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HostGator VS MyHosting - Barebone VPS Hosting Comparison

updated on Feb 15, 2017
HostGator VS MyHosting - Barebone VPS Hosting Comparison Both of HostGator and MyHosting are budget VPS hosting providers, which enjoy high reputation and popularity among a wide range of webmasters ranging from merchants and freelancers to big names. To help our readers choose the better VPS hosting company, we have made a comparison between HostGator and MyHosting based on price, hosting features, reliability, performance and technical support.

Pricing Policy & Extras

As a well-known provider of reseller, shared and VPS web hosting, HostGator now offers 3 high-quality Linux VPS hosting plans, which are named as SNAPPY 2000, SNAPPY 4000 and SNAPPY 8000 severally. This hosting company offers customers clicking the following promotion link the 75%-discounted prices of $19.95/mo, $29.95/mo, and $39.95/mo for the mentioned plans in sequence. Also, it provides customers with the popular payment gateways of PayPal and Credit Card, which greatly facilities the online transaction.

In the meantime, by signing up this company's VPS service, webmasters are able to get 45-day unconditional full refund and free domain registration, not to mention free and instant account activation.

HostGator Promotional Link Activation

HostGator VS MyHosting - Pricing Policy & ExtrasComparatively, MyHosting provides both Linux and Windows VPS hosting services, but as cheap price matters in this comparison, we have chosen the Linux hosting plans to review. There are a total of four VPS hosting plans available, which are named after Custom Linux, Developer, Business and Reseller VPS respectively. Each plan charges for different prices $23.15/mo, $27.51/mo, $27.51/mo and $80.93/mo in order with 30 days money back guarantee included in the meantime.

Note that only the Linux Reseller VPS plan offers cPanel for free and customers have to pay for additional $10.75 to get the availability of cPanel if buying for the cheapest Custom plan. What's worse, the Developer and Business plans even don't offer the cPanel option, which is considered quite inconvenient and inconsiderate. All plans require additional $3 fees for the availability of OpenVPN. Taking all fees into calculation, this web host is not a proper option for people having small projects or businesses.

Feature Comparison

HostGator VS MyHosting - Feature ComparisonBoth of HostGator and MyHosting have at least 1 plan priced no more than $20/mo, but this doesn't mean all of their cheap plans are worth purchasing. In the table below, we have listed the main features provided by HostGator and MyHosting to show which one of them is the better cost-effective and powerful choice. Likewise, giving considerations to price, we select the SNAPPY 2000 plan of HostGator to compare with the Custom Linux VPS plan of MyHosting.

Plan in ComparisonSNAPPY 2000Custom Linux VPS
Disk Storage120 GB20 GB
Bandwidth1.5 TB300 GB
IP Addresses21
Virtuozzo Power Panel
Root Access
Ruby on Rails
Real Uptime>99.9%<99.9%
Money Back Guarantee45 Days30 Days

It is apparently that HostGator is much more cost-effective than its competitor. For HostGator customers who are not experienced in the command line Linux administration, they have access to cPanel for easy server administration. However, if they are using the service from MyHosting, they have no other choice but to buy the $55.75/mo plan, which is quite costing and unaffordable.

Besides, MyHosting doesn't list many essential and core VPS features on its official site, such as the number of email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases, which is quite misleading and disturbing. On the contrary, HostGator offers unlimited domains, subdomains, FTP accounts, email accounts and MySQL databases in any of the VPS plan.

Performance & Reliability

Owning the redundant network and top-notch data centers housed with advanced diesel generators and dual segregated routers, HostGator commits to delivering customers with competitive and superb server reaction speed. Comparatively, there are a rising number of webmasters complaining that their sites are slow beyond imagination and they are annoyed a lot by it.

Although offering 100% uptime guarantee, MyHosting doesn't act like what it has said actually. Over the Internet, there is a customer putting that they have suffered more downtime in the first two weeks with this company than two years at other web hosts. Even worse, it always takes more than two hours to go back into normal each time. In fact, from our day-and-night testing data, the real server and network response time of HostGator is 338ms, which is much faster than that of its competitor.

Technical Support

HostGator VS MyHosting - Technical SupportBoth of HostGator and MyHosting allows customers to talk with their support staffs and employees through online live chat, 24x7-based phone call and email tickets ways. HostGator promises to pick up any call and respond to any online message within thirty seconds. By comparison, many webmasters complain that the support from MyHosting sucks as they suffer "one more hour" every time they call the support center.


Personally, we would like to recommend HostGator. The VPS service provided by the company is not only cheap, but also reliable and fast. Besides, the support for fully managed VPS makes the service ideal for people not skilled in server administration and those who prefer to focus on their business objectives than managing the infrastructure.