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HostGator VS Site5 – Which Company Offers Better Web Hosting Service?

updated on Mar 21, 2017
HostGator VS Site5 – Which Company Offers Better Web Hosting Service? Having many similarities on the web hosting service, HostGator and Site5 both have acquired a good reputation, so we have made a comparison between the two companies to help webmasters who are making a choice between them know which one is more suitable for their websites.

The comparison between HostGator and Site5 is based on our review on their price, features, uptime, speed, technical support, and customer reviews, which clearly shows webmasters the differences between the 2 web hosts.

To come out a precise comparing result, we have carried an online survey to figure out customer reviews on these two companies. Also, we have tested their reliability and hosting speed personally with the monitoring tool.


In fact, both HostGator and Site5 provide customers with three hosting plans featuring different level of prices and features. Honestly speaking, this practice gives customers great flexibilities when choosing the hosting package, achieving a perfect balance between budget and needs.

HostGator provides 3 shared hosting plans including Hatchling, Baby and Business, and offers a compelling 45% discount for all the plans which cuts the price down to $3.82/mo. The discount is valid for all visitors going through the promotional link and using the unique coupon code HG45PERCENT.

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Just like HostGator, Site5 also has 3 shared hosting options consisting of hostBasic, hostPro and hostPro+Turbo. Among these services, hostBasic is the most affordable one, the discounted price of which starts from $4.95/mo.

We have selected HostGator Hatchling and Site5 hostBasic for the price comparison. The details are as the following table.

Billing CycleHostGatorSite5
Plan In ReviewHatchling PlanHost Basic
1 Year$4.92/mo$5.95/mo
2 Years$4.37/mo$4.95/mo
3 Years$3.82/moN/A
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HostGator supports monthly billing cycle, which lowers the risks for new customers who want to have a try on the company's web hosting service. Besides, the 3-year term should be a good option for webmasters requiring low-cost service.


HostGator and Site5 both offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth in their web hosting services just as most other web hosts. Besides, customers can take advantage of the backup service, 1-click installer for apps and scripts, PHP5, MySQL 5, Cron Jobs, SSH, shared SSL, and many more.

To make a statement about the typical features of those two web hosts, HostGator hatchling and Site5 hostBasic are selected for this comparison as below.

Plan In ReviewHatchling PlanhostBasic
Control PanelcPanelcPanel
1-Click Script Installer
Ruby on Rails
Data Backup
Shared SSL
Google Adwords Offer$100N/A
Money Back Guarantee45 Days45 Days
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Uptime & Speed

HostGator and Site5 are trust-worthy web hosting companies both of which guarantee 99.9% uptime and strive to hit that. To offer more reliable web hosting services, the two hosts utilize 24x7 server monitoring to make sure the hosted websites to run smoothly.

Site5 has been spared no efforts in providing a reliable and secure web hosting environment to their customers. According to our monitoring, the company rarely has server issues that result in downtime. The uptime of Site5 averages 99.91% in the past half a year.

HostGator, as one of the most reliable web hosts, is trusted by millions of customers. It makes use of top-rated web servers with the hardware partners of Level(3), Cisco, Cogent, Juniper, Arbor and many more. All the servers are assembled using some robust components, and are configured with the best specifications. In terms of the data center infrastructure, HostGator now utilizes two options named as CyrusOne and Ace. Both of the two server spaces are industry standard, having a lot of cutting-edge technologies equipped, such as UPS power unit, diesel generator, HVAC, water storage, file protection and smart monitoring system.

Utilizing the first-rate data centers and high performance Dell servers, HostGator has fulfilled the commitment on the volume of uptime, based on our close monitoring. The following statistic chart is the uptime of HostGator in the past 30 days.

Due to the high quality server hardware and network infrastructure, both of HostGator and Site5 deliver fast speed that is much better than the average in the industry. However, our monitoring statistics show that HostGator is approximately 50% faster than its competitor in the server response speed.

Here is a detailed statistics chart on HostGator server response time.

Technical Support

A responsive after-sales service is a critical part for business of any kinds, no exception to web hosting. It is common to see that customers may encounter some problems when setting up or managing their websites. Also, their sites might be negatively affected due to the sudden crackdown of the web server or data center. In these cases, the availability of profession support staffs is indispensible.

HostGator and Site5 both have a professional support team which ensures customers to obtain a good after-sale service with immediate solutions to their problems. Additionally, the two hosts both provide several communication channels, including phone, live chat, and email, which allows customers to contact them in the most convenient way.

The difference is that the phone support of HostGator is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while Site5 just allows customers to call them up from 10 AM to 6 PM. Besides, HostGator offers a user forum in which customers are able to communicate with each other about their hosting experience or technical problems.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Both of HostGator and Site5 have a favorable reception in the community. Many of our readers comment that HostGator is an awesome company with lots of plans, offering reliable and affordable service while Site5 is very easy to setup and use.

Based on the review statistics, 99.4% of HostGator customers are highly satisfied with the web hosting service while 78.6% of Site5 customers are satisfied with the overall service they have received.

The detailed statistics about HostGator customer satisfaction rate are as the following chart.

Which Company Offers Better Web Hosting Service?

As a conclusion of the comparison, both of HostGator and Site5 are good web hosting providers. However, considering HostGator offers the more affordable, reliable and faster web hosting service, this company should be a better option for hosting personal and small business websites.

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