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HostGator VS WebHostingPad - Which Is Better for Small Business?

updated on Feb 16, 2017
HostGator VS WebHostingPad - Which Is Better for Small Business? As we have reviewed both HostGator and WebHostingPad for the quality of their web hosting services, in this article, we have delivered a point-to-point comparison between them in the aspect of their ability to serve small businesses.

The comparison is based on our more than 6 months' real hosting experience, monitoring, and verified customer reviews, mainly focusing on the following points: company backgrounds and reputation, small business hosting price, features, reliability, performance, and technical support.

Backgrounds & Reputation

HostGator has been recognized as a world leading web host since its inception in 2002. With headquarters located in Houston, Texas, the company is serving millions of customers from over 200 countries. Having been devoted to high performance web hosting services, HostHator has gained a good reputation among its customers. According to the 345 real customer reviews we have received, the company enjoys 99.4% customer satisfaction rate.

WebHostingPad, on the other hand, is a web hosting company providing one of the cheapest Linux hosting services to approximately 200,000 hosted domains. The service is cheap, indeed, but it seems that the cost of being cheap is the comprised uptime and speed. Among the 15 verified customers received, only 5 of them are satisfied with the service they received.

Small Business Hosting Packages

HostGator offers 3 upgradable web hosting plans designed for small businesses – Hatchling, Baby and Business. The regular price of the plans starts from $6.95/mo, but now activating the exclusive coupon code HG45PERCENT with the following promo link, the price can be cut down to $3.82/mo, 45% off. All of the plans are rich-featured, especially the Business plan which comes with a free toll-free phone number, free private SSL, and a dedicated IP.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

WebHostingPad has 2 plans named Power Plan and Power Plan Plus, which are priced from $5.99/mo regularly. Now the company offers a large discount for Power Plan customers which reduces the monthly cost of the plan to only $1.99. The secret is that this low rate is locked to 3/4/5 years' subscription but not valid for shorter billing cycles like 1 year or 2 years.

In the table below, we have compared the small business hosting features of the 2 companies. Note that the HostGator plans selected here are Hatchling and Baby.

FeatureHostGator HatchlingHostGator BabyWebHostingPad Power PlanWebHostingPad Power Plan Plus
Disk StorageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL DatabaseUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Control PanelcPanelcPanelcPanelcPanel
Shared SSL Certificate
Private SSL
Password Protected Directories
Instant Backups
Ruby on Rails
Google AdWords Credits$100$100$25$25
Money back Guarantee45 Days45 Days30 Days30 Days
3-Year Price$3.82/mo$5.47/mo$2.29/mo$5.99/mo
Claim ItPromo LinkPromo Link--]

Reliability & Performance

HostGator houses its 12,000+ factory-tested Dell servers in multiple data centers ranging from 22,000 to more than 78,000 square feet. Those state-of-the-art data centers are all equipped with the best infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies covering power, safety, security, and cooling to guarantee that customers' small business websites remain online at all times and run optimally.

WebHostingPad data center is located in Chicago, IL, claimed to offer secure, redundant and flexible online services to all of its customers. The data center mainly features redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

We have personally monitored the servers in both HostGator and WebHostingPad data centers for more than half a year. The monitored average uptime in the 6 months is:
  • HostGator: 99.95%, with only a few downtimes lasting no more than 10 minutes.
  • WebHostingPad: 98.73%, with several serious downtimes.

Apparently, HostGator wins in the service reliability. Read the monitored uptime in the past 30 days in the following chart.

When it comes to small business hosting performance, HostGator delivers fast speed in both server response and page loading. The excellence is well backed by the 24x7 network monitoring and the fully redundant and meshed network service provided by Cisco and 9 other leading providers including AT&T, Savvis, and Global Crossing.

WebHostingPad also utilizes high quality networks to ensure customers' websites to always take a fast and efficient route to load data. The company has adopted multi-homed redundant fiber connections and kept peering with Tier-1 providers.

The monitored server response speed of HostGator and WebHostingPad is as the following chart.

Technical Support

HostGator and WebHostingPad both take good care of their customers in terms of after-sale and technical support. Their support teams, which are reachable 24x7 via phone, live chat and email, all consist of professional staffs with more than 5 years' experience in the field.

However, there is still a difference between the 2 companies – the support response speed. We have personally tried all the ways to contact the support teams of HostGator and WebHostingPad, and our experiences show that the response time from HostGator averages 60 seconds, approximately 50% faster than that of WebHostingPad.

Which Is Better for Small Business?

Our recommendation is HostGator, as it surpasses its competitor in nearly all the aspects, including web hosting features, reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction. The web hosting services from WebHostingPad are cheap, indeed, but not powerful enough for hosting small business websites.

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