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HostMonster VS HostGator - Shared Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Sep 25, 2017
HostMonster VS HostGator - Shared Web Hosting Comparison HostMonster VS HostGator is prepared for people who can’t make a clear distinction about their shared hosting services. In fact, both companies are reputable and famous hosting providers in this field for many years. Now, each of them owns thousands of users and there are more than a thousand new customers who choose them every month.

As the two hosts are trusted by many webmasters, it is natural for beginners to feel difficult to make a choice between them. Under this condition, our editors make an in-depth review about the two companies respectively, according to which we write the comprehensive comparison.

Before our detailed analyses on their hosting charges, package features, hosting reliability, hosting speed, technical support, and more, we would like to give you a general impression on HostMonster and HostGator with the overall rating table. All the ratings come from the information we have gathered from our editors and their real customers, being as objective as possible. Judging from the below table, you will learn that HostGator is our recommendation in the big picture.

Loading Speed
Customer Reviews251345
Customer Rating
WebsiteHostMonster ReviewHostGator Review

About HostMonster and HostGator

HostMonster is a professional hosting provider that supports for a large number of websites globally for a long time. While focusing on the truly cost-effective hosting solution, HostMonster charges you starting at $3.95/mo only, along with rich package features to fully meet your hosting needs. In addition, they never sacrifice the hosting quality for saving the overall budgets. Instead, by leveraging the industry standard data centers and branded servers, they claim to ensure at least 99.9% and fast hosting speed.

As for HostGator, this one might be the first option flashing into your mind when talking about the hosting solution. Being in this field for more than 10 years, HostGator now grows to be one of the leading hosting providers, coming with more than 500 professional staffs and more than 500,000 customers all over the world. Even, in the year of 2012, they were acquired by the large Endurance International Group.

Price & Features

HostMonster has 3 shared web hosting plans which are suitable for both individuals and businesses. The plans are priced from $9.49/mo regularly, but now, the company is offering a 58% discount for new orders placed through the promotional link below, so that the price for the initial term reduces to $3.95/mo. All customers are allowed to register a new domain without paying the registration fee for the first year.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

Being the same as HostMonster, HostGator also offers 3 web hosting plans which are affordable. The regular prices of the plans start at $6.95/mo. However, with the use of the exclusive coupon code HG45PERCENT, new customers can enjoy a 45% discount for $3.82/mo. For all the hosting plans, HostGator provides $200 marketing credits which help site owners promote their contents and products.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

All the plans of HostMonster and HostGator include rich features, such as unlimited bandwidth, free website builder, PHP 5, Python, Perl, Ruby, and MySQL. However, there are indeed some differences lying behind. To show the differences clearly, we have made the following table which presents the features of the two web hosts' entry plans – HostMonster Basic and HostGator Hatchling.

Note that these two plans are single-domain hosting solutions that are selected for comparison only. Those having more demands on the number of hosted domains should look at other plans of HostMonster and HostGator.

Free Domain
Hosted Domain11
Disk Space50 GBUnlimited
Override .htaccess
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%
Money Back Guarantee30 Days45 Days
Regular Price$9.49/mo$6.95/mo
Discounted Price$3.95/mo$3.82/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation

Secure Purchase

After choosing a suitable hosting plan for your website, the following concerns tend to be how you pay for the plan and how much hesitation period you have. In this regard, both companies perform quite well. They offer various payment channels including PayPal and credit cards.

Besides, considering people may change their mind after purchasing hosting services, both companies guarantee full money back duration for a reasonable period of time. HostMonster provides 30-day full money back while that of HostGator is 45 days.


Both of HostMonster and HostGator have fulfilled the guarantee of 99.9% uptime. HostMonster operates data centers in Orem, Utah which are using high performance quad processor servers and equipped with a UPS power back-up generator. The data stored there is safe and secure, and the websites hosted on the servers are guaranteed to run consistently. On average, the real uptime of HostMonster is 99.98%.

Being different from HostMonster, HostGator doesn't build or operate any data center by itself. Instead, the company keeps partnering with multiple 3-rd party data centers for the related services. Fortunately, the data centers are reliable enough to deliver over 99.9% uptime.


HostMonster and HostGator both do well in reliability. Besides, they are both excellent in terms of web hosting speed, too. According to the testing of the websites hosted with the 2 companies, both companies are quite fast with server responses taking less than 350ms on average. To be honest, the hosting speed achieved by them is ranking on the top of the industry. This result should be caused by the fact that they pay much attention to the maintenance and upgrade of the servers and network infrastructure.

The monitoring records are presented as below.

HostGator currently houses most servers in Provo, Utah and Houston, Texas. The data centers are featured with PCI compliance and HIPPAA compliance. The servers and systems are periodically upgraded to deliver the best possible uptime and speed. With the activation of CloudFlare CDN, your content will be routed through an additional 23 data centers (North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia) on a global basis. These are the main reasons for the HostGator shorter server response time.

Technical Support

Responsive and efficient customer service is an essential component of quality web hosting service. Therefore, both companies put a lot of energies to establish their elite supporting teams that are composed of experts with at least six-year experiences in this field.

HostMonster has a US based support team with 500+ on-site staffs available 24x7 via live chat, phone and email. So does HostGator. Both of the support teams are easy to contact in 1 minute and the support staffs of are usually polite and patient.

Besides, To give you the better self-learning chances, both of these two web hosts have set up the knowledgebase that is coming with a large number of useful and meaningful tutorials via either textual content or videos.

When comparing this aspect, however, we have found that the knowledge base offered by HostGator is larger that comes with more great posts for the aspects of hosting issues, domains, emails, FTP, security, SEO and many more. In addition, the Blog area of HostGator is also worth browsing, with which you can find plenty of tips and tricks for better running your site.

Our Recommendation

As both of HostMonster and HostGator are leaders in the industry, we would like to recommend HostMonster if you want to pay fewer fees for your first website. And in the case you are dreaming to work with one of the largest web hosts worldwide, choosing HostGator is the wise decision.