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HostGator VS WebHostingHub

updated on May 12, 2015
The article introduces the difference between HostGator and WebHostingHub from the comparison on features, price, reliability, performance and support as there are many customers asking who is better in the choice. We hope this can help you make a right decision based on your own requirement.


HostGator is one of the best hosting provider having more than 1000 employees serving for 9 millions of domain names and 4 millions of customers worldwide. HostGator was founded in 2002. It's a miracle that a new hosting company could grow so fast in the extremely competitive web hosting industry. They have a good reputation on the technical support, hosting reliability and the rich featured web hosting plans priced from $3.71/mo. HostGator provides rich web hosting product lines including shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers on both Linux and Windows platform.

WebHostingHub is the sister brand of the famous and historical business hosting provider InMotion. By leveraging the experience and technology on running InMotion, WebHostingHub was started in 2009 and now they're building another miracle in the hosting industry. Within 2 years, they have half a million customers worldwide. Unlike HostGator, WebHostingHub only provides an all-in-one shared web hosting plan on Linux platform, which has clear and straightforward targeting customers.

As HostGator providing 3 major types of shared web hosting - HostGator Hatchling, HostGator Baby, and HostGator Business, this article will compare HostGator Hatchling and Baby plan with WebHostingHub all-in-one hosting plan considering that they have the similar price.

HostGator VS WebHostingHub Features

Feature HostGator Hatchling HostGator Baby WebHostingHub
Free Domain 1
Hosting Domain 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Money Back Guarantee 45 days 45 days 90 days
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Free Website Templates4,5004,5001,000
Shared SSL Certificate

(*Hosting Domain: how many domain names you can have with one hosting account. "Unlimited" means you can have multiple websites "", "", "" with one hosting account without any additional fee.)
(*Fantastico: it's the software auto installer application that allows you to install popular applications in visual web UI by clicks, such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento etc)
Besides the comparison table above, the three hosting packages support unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access, various of programming languages such as PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI.

HostGator VS WebHostingHub Price

Billing Cycle HostGator Hatchling HostGator Baby WebHostingHub
Monthly $6.26/mo $6.96/mo N/A
6 Months $6.26/mo $6.96/mo N/A
1 Year $4.86/mo $6.96/mo $5.99/mo
2 Year $4.16/mo $6.26/mo $4.99/mo

HostGator allows you for short billing cycle like 1 month or 6 months to provide more options and flexibility for customers. When you plan to sign up for 1 year or more, you will see the plans from HostGator are fairly effective with rich features included. Notet that the above sale prices are only accessible via the EUNGE30OFF coupon code.

Below is the rating of their price is as following,

HostGator Hatchling HostGator Baby WebHostingHub

HostGator VS WebHostingHub Reliability

We have set up a program to monitor the uptime of a same website hosted with HostGator and WebHostingHub for one month and gotten the uptime statistics. In the past 6 months, the real uptime of HostGator averages 99.97, and that of WebHostingHub averages 99.95%. The uptime of HostGator in the past 30 days is as following

HostGator has 3 downtimes in September, 2011 and totally there are 26 minutes off. And WebHostingHub has 5 downtimes and totally there are 31 minutes off. As the each downtime only taking less than 10 minutes, we think these time are for server maintenance such as security updates, reboot, hardware check. The reliability of both HostGator and WebHostingHub are in high quality actually.

HostGator VS WebHostingHub Performance

We tested the server response for both HostGator and WebHostingHub. As you seen in the chart below, the servers of HostGator is about 20% faster than WebHostingHub. But the web server performance of HostGator and WebHostingHub is quite excellent compared to other web hosts.

HostGator VS WebHostingHub Support

As we tested against these two providers through both live chat and toll-free telephone, the connection speed are both fast in only 2 minutes. The problem solving speed of HostGator is a little faster than WebHostingHub. In fact it's difficult to evaluate the support quality by 2 or 3 times testing. The support is not only based on the company's investment but also depended on the experience and spirit of the support individual. But based on HostGator having over 1000 staff for the support right now, I think HostGator shall win the 5 star rating but WebHostingHub is for 4.5.

HostGator VS WebHostingHub Conclusion

As a conclusion of the comparison between HostGator and WebHostingHub, we think both of the 2 companies are worth going for shared web hosting service. HostGator shared web hosting plans are more reliable and quality, while WebHostingHub plan is cheaper when taking the same level of features into consideration.

Rating HostGator Hatchling HostGator Baby WebHostingHub