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HostMonster VS Network Solutions - Which Offers Better Service

updated on Jun 01, 2017
HostMonster VS Network Solutions - Which Offers Better Service HostMonster, a latecomer, has been offering hosting businesses since 2005 while Network Solutions has been boasting about the 30-year hosting experience. However, webmasters need to pay attention that Network Solutions was not a hosting provider until 2003. For businesses, webmasters will have a higher requirement on the hosting environment. It is no wonder that they try to find a reliable hosting provider.

Being responsible for our readers, we not only focus on the hosting performance but also explore other core factors, such as, hosting prices, server resources, and customer service. Based on what we have explored, the below rating table is useful for webmasters who want to have a quick view about HostMonster and Network Solutions.

RatingHostMonsterNetwork Solutions
Technical Support
Read ReviewHostMonster ReviewNetwork Solutions Review

HostMonster Offers Higher Performance

To gain good using experience, HostMonster houses servers in the dedicated data centers which are located in Provo, Utah. All the servers are featured with high configuration and multiple ISPs. The state-of-the-art data centers come with free CDN, high network capacity, diesel engine generators, redundant power system, and 24/7 monitoring. The advanced hardware and software make great contributions to the 99.98% hosting uptime and 340ms server response time.

When it comes to Network Solutions, we are sorry not to find the detailed information about the server and the data center. Under normal circumstances, hosting providers would like to share the related information with webmasters, which can make webmasters have faith in their hosting performance. However, Network Solutions is an exception who hides the information from webmasters. In fact, we doubt that Network Solutions utilizes out-fashioned facilities due to the more than 800ms server response time.

In comparison, HostMonster is able to guarantee a higher uptime and delivers a faster speed. To our surprise, we have also found out that HostMonster has other overwhelming advantages over Network Solutions. Webmasters can have an access to more information without a stop to move on.

HostMonster Offers Cheaper Hosting Plans

With no discount, webmasters need to pay at least $9.49/mo for the shared hosting solutions of HostMonster while they are charged more than $12.95/mo for those of Network Solutions. With up to 58% discount, HostMonster reduces the costs to $3.95/mo while Network Solutions requires webmasters to pay $9.96/mo after a 23% discount.

For those who go with HostMonster, they are now able to enjoy unlimited server resources with $6.95/mo while the Network Solutions users need to pay $15.78/mo to get such features. What's more, the HostMonster Prime plan is featured with $200 advertising credits, free extras, and some advanced features which Network Solutions does not offer.

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HostMonster Offers Richer Features

Webmasters may take it for granted that they will get what they pay. To their disappointment, however, they will be told another story that Network Solutions does not take the feature advantage over HostMonster. For the better understanding, we take the Basic plan (HostMonster) and the Web Hosting plan (Network Solutions) as an example.

FeatureHostMonsterNetwork Solutions
PlanBasicWeb Hosting
Free Domain11
Disk Space50 GB300 GB
MySQL Databases2025
Control PanelcPanelCustom
PostgreSQL Databases
Cron Jobs
Current Price$3.95/mo$9.96/mo
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It is obvious that Network Solutions comes with much more limited features. First of all, webmasters have to manage their hosting account with the custom control panel. Even if the custom control panel is as powerful as cPanel, webmasters still need to spend unnecessary energy so as to have a full control over various hosting services. In addition, webmasters will feel upset when they need PostgreSQL Databases, SSH, Perl, and some other important features.

HostMonster Offers Better Customer Service

Inevitably, there are some setbacks which get in the way for webmasters to well manage a website. In this situation, webmasters will benefit from a solid support team. After our in-depth investigation, we think highly of HostMonster who does a much better job on technical support.
  • There are more contact methods available for the HostMonster users. When faced with issues, webmasters are free to have an online chat, make a free call, or submit a ticket to the HostMonster support team.
  • It is HostMonster that makes a quicker response and gives more helpful answers to our issues.
  • For general inquiries, webmasters can also have a reference to the HostMonster rich online resources such as, the knowledgebase, video tutorials, forums, etc.

Final Verdict – HostMonster Is the Winner

If webmasters want a higher performance, they are advised to start their hosting journey with HostMonster. In addition, there are more reasons why HostMonster is the better choice. HostMonster offers cheaper hosting plans, richer features, and better customer service. In comparison, we find no reasons for webmasters to choose Network Solutions because the evidences prove that Network Solutions is not worthy of the high prices.