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HostMonster VS Fatcow – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

updated on Mar 14, 2016
HostMonster VS Fatcow – Shared Web Hosting Comparison This comparison between HostMonster and Fatcow is made to reveal the similarities and differences in some important aspects of their shared web hosting services, including price, features, control panel, uptime, speed, and technical support.

About HostMonster and Fatcow

HostMonster, starting the web hosting business in 2005, is now a leading provider of shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. While putting the most emphasis on the shared hosting solutions, this web host has been enjoying a vast popularity among individuals and small businesses. The around-the-clock technical support is one of the largest highlights of HostMonster.

Fatcow was established in 1998, so it has had a long history of about 20 years. During the years, the company has been providing a shared hosting plan for users, and now there is some room prepared for growth as VPS and dedicated hosting solutions are also available. However, with the time going by, the reputation of Fatcow has not gained an increase, and instead, more and more complaints appear. The reasons for this are offered in the comparison below.

At the beginning of the comparison, we would like to present a table of editorial ratings on the services' overall value, performance, control panel, and support. All of the ratings are unbiased, given based on our personal reviews and experience. Read the following table for details.

Editorial RatingHostMonsterFatcow
Control Panel
Read MoreHostMonster ReviewFatcow Review

Price & Features

As for shared web hosting, HostMonster offers 3 package which are now available at low pricse starting at $3.95/mo for visitors placing orders through the following promotional link. This price is up to 51% off the regular $7.99/mo. HostMonster accepts payment via both credit cards and PayPal to allow customers to choose a suitable one based on their own requirements.

HostMonster Promotional Link Activation

Fatcow provides a single shared web hosting package to meet the demands of personal websites and small businesses. In the current promotion, new customers are able to get over 50% discount for $49/year which averages $4.08/mo. The regular price, which is also the renewal price, starts at $10.95/mo.

The similarity of the 2 companies' web hosting features mainly lies in the availability of some features such as unlimited bandwidth, MySQL, PHP and Python. Some other features are listed in the following table.

PlanBasicFatcow Plan
Free Domain
Disk Space50 GBUnlimited
Control PanelcPanelCustom Control Panel
Shared SSL
Data Backups
Custom Cron Jobs
Money Back GuaranteeAnytime30 Days
Regular Price$7.99/mo$10.95/mo
Special Price$3.95/mo$4.08/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation

Control Panel

HostMonster utilizes cPanel as the control panel. As the recognized most user-friendly control panel in the market, cPanel comes with a simple but powerful user interface inside which users are able to manage all things easily, including domains, files, installed software, website and account security, and so on. This control panel is quite easy-to-use.

Fatcow adopts a custom client control panel. This control panel has a well-organized drop-down navigation and gives users full control over every aspect of their hosting accounts. The disadvantage is that it requires certain technical knowledge and it's not as popular as cPanel.

Uptime & Speed

HostMonster and Fatcow guarantee 99.9% uptime for all of the hosted domains, and both of them operate more than 1 data center based in US equipped with uninterrupted power supply and diesel generators to secure servers from power outages. HostMonter data centers also feature 24x7 server monitoring to prevent system errors or failures.

We have personally monitored HostMonster and Fatcow uptime for at least 3 months. During that period, we have never met any serious downtime with both companies. Below are the uptime statistics of them in the past 30 days.
  • HostMonster: 99.98%.
  • Fatcow: 99.90%.

Fatcow claims that customers can expect fast hosting speed because they are backed by a pooled server environment and redundant routers. On the other hand, HostMonster also uses a large number of technologies to guarantee optimized user experience, such as the Xeon quad processor server, synchronous optical networking and BGP smart routing.

According to our monitoring, HostMonster is averagely 100% faster than Fatcow in server response speed.

Technical Support

Both HostMonster and Fatcow offer 24x7 technical support to help their customers out of technical troubles. The 2 companies have the same communication channels – toll-free phone number, email, and a live chat button, while according to our personal experience to call, email, and chat with their support representatives, HostMonster has done better in responding to customers' requests as quick as possible.

Besides, they both have prepared an online help center containing a knowledgebase, a beginner guide, and hundreds of written tutorials. The difference is that HostMonster also offers a user forum in which customers can communicate with others or seek for help, and dozens of "How-To" video tutorials which can guide customers through many common issues.

The Two Web Hosts' Advantages over Each Other

From the comparison above, it can be seen that HostMonster and Fatcow have their own advantages when compared with the other although both can deliver good uptime. So in below, we have briefed their edges to help readers with the final decision.

HostMonster advantages

  • It offers cPanel for free in each shared hosting package. This control panel is much better to use than the custom control panel provided by Fatcow, not to mention HostMonster has integrated SimpleScripts installer with its control panel.
  • HostMonster offers more features that customers may need, such as SSH and Perl, while Fatcow does not have these offerings.
  • HostMonster is over two times faster than its competitor in server responses and page loads.
  • This web host's support team is more responsive, offering replies through phone and live chat within one minute.

Fatcow advantages

  • The price for the initial term is quite affordable, and with the cost of $4.08/mo, customers can get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and databases.
  • The Fatcow Plan includes $200 marketing credits and free listing.

Which Company Provides the Better Shared Web Hosting Service

The winner should be HostMonster. Based on the several facts discussed above, HostMonster owns obvious edges over its competitor in price, control panel, performance and technical support. It should be a better option for shared web hosting users.

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