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HostMonster VS GreenGeeks – Linux Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Aug 19, 2015
HostMonster VS GreenGeeks – Linux Web Hosting Comparison HostMonster and GreenGeeks are fast growing web hosts holding the same goal – to offer affordable and quality solutions for each webmaster with the demand of a hosting plan.

Both web hosts focus on Linux shared web hosting, while they also offer VPS, dedicated servers and reseller hosting. As their shared hosting product consists of 3 upgradable plans, we select HostMonster Plus and GreenGeeks EcoSite Starter for this comparison due to their similar features.

Both the similarities and differences are discussed, based on our using experience and long-term monitoring.

What Do They Both Offer?

In fact, HostMonster and GreenGeeks have many more similarities than differences. For instance, EcoSite Starter and Plus contain nearly the same features and the same support methods. Read the detailed analyses below.

Rich web hosting features

Both of Plus and EcoSite Starter include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, databases, email accounts, FTP accounts and anything else you may need. Also, you are allowed to host multiple domains on one account. In addition, the following features are available.
  • cPanel, the #1 Linux hosting control panel with a user-friendly interface and rich tools.
  • Complete compatibility with popular open source scripts including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.
  • Various freebies: free domain name, website builder and daily backups.
  • Multiple development features: PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, SSH, Cronjobs, .htaccess, etc.
  • 30-day full refund guarantee, which enables you to get all your money back if you are dissatisfied and cancel the account within the first 30 days after activation.
One suggestion is that no matter which plan you'd like to choose, you should read the use policy carefully because there is no such thing as "unlimited" web hosting. But you can rest assured that HostMonster and GreenGeeks can ensure sufficient resources for normal usage.

Outstanding uptime

Both of HostMonster and GreenGeeks have made many efforts to improve the stability of their hosting services. At present, they utilize more than one data center each of which is equipped with reliable power feeds and sufficient backup power. And they have also tried much in reducing the necessity of server reboot. Network uptime is guaranteed by the redundant connections from multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers.

Like many other web hosting providers, the 2 companies guarantee 99.9% uptime. Fortunately, neither of them has failed the promise in the past 3 months, according to the monitoring conducted by our expert team. Read the statistics charts below for the monitoring results in the last 30 days. The former chart is for HostMonster, and the latter is for GreenGeeks.

US-based support through phone, live chat & email

The support teams of both HostMonster and GreenGeeks are based in the US. According to customer reviews and our experiments, the phone support is the same prompt for the 2 hosts, but for live chat, GreenGeeks is a little better, as each time we started a chat, we received a response immediately (no longer than 30 seconds).

What Are Unique to HostMonster Users?

HostMonster has been offering shared hosting for 10 years. During the years, the company has paid much attention to customers' needs and kept making improvements to the solutions. Below are its main advantages over GreenGeeks.

SpamExperts secured email

The Plus plan includes 1 SpamExperts, a commercial email filtering solution that provides professional anti-spam/virus protection. This feature helps improve the security of your emails, as well as reduce the possibility of account suspension caused by email spam.

PostgreSQL & Ruby on Rails

HostMonster offers PostgreSQL database and Ruby on Rails to each shared hosting user. These 2 development features are not necessarily needed for ordinary users who host websites with WordPress or Joomla, but more is better. Some users will need them to reach specific goals.

Fast speed with CDN

HostMonster uses CDN for page loading acceleration. On the other hand, GreenGeeks is among the first web hosts which utilize SSDs for shared hosting. To further speed up page loads, the company also cooperates with CloudFlare for CDN. The 2 companies possess no big difference in page loads, but monitoring tells that HostMonster is a little bit faster in server response.

Pro-rated refund

After the initial 30 days, you can still request a pro-rated refund from HostMonster for the unused months if you choose to cancel the hosting account. While with GreenGeeks, no refund will be received in any circumstance for accounts terminated after 30 days.

What Are the Advantages of GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks has been in the industry since 2008, and it is now an official supporter of Drupal Association. The advantages of this web host are listed in below.

Cost-effective hosting plan

With the unlimited resources and rich features included, EcoSite Starter is priced from $4.95/mo regularly. Now for new subscriptions made through the promotional link below, there is a 20% discount with which the cost can be even lower – starting from $3.96/mo only. A free domain for life is also covered.

GreenGeeks Promotional Link Activation

The regular price of HostMonster Plus starts at $9.99/mo, which is much higher than that of EcoSite Starter. However, the promotional link below brings a 45% discount which cuts the cost down to $5.49/mo. This price is not cheap compared with $3.96/mo, but you can get $200 free marketing credits from HostMonster.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

Green web hosting

Being green is the biggest highlight of GreenGeeks. The company has been recognized as a leading green web hosting provider which adopts many methods to reduce the carbon emissions and to compensate the energy consumed for cooling. By purchasing wind energy credits, GreenGeeks claims to be 300% greener than others.

HostMonster VS GreenGeeks – Which Is the Right Option?

For the overall performance, there could be a fierce competition between the 2 providers, but depending on the differences, you can still make a choice easily.