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HostGator WordPress Hosting Review

updated on Feb 15, 2017
HostGator WordPress Hosting Review HostGator WordPress hosting is reviewed based on the WordPress compatibility, runtime performance, technical support, reliability, and price versus value. HostGator offers WordPress web hosting for people or small businesses having their presence by 1-Click simply, without needing any knowledge on PHP scripts, WordPress theme and widget, and web programming skills like HTML, JS, and CSS.

WordPress is an award-winning blog software, which is widely used worldwide for over a million websites. The well acceptance and reputation of WordPress comes from its accessibility, usability, performance, and customizability. It usually allows non-technical people to get their websites started and manage content without studying materials or learning from the complicated documentation.

1-Click WordPress Installation & Automated Upgrade

HostGator Wordpress Quick Installation Video HostGator WordPress web hosting is 100% compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It fully leverages the power and all advantage of WordPress to deliver clients with a rich-featured website and content management solution. In addition to WordPress nature features, HostGator integrates WordPress with the web hosting control panel that clients only need 1-Click to complete the installation in just seconds. HostGator also allows clients to keep their WordPress websites upgraded automatically.

HostGator WordPress Web Hosting is designed for running WordPress, it's 100% compatible.
  • Far exceeds WordPress minimum prerequisite.
  • Include latest versions of Apache Server, PHP, and MySQL database.
  • Supports automated WordPress installation and upgrade.
  • Allow PHP to run as suPHP for much increased WordPress security.

WordPress Performance & Reliability

HostGator powers an extremely high 99.99% uptime by utilizing all DELL branded servers, and renting best data centers and network providers from The Planet, which features state of the art security, power, safety, and cooling systems - all designed to ensure that service remains uninterrupted.

As the testing to the same site, same scripts and same configuration hosted with HostGator and WebHostingPad, HostGator is about 500% faster than the latter one.

HostGator WordPress Baby Plan

Home page loading: Render time: 0.4783 sec, 0.1675 of that for queries. DB queries: 150. Memory Usage: 5,660kB

WebHostingPad Power Hosting

Home page loading: Render time: 2.1837 sec, 0.6875 of that for queries. DB queries: 150. Memory Usage: 5,660kB

HostGator presents the super high performance than its main competitors on running WordPress.

WordPress Technical Support

HostGator is one of the largest web hosting companies now. They have over 1,000 staffs and over 10,000 servers serving for websites under millions of domains. As introduced by HostGator marketing manager, 75% of HostGator technical support staffs have their own blogs based on WordPress. The real experience helps them resolve clients' WordPress installing, operating and upgrading issues efficiently.

HostGator partners with the WordPress official community and a dozen of WordPress design sites. So, with HostGator WordPress hosting, the clients are allowed to download over thousands of secure WordPress themes, widgets, and plugins for free.

Price Versus Value

HostGator offers 3 classes of WordPress hosting, they're Hatchling, Baby and Business plans, pricing from $4.76/mo after 20% discount by default. Now BestHostingSearch provides a special coupon code HG45PERCENT for 45% discount that HostGator WordPress web hosting is just starting at $3.82/mo.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

The main difference between hatchling and baby plan is, the former one only supports to host 1 domain on 1 account, but the latter one supports to host unlimited domains on 1 account. If you plan to have only 1 website in a short term, you can first have HostGator Hatchling WordPress web hosting, and upgrade to the baby plan when you really need the multiple-domain capability.