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HostGator VS SiteGround – Find the Better Web Hosting Service for Online Business

updated on Jan 21, 2016
HostGator VS SiteGround – Find the Better Web Hosting Service for Online Business This comparison between HostGator and SiteGround, the two professional web hosting providers, is carried out to analyze their web hosting services thoroughly. Our aim is to help readers figure out which company is a better choice for hosting business and e-commerce websites.

To make details clear enough, we have compared multiple aspects of the two companies' web hosting services, such as the price, features, uptime, speed, technical support, and editorial ratings respectively in the coming parts.

Editorial Ratings of Both Companies

In the past months, our editors have taken comprehensive reviews on both companies. To make the reviews independent and impartial, we have personally hosted a sample Joomla-based website with the same content on HostGator and SiteGround and kept monitoring their performance.

Based on the results of our careful investigations and close monitoring, we have finally formed the following table to show the ratings of the two companies' price, performance, reliability, technical support, etc. Check it to gain an overall impression about their hosting services.

Plan in ComparisonHatchingStartUp
Loading Speed
Customer Reviews2910
Customer Rating
Read MoreHostGator reviewSiteGround review

Business Hosting Plan & Price

Having been dedicated to meeting all kinds of online business needs for more than 10 years, HostGator now offers 3 upgradable shared web hosting plans as well as several VPS hosting and dedicated server plans. For subscribers going through the promotional link below and using the coupon code EUNGE30OFF, the price of the shared web hosting services starts from only $4.86/mo.

HostGator Coupon Code Activation

SiteGround also has 3 upgradable shared web hosting plans that are suitable for business websites with a maximum of 100,000 monthly visits. With a 60% discount offered by the company, the effective price of the packages is quite affordable, starting from $3.95/mo. However, the regular price of the plans starts from $9.95/mo, much higher than the average in the industry, honestly.

Business Hosting Feature

According to our reviews, all of the shared web hosting plans are feature rich, coming with nearly everything needed for hosting a good business website. Below is the comparison between the features of the basic plans from HostGator and SiteGround – HostGator Hatching and SiteGround StartUp.

Plan in ComparisonHatchingStartUp
Disk SpaceUnlimited10 GB
Hosted Website11
Ruby on Rails
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
Shared SSL Certificate
Money Back Guarantee45 Days30 Days
Google AdWords Credits$100N/A
Regular Price$5.95/mo$9.95/mo
Current Price$4.86/mo$3.95/mo
How to ClaimCoupon Code

Business Hosting Uptime & Speed

Web Hosting Performance When it comes to uptime and speed, the quality of data center and network facilities cannot be ignored. Fortunately, both HostGator and SiteGround have got the performance of all their hosted websites backed by several first-rate data centers and the best network connectivity.

HostGator has been partnering with SoftLayer, a collocation provider owning some of the world's best data centers featuring multiple power feeds, power generators, enterprise-class UPS backups, and 24x7 engineer powered server monitoring. The network utilized to get customers' website connected is fully meshed and redundant, purchased from Cisco.

SiteGround operates 3 data centers located in Chicago, IL, Amsterdam, NL, and Singapore, SG respectively, all of which are equipped with high performance web servers, power redundancy, network redundancy and high-end physical security to ensure customers' websites to be stable and secure.

We have kept monitoring the 2 companies' web hosting uptime and speed for more than half a year. As a result, we find that both of the companies have delivered good uptime that surpasses the guaranteed 99.9%.
  • HostGator: 99.99% uptime in the past 30 days.
  • SiteGround: 99.93% uptime in the past 30 days.

As for speed, our monitoring statistics show that the server response time of HostGator averages 330ms, approximately 50% faster than that of SiteGround which averages 500ms. Read the following chart for HostGator server response speed.

Business Hosting Technical Support

Responsive and professional technical support is important for online businesses, especially for those websites with no technicians working on the site management. In this sense, both HostGator and SiteGround are good options as they offer the same 24x7 technical support via phone, live chat and email.

To test the support quality, we have contacted their support teams several times through various ways. The average response time is as following.
  • HostGator: 33 seconds on phone, 40 seconds on live chat & 4 hours for emails.
  • SiteGround: 60 seconds on phone, 52 seconds on live chat & 7 hours for emails.

Which Is Better for Online Business?

From this side-by-side HostGator vs SiteGround comparison, it is clear that HostGator is a better choice for hosting business websites compared to its rival. Besides providing users with cost effective hosting plans, the company also offers excellent uptime, fast speed, and high-quality technical support. Therefore, we sincerely recommend you check the offerings of HostGator to start your business hosting without risks and hassles.