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HostMonster VS iPage – Which Provides the Better Cheap Web Hosting Service?

updated on Mar 30, 2015
HostMonster VS iPage – Which Provides the Better Cheap Web Hosting Service? The web hosting services from both HostMonster and iPage are quite cheap, much more affordable than the average price in the industry. However, according to our in-depth review and hosting experience, the 2 companies remain many differences in the other aspects of their services.

This comparison between HostMonster and iPage is focused on the most important factors of web hosting services, including price, features, reliability, performance, and technical support, aiming at offering a reference for our readers to select the service with higher quality at an affordable price.

Backgrounds & Customer Satisfaction

HostMonster has been providing high quality web hosting solutions to thousands of individuals and businesses since its inception in 1996. Trusted by more than 1 million websites, this company is best known for the great reliability. Over the years, HostMonster has enjoyed a fairly high customer satisfaction rate which is 100% according to the 190 real customer reviews submitted at BestHostingSearch.

iPage, on the other hand, has kept itself to be a successful budget web hosting provider for 15 years. The featured all-in-one web hosting package is one of the most affordable ones on the web. iPage is also hosting approximately 1 million websites now. However, the biggest limitation of this company should be that there is no VPS or dedicated hosting service available.

Price & Features

The web hosting service from iPage wins slightly in the discounted price, but that from HostMonster wins its competitor in the regular price which is also the renewal price.

Regularly, HostMonster web hosting plan is priced from $5.99/mo, while the current promotion allows a 34% discount off for a low rate starting from only $3.95/mo. The discount can be claimed by going through the promotional link below. No coupon code is available.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

iPage plan can be purchased at a price starting from $2.25/mo now, about 12% cheaper than that of HostMonster. But the renewal price of this plan is as high as $8.99/mo, which is a little bit unreasonable compared with most other shared web hosting plans.

Both of their plans include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email accounts, but there are still some obvious differences in other offers. Read the following table for the featured offers coming with the plans.

Free Domain
Perl 5
Ruby on Rails
Custom Cronjobs
Money Back GuaranteeAnytimeAnytime

Reliability & Performance

HostMonster utilizes 3 data centers in Provo, Utah, all of which feature high performance quad processor servers, UPS power, backup generator, 24x7 server monitoring and secure site backups. The aim is to offer the maximum guaranteed uptime for all of the hosted websites.

iPage adopts 2 data centers in the Boston, MA area, which are comprised of over 1 thousand servers and running on N+1 power. The highlights of iPage data centers are the secure and fast network infrastructure which features good practices to guarantee website performance, such as a pooled server environment and BGP 4 smart routing.

Backed by first-rate data centers, HostMonster and iPage are able to deliver quality web hosting services that are both reliable and fast. According to our monitoring in the past several months, the uptime of both companies has exceeded the guaranteed 99.9%.
  • HostMonster: Averages 99.96% in the past 6 months.
  • iPage: Averages 99.91% in the past 6 months.

The same monitoring has also been taken on the server response speed of the companies. Averagely, HostMonster is about 60% faster than iPage. The detailed monitoring statistics in the past 30 days are as the following chart.

Technical Support

Technical support is important because no one can make sure that there won't be any unexpected problems happening to the websites, especially for newbies who have little knowledge and don't know how to deal with technical problems.

In this aspect, both of HostMonster and iPage are satisfactory, as they offer a dedicated support team consisting of experienced and professional staffs to get their customers well backed. Their support teams are both reachable at any time via phone, live chat, and email.

In addition, the 2 companies have kept an extensive help center containing useful resources, such as tips, how-to's, tutorials, and video tutorials, with which customers can easily learn more about every aspect of their hosting accounts and websites.

Which Provides the Better Cheap Web Hosting Service?

The richer features, better uptime and faster speed make HostMonster a better option for cheap web hosting service. iPage is also cheap and good, but it is just not as good as HostMonster yet. To learn more about HostMonster, visit

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