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HostPapa VS GoDaddy – Are They Good Hosting Providers?

updated on Mar 16, 2017
HostPapa VS GoDaddy – Are They Good Hosting Providers? HostPapa and GoDaddy are two known names in the industry. However, they do not share many similarities in their shared hosting plans. When compared with each other, they have their own advantages which can earn them the competitive edges.

This comparison between HostPapa and GoDaddy will present the common things first, and then show their special benefits one by one so that you can have a better judgment by yourself. The following ratings, then, may give you a general impression.

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The Common Thing Between Them – Good Features

HostPapa and GoDaddy provide multiple shared hosting plans all of which include quite good features although there are still some limitations. No matter which plan you choose, you will get full access to the latest PHP versions, MySQL, Perl, cron jobs, free setup, etc. Besides, cPanel with a script installer built in is also available, which makes it much easier to get started and growing.

The differences, however, lie in the server resources and some development features like SSH. If you pay much attention to such features, then be careful about those limitations. The following table shows the details.

Disk Storage100 GB100 GB
MySQL DatabasesUnknown10
PostgreSQL Databases
Email Accounts1001
FTP AccountsUnknown50
Ruby on Rails
Price (Discounted)$3.95/mo$4.99/mo

HostPapa Edges over GoDaddy

As a professional web hosting provider, HostPapa has been doing well in the hosting speed and technical support. Besides, the green hosting is a highlight.

A little lower prices

HostPapa offers three plans whose prices start from $9.99/mo to $24.99/mo. The introductory offer, however, allows you to buy those plans at $3.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $12.95/mo. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.

GoDaddy also has three plans whose prices start from $9.99/mo to $21.99/mo. Similarly, this web host is also offering discounts for $4.99/mo, $6.49/mo and $10.99/mo. The same money-back guarantee is available.

The regular rates of the two web hosts' plans are so close, but the discounted ones of HostPapa are generally lower. However, you must pay attention that neither of HostPapa and GoDaddy is among those providers with the most affordable hosting services.

For example, the leading provider HostGator prices its plans from $6.95/mo only regularly and $3.82/mo when discounted with the coupon code HG45PERCENT. All the popular features, as well as SSH, Ruby on Rails and many other advanced features are offered.

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Green hosting

HostPapa is one of the few green hosting providers who have been concentrating on the green renewable energy for many years. To offset the power consumption, the company uses solar and wind energy resources by buying green energy certificates that are 100% equivalent to the energy that is consumed. GoDaddy has not made such a public commitment.

Faster speed

One of the main disadvantages of the web hosting services offered by GoDaddy is the slow speed. This issue has been accused by many users, but no big improvement has been made yet. Compared with GoDaddy, however, HostPapa is over 50% faster although it is not the fastest on the market. This attributes to the high bandwidth capacity, Cisco powered network and high-performance servers.

Helpful technical support

Both HostPapa and GoDaddy provide live chat and phone as the contact channels for those who meet troubles when using their hosting services. The advantages of HostPapa in support, however, are the beginner training and multilingual support.

For first-time customers, HostPapa provides 30-minute one-on-one training for the company's services and hosting tools. This training is free for all customers except for those using the cheapest Starter plan. Besides, with the multilingual support, you can ask for support in English, French, German and Spanish.

GoDaddy Edges over HostPapa

According to reviews, GoDaddy performs very well in the service uptime and phone support.

Higher uptime

GoDaddy has almost ten data centers distributed globally. The company doesn't provide many details about the facilities such as the network infrastructure, the power supply system and server specifications. But monitoring tells that it is able to meet the commitment of 99.9% uptime successfully, which is praise-worthy.

HostPapa also promises 99.9% uptime, but it cannot deliver such great reliability sometimes. The average uptime of this company's shared hosting is a little below the guaranteed figure in the year of 2016. The following statistics may give you some clues.

Responsive phone support

GoDaddy now offers limited-time live chat support, and it has discontinued the email support, which caused some inconvenience. The best way to seek solutions to simple issues, then, is the phone support. Luckily, the company has professional support staff that makes quick responses to the phone calls and replies with professional knowledge and a good attitude.

HostPapa or GoDaddy?

We don't think HostPapa or GoDaddy is a good-enough option for shared hosting. When compared with each other, they have special advantages and limitations. But after taking the leading roles in the industry into consideration, we have found many alternatives to them which are better in all of the cost-effectiveness, technical support, and the hosting performance.

If you want more options, check the table below. You can click the review or visit these web hosts' websites to learn more about them.