on Rails
Cron Jobs
How to Claim-Promo Link

Much better uptime

Almost all web hosts are trying to provide no downtime for their customers, but only few of them can do this because some minor downtimes are inevitable. BlueHost, in this aspect, does much better than the competitor.

BlueHost operates 3 dedicated data centers all of which are located inside the US. The data centers are custom built with reliable servers and networks. Besides, monitoring is performed 24x7. As a result, the company can guarantee over 99.9% uptime averagely.

HostWinds claims that it has reliable data centers, too. However, too many complaints are found on the Internet that downtimes occur now and then. In most months, the uptime of the company's shared hosting is between 99.7% and 99.9%.

Faster speed

Since uptime has a close relationship with speed, we have seen a lot of latencies for HostWinds shared servers. Sometimes you can experience fast page loads within 3 seconds, but sometimes the time lengthens to 10 seconds or even longer.

In comparison, BlueHost delivers faster and more stable speed. The server response time is around 300ms, and page loads take about 2 seconds only. The constant Linux kernel update, quality network equipment and CDN should all contribute to such a good result.

Conclusion – BlueHost Wins

Both of the web hosts in this comparison are good choices if you only care about the basic features and a cheap price. But as performance is vital for the growth of websites, we would sincerely suggest BlueHost due to the great uptime and speed, as well as the good reputation. The anytime refund guarantee is a good reason to try BlueHost hosting services.